The 20 Best Online Lighting Stores

Shopping online for light fixtures is a bright idea. Browsing available products from different online stores allows you the chance to explore a lot of choices instead of being limited to one or two particular stores in your geographic area. You’ll find so many different trends, different manufacturers, and altogether different products that you’ll have a hard time choosing just one light fixture to buy. Not to mention that online shopping provides you the benefit of making a purchase from anywhere.

Lighting fixtures come in many variants, each with their own lighting effect and purpose. There are indoor and outdoor lights. There are pendants, chandeliers, sconces and lamps.

Here are 20 of the best online lighting stores offering the best lighting for your home or office space.

Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters

The Urban Outfitters brand is not instantly associated with light fixtures and other light-related products. It is a lifestyle brand that has deep roots in fashion. Most of the products they carry are apparel for young men and women and some other products that are connected with the entire youth culture.

They currently have a fledgling home department that is now made even more incredible with the addition of their lighting options that are no longer limited to just novelty lighting and string lights. Their new products now include sconces, floor lamps, and trendy and very artsy light mounts and pieces. Browsing through their selections and seeing an adorable smiling dumpling or sushi light, you get the feeling that they are still true to their youthful-oriented approach to retail.

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Shades of LightShades of Light

Shades of Light is a big home products retailer that started in Virginia in 1986. More than 30 years later, they have now made a mark engaging in online selling through their e-commerce website.

Shades of Light prides itself also as being their own brand instead of just being a retailer of products made by other brands. Because of this, a big part of their lighting products is designed by their in-house artisans. Their catalog showcases many different style lights, from desk lamps to pendants, from wall mounts to full-on chandeliers. Even though the choices are so different from each other, they’re still tied together by an overall sense of elegance.



The Wayfair name is known by many thanks to their catchy commercials. In these advertisements, the company claims that they just might have what you need. Well, it would seem that they were not exaggerating.

When it comes to buying your lighting needs, they do seem to have a lot of products on hand. You can even get a gift check for your family and friends or have your wedding or party gift registry with them. They do have an impressive selection of lighting products to choose from. There are lamps, recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, pendants, chandeliers, mounts, LEDs, and so much more in between.

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Lamps PlusLamps Plus

Lamps Plus claims that they are the largest lighting retailer, and with a selection as wide as theirs, you might be inclined to agree. Their name is simple but genius. It defines them perfectly. They do sell lamps, plus more.

Their online brochure lists wall lights, lamps, outdoor lights, ceiling lights, and chandeliers. These are the broad categories, but in each of these, you’ll find a wide selection from many of the top brands in the industry. Because they are so big, they also frequently offer online sales. So, if you are out for a great deal, be sure to check out the Lamps Plus online store.



Ylighting is a lighting retail brand that primarily sells online. It was started in 2001 as an online retail store for modern, high-end lighting products. Many years later, they are still true to their original vision but have consistently continued to keep growing their business. Today, they claim to be the leading retailer of modern lighting.

The products you see on their online store reflect their preference for the modern aesthetic. They do offer many different brands, but the lighting products that meet their standards are the only ones that are offered for sale. Aside from the usual categories of brands and types, they also allow their customers to browse their online catalog by idea. This additional option brings in a whole different dimension to online lighting shopping that you have to check out.

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Williams-Sonoma HomeWilliams-Sonoma Home

The Williams-Sonoma Home site is a retailer of everything home. They built their entire business around the premise that “Home is the heart of everything.” They couldn’t be more right and, to celebrate this truth, their online retail store offers very beautiful artisanal lighting fixtures.

Williams-Sonoma Home offers gorgeous lighting from some of the world’s finest manufacturers. They care about the experience of the customer so much that they pride themselves as having a discerning eye when it comes to sourcing. They believe that all the manufacturers whose products they list in their catalog be at a master craftsmen level.


Home DepotHome Depot

Home Depot might be one of the most well-known brands on this list, though, in all honesty, they are not known to be a lighting specialist. Home Depot is a hardware store and home improvement store extraordinaire. You can buy just about anything home renovation related on the shelves of Home Depot.

It’s no surprise then that they do have a lighting department. So, if you’re going to renovate your home, a room or an office space, you can check out Home Depot not just for power tools, moldings, or floorboards; you can also order your pendants, wall mount lighting, and even outdoor lights there too.

Being a “carry everything” type of store, Home Depot offers a lot of variety for lighting products. You’ll find something as simple as a desk lamp to something as elegant and modern as a chic chandelier.

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Lowe’s is another very popular home improvement hardware and home decor store. It has a very strong presence in the home improvement space. Chances are, you probably live close to one. However, if you don’t, or are looking for a wider selection than they have in store, you can also make purchases online.

Because they are so big, they have retail partnerships with a lot of manufacturers. This includes the lighting product category. The lighting product selection found on their online store is unsurprisingly varied. There is something for everyone. You can browse their lighting online store by style, fixture color, brand, finish, type, bulb type, and even user rating.



LightingDirect is a California-based online lighting company that claims to be the internet’s best source for home lighting. With very strong contenders, this claim may not be that accurate, but they most certainly are one of the best. specializes in lighting. They don’t dabble in anything else. Everything you see on their website is just lights, lots and lots of them. To make things easier, the front page has a visual category list for the different types of lighting products that they carry. Aside from this, their inventory is also categorized by lamps, fans, decor, commercial, ceiling, wall, brands, and styles.

With a lot of products from the best industry leaders, is confident that you’ll be able to find the right lighting product for your needs.

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Houzz foregoes the brick and mortar stores in favor of a purely online presence. They streamlined their operations further by not having a physical warehouse of their own; instead, what they do is provide a website where manufacturers can list their products.

This means that a customer purchases a lighting product on Houzz, but fulfillment of the delivery is done by the manufacturer itself. This makes it possible for Houzz to offer a lot of products from a lot of different brands because Houzz doesn’t have to worry about the overhead expense of purchasing inventory.

You’ll have a great time browsing their seemingly never-ending selection of beautiful lighting.


Crate & BarrelCrate & Barrel

The long history of Crate & Barrel practically guarantees that their stores carry the best home products available. This retailer has been around since the 1960s, and several decades later, they’re still at it, but this time, alongside their many brick and mortar stores is their online shop.

Their lighting department is impressive. Their online catalog features a curated list of some of the best products available. There are many different lighting fixtures listed. You don’t have to be limited to a single brand or a single type; with Crate & Barrel, you can choose from many different styles, from the ultra-modern to the artisanal. You also get the choice of either making your purchases purely online or choosing to pick them up at the store.

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Joss & MainJoss & Main

Joss & Main is a popular furniture retailer that’s now part of the Wayfair family of brands. It operates separately from Wayfair, however, and as such, can now be considered as a more upscale division of the company. Aside from their strong selection of furniture and decor, they also have an extensive selection of lighting fixtures.

Through their online store, you can get anything from flattering vanity lighting to very ornate chandeliers. Their online catalog is so convenient because for each category, you can further narrow down the results by selecting specific features like LED compatibility, size, design, or finish. They also make your search easier with their very precise sorting filters.


Birch LaneBirch Lane

Wayfair has its hand in another segment of the market with Birch Lane. This time, it’s country living. Birch Lane describes the type of decor they have as “farmhouse.” Although accurate, this in no way limits its appeal.

In keeping with the theme, the Birch Lane lighting selections are also very quaint. You won’t find minimalistic ultramodern designs here. What you’ll get are creative iterations of old classic designs that will surely add a very inviting character to any living space. Go with Birch Lane if you want a more traditionally homey vibe.

Their online catalog is easy to navigate, and you can narrow down your searches through different categories and sorting filters to make things more precise.

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Rejuvenation is a home improvement and lighting general retail store operating out of Portland, Oregon since 1977. They’re a proud American store that tries their best to source American-made parts and products whenever possible.

The name may be referencing the feeling you get when you get home because they are serious about providing high quality products from home improvement hardware to home lighting fixtures. The Rejuvenation online store carries lighting products for every part of your home. They offer timeless classic designs as well as updated, more modern versions. Some of the choices available are art deco pendants, sconce, flush mounts, table lamps, and floor lamps.


Pottery BarnPottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a very popular homewares retailer that was established in New York in 1949 but is now currently operating out of San Francisco. They sell everything for every part of the home; naturally, they also have an extensive lighting department.

One word that describes any and all Pottery Barn lighting product is “stylish.” Every product on the Pottery Barn online catalog is overflowing with it. They have everything from the more ornate and traditional to the more modern styles. Navigating their online shop is easy. They have a very clear picture-based category system in the middle of the screen as well as a text-based category system to the side.

As an added bonus, they also offer a guide with tips and advice on lighting decisions for every part of your home. Of course, they are not doing this out of the kindness of their heart, since at the end of each guide is a list of “top picks” that fit the described lighting style.

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Bed, Bath and BeyondBed, Bath and Beyond

The Bed, Bath and Beyond empire of home decor and home merchandise retailers was founded in 1971. After so many decades of dominating the brick and mortar space, they are now actively making a move to conquer online.

They enter this list of the best online lighting stores because they offer some of the best selections of lighting products at some of the most reasonable prices. Looking at their online retail store, you’ll see that they have a large list of products. Here, you’ll find wall mount lighting, floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, and other lighting fixtures in both trendy and more classical varieties.



Ikea seems a little out of place when considering that they are best known for their modern, puzzle like furniture pieces. While it is true that the majority of their products are furniture, they do have a good collection of modern light fixtures.

If you’re looking for more traditional and ornate looking lamps, Ikea is probably not the store for you. But, if you’re into the more minimalistic, modern aesthetic, then shop to your heart’s content. Shopping at Ikea is in and of itself a great experience. It’s like Disneyland for adults. But, if you prefer to browse their inventory while lounging in your very own Ekolsund or Vimle at home, then check out their website.



Horchow sells high-end home decor and merchandise. This, however, does not particularly define what their philosophy is. Looking at their collections and reading the purported rules that they live by, we get a sense that at the heart of their business is an artisan soul.

Their penchant for offering artistic furniture extends to the lighting products that they list on their online catalog. You’ll find that many of the lighting products, if not all of them, do have very artistic, decorative features. You can browse their store by the different types of lighting fixtures or brands, by new arrivals, or even by sale items.



You know an online lighting retailer is serious when they use the unit of measure for a light’s brightness as their name. Lumens was started in 2006 with the goal of providing the best lighting and home products with a modern sensibility.

Along with this claim, they also provide a disclaimer stating that the selection of products they offer on their store is not at all limited. They offer a lot of lighting options in a wide variety of categories. These include ceiling lights, wall lights, floor and table lamps, outdoor landscape, as well as architectural lighting.


Uncommon GoodsUncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is not your typical lighting fixtures store. In fact, it’s not a typical store – period. It was established in 1999 as an online retail store for more creative and unique items. So, “Why are they on the list of the best online lighting stores?” you may ask.

Well, their selection of quirky and whimsical lighting fixtures and accents are too adorable not to include in this list. Where else can you find sound-activated light blocks you can easily form into a robot, a rocket ship desktop night lamp, a glowing T-rex, an origami solar light, or a Hydrangea mood lamp?