The 18 Best Online Bike Stores in the USA

Whether you are a committed cyclist, or you just ride for the fun and fitness of it all, we have found that it is always better to know the best places to go when it comes to purchasing your next bike, or just the accessories that go along with it. While online shopping has become extremely popular with a large segment of our community, brick-and-mortar bicycle shops seem to be holding their own against the trend of the online consumer.

We have taken this into account and have compiled a list of the best online bicycle stores in the U.S. today. If you are going to start an online journey for your next two-wheeled investment, then we suggest you take a look at any or all of the following websites. Let your mouse do the work, while you save your legs for the miles of fun ahead on your brand new adventure machine.


This superstore has literally hundreds of bikes available and offers free shipping to 48 of the 50 states. They have a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy, so dealing with them is essentially a walk in the park. BikesDirect offers sensible pricing as well as their “Cyber Specials” on certain bikes and accessories.

Like us, you will be pleasantly surprised at the range and affordability of’s stock choices. Anything from the budget bike to the high-tech hybrid, you will find it on their website. Be warned though; it is not the most user-friendly site, so be patient.



Since 1974, Nashbar has been selling bikes and accessories throughout the U.S. After going through some rough times, the company name was purchased and is now owned by a husband and wife duo that have put Nashbar back on the rails. They are stocked with a huge selection of bikes that suit the shortest to the tallest rider of up to 6 feet 3 inches, and shipping is free.

You may not need to look any further than the site, as they have everything from T-shirts to battery-powered GPS units designed to make your next ride as comfortable as possible.



Another of the companies that have been around for a while, was born in the early 1990s by a group of road cyclists who were passionate about their sport. They pride themselves on catering to all, from the beginner kitting out for the first time to the professional athlete at the top of their sport. They have a huge range of high-end bikes and also have an excellent range of accessories that will not leave you wanting.

With brands like Santini, Shimano, and Campagnolo, could be the one-stop-shop you have been searching for.


Bicycle WarehouseBicycle Warehouse

Back in 1992, this place was known as Mountain Bike Warehouse, because that was pretty much all that they sold. How times have changed! Over the years, the market turned around, and so did their selection of bikes. They grew into a huge business that now stocks all type of peddling pleasures.

They have run by their motto: Be Fit, Be Free, and Have Fun” since their inception, and you will find them to be extremely easy to use as their website is excellently organized to make your shopping time a pleasure. The range of bikes, accessories, clothing, and spare parts is enormous, so check them out when the time comes for you to update, or just browse for the fun of it.


Universal CyclesUniversal Cycles

For over 20 years now, Universal Cycles has been catering to the needs of road racers and BMX bandits alike. They also have the luxury of having two retail stores located in Lancaster, PA and Portland, OR for those of you who have the ability to take a personal look at their range of bikes and accessories.

With their 4 different locations spread across the U.S., they boast that delivery is only 3 days or less via UPS. This, along with the hundreds of name manufacturers on their books, enables them to say that they stock brands that the other retailers haven’t heard of yet, so if you’re looking for something new or unique, check out



In 1976, a young man named Philip Cabbad founded a little company called R & A Cycles. Seen as the flagship for pro bikers across the world, they soon became synonymous for the range of highly sought-after and hard-to-get imported frames and accessories. Their success led them to become the online store that they are now, although for those of you living in the New York area, they do have a location in Brooklyn.

As always, point-of-difference is an extremely important thing in any business, and the people at R & A have become known for their uniquely built, top-quality brand of cycles. These particular machines can only be sourced via the website. If you are after something different, then this is a place you need to check out.



One of the original online bike shops, Jenson USA has set themselves up as the company that has set the benchmark for the others to follow. For a lot of seasoned riders, their bikes become an extension of their bodies, and the team of gear advisers on hand understands this.

Should you be shopping on a budget and want to use certain parts that are not so expensive, or should you want to customize a bike to your own unique specifications, then the Jenson USA specialists can make your dream become a reality. The website is also user-friendly, so searching for your next two-wheeled-investment will become a breeze.


Colorado CyclistColorado Cyclist

As the name would suggest, this site is a Colorado-based website that offers premium bikes ranging from mountain bikes to road bikes to triathlon bikes, and for the really adventurous rider, Cyclo-cross and gravel bikes. Like most of their counterparts, offers free shipping and stocks only state-of-the-art bikes and components. With names on hand like Santa Cruz, Devinci, Shimano, Castelli, and Sidi, this website is well worth a visit when you set sail on your online-purchase journey.

Oh, and if you want to look the part, check out their range of biking apparel. Sometimes, it’s nice to look good as well as feel good.


Wheel WorldWheel World

This is one of the larger sized sites that you will find on the internet, with a range of bicycles starting in the low $100s to the $7,000 mark. Wheel is a family-owned business that sets up a feel-good persona designed to make you feel like one of the family. They also have two stores catering to the greater Los Angeles area, one in Culver City and the other in Woodland Hills, so if you are a resident of these areas, why not drop in and pay them a visit.

They have a pedigree dating back to 1945 and boast an impressive range of parts, apparel, and accessories that any rider may desire. As a bonus, if you visit the close-out section of their site, you will find some bargains that probably weren’t even on your shopping list but will be once you see what’s available.


Trek BikesTrek Bikes

In a small barn, somewhere in southern Wisconsin, two friends set about making a dream come true by designing and manufacturing their own bicycle frames. In doing so, they changed the minds of all the old-school cyclists who were of the thought that the best frames must come from Europe. Trek Bikes were about to take off and set the stage for an American industry.

Today, they are the proud producers of not only racing bikes but also a great selection of mountain bikes, cross-country bikes, and even Hybrids and fat bikes. What was built from a dream and a discussion over a beer has now turned Trek into one of the world’s premium bicycle manufactures. When you visit their site, you will only be able to purchase their unique brand of premium, high-quality bicycles, but that just maybe be what you are looking for.


Excel SportsExcel Sports

Excel Sports is an online company that is based in Colorado. When you visit their site, you immediately get the feeling that they have purposely targeted the online shopper exclusively. Unlike many of their competitors, they exist only to service their clients via the internet. This is a good thing, as it makes their website easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for.

If you are an avid cyclist or are just beginning on your two-wheel adventures, then this is probably the site where you should start. They have an impressive range of high-quality bikes and accessories and offer a full 10% off of your first full-priced purchase. This, along with their free shipping for anything bought over $99, makes for the archetypical online shopping experience.


Competitive CyclistCompetitive Cyclist

First, be aware that Competitive Cyclist is a site that is specifically designed for the experienced rider, so if this is your first sojourn into the world of online cycling stores, this site is more than likely not the site for you. Because they are targeting the competitive side of the market, their product range is always changing.

You will be aware of the type of bicycles that they stock: brands like Castelli, Pivot, Yeti, and Pearl, just to name a few, so you will also be aware that their price range can be up at the top level. If you are an experienced rider, this won’t bother you, but if you are just browsing, be prepared.


Merlin CyclesMerlin Cycles

Even though Merlin is a UK-based website, they also have a U.S. site to explore, making sales and delivery stateside easily accessible. Founded in 1993 in Lancashire, they were initially a mail order business, but as times changed, so did they.

Both the U.K. and U.S. sites offer an impressive range of complete bikes, frames, and accessories, allowing you to either buy off the shelf or custom make your bike to your own specifications. Merlin offers you a great range of products for all of your biking needs, including the all-important nutritional requirements for the longest rides.



This impressive website has over 80 pages of different products for you to peruse at your leisure, but they are not specifically for the bicyclist or the bike enthusiast. They carry thousands of products, so be aware that if you are on the hunt for a bike that has caught your imagination, you will have to be prepared to use their search options confidently.

The bike section that has to offer is relatively limited, but it is good for the newbie who might just be beginning to venture out into the world of road cycling. They also have three-wheel bikes available for the senior market, so if that’s what you are looking for, then this may be a great place to start your search.


Bike ExchangeBike Exchange

Even though this multi-national company was originally founded in Australia, they now have their corporate headquarters in the U.S. and are still the world’s largest bicycle exchange business. In a nutshell, whatever you are looking for, they probably have it.

Whether you are after such brands as Santa Cruz or Bianchi, or even if you are after the latest fashion in high-quality bike-related apparel or biking accessories, Bike is not going to let you down. They have set their mission to be the one-stop-destination for all things bike, and we think that when you visit their site, you won’t be disappointed.



Though is not exclusively a site for your cycling needs, they are well worth having a look at when you are searching for your next spoke-heavy investment. REI is primarily a co-op site for all things outdoors, where you will find every accessory imaginable for any outdoor activity that may come to mind.

Having said that, though, they do have an impressive inventory of bikes and biking accessories at very reasonable prices. You are not going to find the top-of-the-range touring bicycle here, but you will find an array of products to suit the budget-driven purchaser.



San Francisco, home to the Golden Gate Bridge, the 49ers, and, of course, the iconic Alcatraz Island. It is also the home of the Columbus Cyclery, which has not only a great range of products but also the facilities to donate, trade, consign, rent, and repair your cherished bicycle.

They are a little more than an online shop; with their store located on Columbus Blvd in the heart of the City by the Bay, they also specialize in tours of some of San Fran’s most historic landmarks. So, next time you visit the Golden Gate City, be sure to pay a visit to Columbus Cyclery. Oh, it’s also a great place to buy a bike.


CitizenBikeCitizenBike is an interesting site in that they specialize in the niche market of travel cycling with their range of cleverly designed folding bikes. Their products are manufactured from either steel or steel alloy, which allows them to weigh in at only 43 pounds.

You can get single or multi-geared bikes that will suit any traveler who enjoys seeing the sites from the saddle of their bicycle. They have even incorporated into their arsenal of accessories an electric assistance kit designed to fit onto their folding bike range. As they say, “You can take a Citizen bike wherever you go,” so why don’t you?