The 10 Best Metal Cutting Circular Saws

If you’ve been losing sleep over just which metal cutting circular saw to buy, you can rest easy knowing we have narrowed it down for you. Whether you are a professional tradesman or just a weekend warrior, we’ve got an incredible list of saws from all of the top brands for you to sift through, drool over, and hopefully order for yourself.

Check out the ten best metal cutting circular saws below.

The Best Metal Cutting Circular Saw


Cordless circular saws get a bad rap for their perceived lack of power compared to their corded cousins. DeWalt decided to buck that trend with their DeWalt DCS373P2 20V MAX. This machine runs on a lithium-ion battery, and it delivers excellent performance thanks to its 3,700-RPM motor.

The 20V MAX’s construction is sturdy thanks to its hardened casing and stainless steel shoe that surrounds the blade. Despite weighing only 8.3 pounds, it’s capable of cutting smoothly through thick metal plates. Dewalt has also outfitted the saw with an ergonomic handle, which, according to the Amazon reviews, allows the operator to cut effortlessly for hours.



Sure, corded circular saws pack more power, but raw power alone won’t get you to the top of this list. Versatility, precision, ease of use, and superior construction are some of the prerequisites for perfection. Weighing at 11.5 pounds, the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 might be on the heavier side for some, but the weight does allow for smoother cuts.

The saw features a best-in-class dual-field motor, which runs exceptionally cool. The blade has locking angles from 0 to 45 degrees, allowing the operator to ensure precise cuts every time. SKIL’s Cut-Ready system ensures that the depth the user desires stays constant throughout the cut.

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Makita SP6000JMakita SP6000J

The Makita SP6000j is the only plunge blade system on the list. If you prefer this system to the standard circular saw, Makita is an excellent option. The 12 AMP motor has an electronic speed control system, which delivers speeds from 2,000 to 5,200 RPM. A built-in current limiter is also beneficial in ensuring the motor doesn’t overheat.

The Makita makes quick work of metal but can be utilized for other surfaces as well. With a quick swap of a blade, you can use this to cut all varieties of wood to exact specifications. Add their 55-inch saw guide, and you’re ready to make a table, build filing cabinets, trim corrugated metal, and make quick work of many other materials.


Makita XSC02ZMakita XSC02Z

The Makita XSC02Z is another lithium-ion powered saw with a brushless motor nearing the top of the list. Capable of pushing 3,900 RPM, the motor offers variable cutting speed to ensure that working through even the toughest surfaces is possible. Makita’s built-in technology modulates the RPMs as you cut to provide the ideal speed for the cutting surface.

At just 13-1/8 inches long and weighing in at 6.4 pounds (with battery), this is one of the most compact saws on the list. Many Amazon reviews pointed out that the battery has a great run time as well. So for those on the move who want something portable and reliable, the Makita XSC02Z is an excellent option.

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The DeWALT DWE575SB is another excellent, corded circular saw with big power. It’s patented 15 AMP motor delivers 1500 inch-pounds of torque for tough cutting jobs and offers bevel capacity up to 57 degrees. At just 8.8 pounds, this saw is on the lighter end of the models listed here with enough power for nearly any job.

DeWALT’s patented Tough Cord Protection comes built into the 9-foot extension cord, which should decrease tangles and ensure longer-lasting protection from the elements and your work boots.


Rockwell RK3441KRockwell RK3441K

At only five pounds, the Rockwell RK3441K is an incredible tool. This circular saw is ready to tackle jobs that a tool twice its size can handle. With a top speed of 3,500 RPM, the 5 AMP motor is capable of cutting through sheet metal on a single pass.

The saw includes a built-in laser guide for accuracy and a dust extraction adapter that keeps the job site clean. The weight combined with the inline grip allows the user to produce excellent cuts overhead, as well. This versatile and powerful circular saw is a must for anyone looking for big results in a small package.

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SKIL 5280-01SKIL 5280-01

There may be no better price-to-performance ratio on this list than the SKIL 5280-01. Packed with a 15 AMP motor and a no-load speed of 5,300 RPM, this saw is ready for your most significant projects at a reasonable price.

A laser-guided, lefthand sight ensures that you keep your cuts on track, while a dust blower removes pesky particles from your line of sight. The saw also has a spindle lock and on-tool wrench, which makes it easy to replace the blade.

Being affordable doesn’t always mean low quality, and the SKIL 5280-01 is proof of that. It may not be the cheapest circular saw on the market, but it is the best metal cutter that your MRSP of $60 can buy.

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Bosch CSM180-01Bosch CSM180-01

Influential YouTube accounts deem the Bosch CSM180-01 a “Metal Slayer.” If your early 90s thrash metal IQ isn’t up to snuff, that means this thing rips. This purpose-built metal cutting circular saw isn’t the least expensive on the list, but it packs enough power (4 AMP) and RPMs (4250) to cut even the toughest metal.

Weighing in at just 6.4 pounds, this is one of the lightest circular saws in its class. The saw comes with an integrated LED light, which makes spotting your cutting line that much easier while working in places of low visibility.

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2782-20Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2782-20

Lithium-ion powered saws seem to be making a significant showing on this list. It seems clear from their specs that they can run with their corded challengers in almost every situation. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2782-20 is no different.

At just 5.9 pounds, the 3,900 RPM free-speed motor produces enough power to chug through the thickest metal. The brushless motor has no wearable components, which means that it can spin, cut, and create for years to come without maintenance.

Milwaukee’s Redlink Plus system connects your motor and battery through a wireless intelligence system that prioritizes longevity and performance. This same system ensures that you get the maximum life out of your battery by optimizing power delivery. So when buying Milwaukee, you can be sure that you’re getting cutting edge technology in a small package.

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Last but not least on our list is the DeWALT DCS575T2 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX circular saw. This thing would be a real workhorse as a corded saw, but it has the benefit of being cordless.

The 60-volt battery and DeWALT’s FLEXVOLT blade can cut through some of the thickest metal and angles up to 57 degrees. The FLEXVOLT weighs in at 11 pounds, which is on the heavier side of the spectrum, but the motor pushes out a whopping 5,8000 RMP for super sleek cuts. This thing is ready to tackle your toughest jobs, just like these reliable TIG welders from our list!