The 10 Best Kitchen Trash Cans

The kitchen trash can options in the market are so overwhelming that we’ve decided to narrow them down. We’ve put a bunch of these trash cans to the test, using different criteria such as the body material, shape, capacity, lid, functionality, and ease of cleaning. After careful consideration and comparison, we’ve come up with the most comprehensive list of the ten best kitchen trash cans that you can buy today.

The Best Kitchen Trash Can

Simplehuman Dual Compartment Step Trash CanSimplehuman Dual Compartment Step Trash Can

If there’s a trash can that is worth splurging on, it’s the dual compartment model from Simplehuman. It has the perfect balance of innovation, durability, functionality, and design, which, for us, is the best combination that makes the best trash can.

Simplehuman’s dual compartment trash can features a durable wide-step pedal to open the lid. We love how smooth it works, and when combined with their patented Lid Shox technology, we were left mesmerized with how seamless this trash can works.

It even comes with a liner pocket that lets you store liners inside the can, making it easier to manage your garbage disposal. The only drawback is that it only fits Simplehuman liner refill packs, which costs a bit more than conventional liners.

With all the features and build quality that this trash can has, it’s not that hard to have it on this list. You may have to spend a bit more to have this in your kitchen, but with a 10-year warranty, it’s something that you should consider buying.


iTouchless Automatic Sensor Stainless Steel Trash CaniTouchless Automatic Sensor Stainless Steel Trash Can

iTouchless is our best pick for kitchen trash cans. We consider it the cream of the crop, because of all the features that it has, together with a sleek, futuristic design. It runs on 4 D batteries or an AC adapter that you can buy separately.

The iTouchless trash can has a stainless steel body with a carbon filter built into the sheet. It also comes with a soft pouch filled with activated carbon that works well in neutralizing odor. We think that this is the best trash can when it comes to keeping your kitchen free from the horrifying smell of garbage.

The built-in sensor opens the lid automatically as soon as you put your hands on top of it. iTouchless claims that its mechanism has a 100,000 repetition rating; that’s equivalent to opening the cover 20 times a day for 13 years and eight months.

If you can afford to invest a bit more for a trash can, iTouchless is one of the best that you can buy. It topped all the criteria that we have for this list, making it worth every penny.


Simplehuman 12 Gallon Rectangular Kitchen Trash CanSimplehuman 12 Gallon Rectangular Kitchen Trash Can

If you’re looking for a kitchen trash can with a sleek and sturdy design that is perfect for average-sized kitchens, then the Simplehuman rectangular 12-gallon trash can is the best option for you. We liked the simplicity of its design, without compromising the features that we’re looking for in a trash can.

The Simplehuman rectangular 12-gallon trash can comes in stainless steel with white, black, rose gold, brass, and dark bronze colors. This wide range of color options makes it possible for this trash can to blend well with your kitchen’s aesthetics.

The excellent hinge mechanism works smoothly and is better than most trash cans that we tested. It even comes with a separate compartment for liners, making it easier for you to keep everything organized.

Simplehuman is one of the best brands for trash cans, and they did a great job with this one as well. They even offer a 10-year warranty, which is uncommon with these products. It has quite a hefty price tag, but the quality and features that it has make it a worthy investment.


Umbra Grand 10 Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash CanUmbra Grand 10 Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash Can

When it comes to budget kitchen trash cans, our money is on the Umbra Grand. It’s hard to find a trash can that has its price while having all the features that you’ll need for a standard-sized kitchen.

We were hesitant with its build quality at first, because of its full-plastic body structure. But after using it for ourselves, it’s tough to complain about its durability and price. It looks too simple, but for us, it can match the functionality of trash cans that are three times its price.

The design and color of this trash can blend well with modern kitchen aesthetics. The Umbra Grand also has the smoothest swing-top mechanism that we’ve seen in its price range. It’s easy to throw in the garbage, and it gently swings back into place.

The Umbra Grand took this spot for being the most functional and sleek-looking trash can in its price range. Add that to the 30-day money-back guarantee that they offer, and we get a trash can that is worth checking out.


Simplehuman Top-Swing Kitchen Trash CanSimplehuman Top-Swing Kitchen Trash Can

The Simplehuman swing-lid trash can is probably the most feature-packed manual trash can that we’ve tested. It has all the features that we didn’t know would come in handy for garbage collection, and still managed to carry a decent price tag.

The swing lid has built-in weights, making it easy to open and swing gently back into place. It even has a quick-release button for the lid-swing, making it easier to clean. The side handles, which are not available in most manual trash cans that we’ve tested, offer better hygienic functionality and portability.

The plastic construction for the Simplehuman swing-lid is the thickest that we’ve seen in trash cans. The only thing that could’ve been better is the edged design. This design choice and its large capacity, may not be an ideal option for standard-sized kitchens.

The Simplehuman swing-lid comes with a 5-year warranty. If you need a trash can with a bigger capacity, and if you can afford to invest a bit more for functionality and features, you can never go wrong with it.


Umbra Venti 16 Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash CanUmbra Venti 16 Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash Can

If you’re looking for budget-friendly, large kitchen trash cans, then the Umbra Venti is one that you should check out. It features a simple yet efficient design that blends well with most modern kitchens.

This Umbra Venti is a 16-gallon trash can that uses polypropylene, making it more durable than other plastic trash cans that we’ve tested. It measures 35 inches in height with a diameter of 14.5 inches, making it compatible with most 20 to 30-gallon liners.

The best thing about this trash can is its capacity and design. It’s big enough for large kitchens, but it doesn’t take a lot of space. The Umbra Venti has beautiful curves with brushed metal accents that blend well with contemporary kitchen aesthetics. The top-swing also works smoothly and feels natural when throwing garbage in it.

This Umbra Venti deserves this spot for having the basic functionality that we need from a kitchen trash can. It doesn’t try to go overboard with garbage management, making it an excellent choice for those who are on a tight budget.


Brabantia Touch Bin Can 16 Gallon Kitchen Trash CanBrabantia Touch Bin Can 16 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can

Large trash cans always get in the way when used on standard-sized kitchens, but not the Brabantia Touch Bin. It has the perfect balance of design, features, and functionality, making it one of the best large trash cans that you can have in your kitchen.

We were surprised when we first saw this trash can in person. The first thing that we noticed is the exceptional attention to detail employed in designing this product. The Brabantia Touch Bin features a stainless steel body with a protective plastic base that prevents damages on the kitchen flooring.

The lid opens with a soft touch, and the whole unit is removable, making it easier for anyone to clean and replace the liners. Brabantia claims that the mechanism and materials they used for the Touch Bin will last for up to 10 years.

The Brabantia Touch Bin may be a bit more expensive than other trash cans, but it has everything that a large family needs for waste disposal. The build quality is superb, making it an excellent investment for your kitchen.


Rev-A-Shelf Sliding Pull Out Kitchen Trash CanRev-A-Shelf Sliding Pull Out Kitchen Trash Can

The Rev-A-Shelf sliding kitchen trash can is our best choice for a hideaway trash can. It’s easy to install, offers decent capacity, and doesn’t take valuable space in your kitchen. On top of all these, it doesn’t have a price tag that breaks the bank.

What we love about the Rev-A-Shelf sliding kitchen trash can is that it’s completely hidden from view. It measures 10.6 inches in width, 22 inches in diameter, and 19.25 inches in height. All you need is an extra cabinet with a 14.5-inch opening, and you can already install this trash can using four screws that mount to the cabinet floor.

The full-extension ball-bearing bar keeps it in place and softly slides out for garbage disposal. We haven’t tested its full capacity, but Rev-A-Shelf claims that it’s capable of handling as much as 100 pounds of waste.

The Rev-A-Shelf sliding kitchen trash can may not look sleek and doesn’t have a lot of innovative features. It’s too simple and only slides out of the cabinet. But will anyone care about how it looks when you can hide it inside an empty cabinet?


Simplehuman 8-Gallon Round Kitchen Trash CanSimplehuman 8-Gallon Round Kitchen Trash Can

It’s not surprising for Simplehuman to have multiple entries on this list. They’ve been the most popular brand for trash cans for years, and this round trash bin certainly fits the bill for small and medium-sized kitchens. It has the perfect balance of price, functionality, design, size, and price.

This trash can features that classic round shape we all loved. Simplehuman made it even better by using a polished stainless steel design. It’s easy to find a space to place it, making it perfect for kitchens with limited space.

The steel pedal works smoothly and feels sturdy. Simplehuman claims that this can withstand 20 steps a day for 20 years, making it an excellent investment for a fledgling family. It also comes with the patented Lid Shox technology that we love. It controls the motion of the lid when closing, making it work seamlessly.

If you can afford to spend a bit more and don’t need a trash can with large capacity, then this is a perfect choice for you. This trash can demonstrates how Simplehuman has been innovating waste disposal for years.


Ninestars DZT-50-9 Motion Sensor Trash CanNinestars DZT-50-9 Motion Sensor Trash Can

Ever wanted an automatic trash can that doesn’t show its advanced features in its price? Then the Ninestars DZT-50-9 is the perfect choice for you. It only costs as much as conventional trash cans, with almost the same capacity and durability, but with more advanced features.

The Ninestars DZT-50-9 has a 13-gallon capacity with a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel body. It has a 130-degree angle infrared sensor that can reach up to 10 inches. The lid opens smoothly and accurately, without even touching the trash can. It also stays open for 3 seconds after you move your hand away, giving you plenty of time for proper disposal.

The sleek design and sturdy build of the Ninestars DZT-50-9 trash can make it seem like a bargain for its price. It even comes with a 2-year warranty, adding more to its long-term value.