The 12 Best Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are great for quick clean-ups. They are more portable, easier to set up, and better at cleaning hard-to-reach spaces than upright and stick vacuum cleaners. They are especially effective for car interiors and are suitable for cleaning windowsills, kitchen counters, and couches, among others. If you need to clean a minor spill on the floor, it’s faster to bring out a handheld vacuum than to set up an upright vacuum.

Not all handheld vacuum cleaners are created equally, though. Some stand out above the rest while others are not worth a single penny. Considering there are dozens of options on the market, shopping for the best handheld vacuums can be very time-consuming. Fortunately for you, we already got you covered with this guide. Here, you’ll find the top 12 handheld vacuums, from cordless models to corded ones.

Dirt Devil Scorpion SD20005REDDirt Devil Scorpion SD20005RED

The Dirt Devil Scorpion SD20005RED is a lightweight handheld vacuum that weighs less than 4 pounds, featuring an integrated quick-flip nozzle for cleaning tight spaces. It’s a corded unit, so don’t worry about losing power while cleaning. It comes with a 16-foot cord.

A bag-less vacuum cleaner, this Dirt Devil product is easy to clean and store away when not in use. It has a compact design, with the aforementioned quick-flip nozzle easily folding into the frame, with no need to constantly attach and detach it depending on the situation. While not as powerful as some of the other vacuums on this list, it’s good enough for small jobs. It comes with a few tools, including a dusting brush, which might surprise those not expecting too much from a budget product.

Take a look at some of the best canister vacuums from ou list and pick your favorite.


Fuller Brush Co. Mini Maid FBMV4Fuller Brush Co. Mini Maid FBMV4

Created by Fuller Brush Co., a well-established brand of household cleaning tools, the Mini Maid FBMV4 is another budget-friendly unit that punches above its weight. But unlike the Dirt Devil product above, it can be easily mistaken for a premium product due to its glossy red frame. It has an ergonomic handle, with the power switch on the front end for quick access.

A corded handheld vacuum, the FBMV4 comes with a 15-foot cord, which gives you the freedom to clean your entire kitchen counter without worrying too much about disconnecting it from the power source. It’s easy to clean after every cleaning job, with the quick-release dustbin allowing for easy access to the filter. And just like the Dirt Devil Scorpio, it comes with a few tools for versatility, including a flexible hose and a dusting brush.


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1

Michigan-based Bissell is one of the first brands you should look into when shopping for the best vacuum cleaners, handheld or otherwise. Of the company’s lineup of compact vacuum cleaners, the Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 offers the best value for the money, most especially if you own an army of cats or dogs (or both).

The Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 is a corded handheld vacuum, which means you don’t need to worry about batteries. It’s got a lightweight frame with a well-designed handle and a dustbin capable of holding up to 0.78 liters of debris. It comes with a specialized rubber nozzle that makes it more effective when dealing with pet hair. Although its name might suggest otherwise, this Bissell handheld vacuum isn’t just for pet hair. You can also use it for cleaning car interiors, bookshelves, stairs, and couches, among other areas.


Black & Decker HLVA320J26Black & Decker HLVA320J26

Considering Black & Decker is one of the best brands of handheld vacuums, it’s only natural it comes with the most representation on this list, with a total of four. First up is the versatile HLVA320J26, a unit equipped with a built-in crevice tool and brush – the former extends from the nose while the latter flips up from the underneath.

Unlike the previous three products, the HLVA320J26 is a cordless handheld vacuum, with the capability to run up to 10 minutes on a single charge. It charges relatively fast and has an indicator light below the handle that lets you know when the unit is fully charged. Additionally, it comes with an easy-to-clean dustbin capable of holding up to 0.5 liters of debris. While it appears to be a relatively heavy handheld vacuum due to its design, the HLVA320J26 is actually exceptionally lightweight, weighing just 2.4 pounds, which makes it even lighter than the compact Dirt Devil Scorpion.


Dirt Devil Plus BD30025BDirt Devil Plus BD30025B

Concerning aesthetics, the Dirt Devil Plus BD30025B is almost identical to the Dirt Devil Scorpion, featuring a quick-flip crevice tool integrated out front. However, it operates differently. It’s a cordless handheld vacuum, packing a 16-volt lithium-ion battery that charges fast. This means you don’t need to worry about being limited by the cord length when cleaning.

A bag-less handheld vacuum, the BD30025B is a well-designed product that’s easy to use and maintain, featuring an ergonomic handle and a convenient power indicator. The built-in crevice tool is easy to deploy and works well when cleaning dirt in narrow areas. This unit also comes with a specialized attachment for cleaning upholstery and stairs, making it a versatile cleaning tool. If you like the Dirt Devil Scorpion’s design but prefer a cordless handheld vacuum, go for the BD30025B instead.


Eureka EasyClean 71BEureka EasyClean 71B Handheld Vacuum

The Eureka EasyClean 71B is a versatile corded vacuum with a 20-foot cable, which allows you to reach more areas. It’s got a pair of motors: one for the suction and one for the integrated brush. You can easily switch on/off the motorized brush as needed. The 71B also features a built-in hose that wraps around the back when not in use; the hose has a crevice tool for cleaning dirt in tight spaces.

The 71B works great for cleaning dirt and spills on car interiors, kitchen counters, couches, and stairs, among others, with its “Riser Visor” front end making it more efficient for cleaning stairs. It has an integrated filter and an easy-to-empty dustbin. At almost 5 pounds, this Eureka handheld vacuum is heavier than all the other models mentioned so far, but it’s still light enough and doesn’t feel like a burden after just a few minutes of continuous use.


Shark Pet Perfect II SV780Shark Pet Perfect II SV780

The Shark Pet Perfect II SV780 is a great tool for pretty much any kind of surface around the house, with an effective suction system that makes quick work of dirt, spills, dust, and pet hair. It’s a cordless cleaning tool with a charging indicator, packing an 18-volt battery inside its 5-pound frame. It has a comfortable handle and an easy-empty dustbin.

Compared to other Shark handheld vacuums – or more specifically, the SV66 and SV75 models – the SV780 is much more versatile, featuring a trio of head attachments included in the box. It comes with a dusting brush, a crevice tool for tight spaces, and a motorized, extra-large brush head for more efficiency when cleaning pet hair from upholstery. The SV780 is easy to store and comes with a wall-mountable charging dock that can hold all its head attachments.


Black-&-Decker-CHV1410L-vacuumBlack & Decker CHV1410L Vacuum

Our second Black & Decker product on this list, the CHV1410L is considered one of the very best handheld vacuums on the market, offering excellent value for the money. It’s a battery-powered cleaning tool that can hold a charge for up to 18 months. It’s an exceptionally lightweight unit, weighing just around 2.6 pounds, and comes with a 16-volt rechargeable battery.

If you don’t like having to constantly attach and remove tools when using handheld vacuums, you are going to love the CHV1410L. It’s got a couple of built-in tools, with the brush flipping out from the underside and the crevice tool extending from the nose. You can easily adjust its setup depending on the situation. In addition, this Black & Decker product includes a washable dustbin that’s extremely easy to empty, with its transparent design making it easy to check whether it’s at max capacity.


Black & Decker BDH2000PLBlack & Decker BDH2000PL Handheld Vacuum

The BDH2000PL is another great product from Black & Decker, one of the best brands when it comes to handheld vacuums. Compared to the CHV1410L, it has a more robust design, but regarding versatility and usefulness, it’s just as good. It’s got a 20-volt rechargeable battery inside its 3-pound frame and comes with a compact charging dock. You can count on this handheld vacuum to deliver a strong, consistent suction power for more than 10 minutes.

Featuring a pivoting nozzle, the BDH2000PL works well for cleaning stairs, bookshelves, kitchen counters, and car interior, among others. Like the CHV1410L, it’s got built-in tools for convenience, with the dusting brush flipping from under the nose and the crevice tool extending out. The mouth itself also has a wide design, which makes it more efficient when cleaning a large amount of debris on any surface.


Black & Decker BDH2020FLBlack & Decker BDH2020FL Vacuum

Often considered the best handheld vacuum currently out, the Black & Decker BDH2020FL is a powerful and versatile cleaning tool, featuring a 20-volt rechargeable battery housed within its lightweight frame. It weighs just around 3.2 pounds, although its relatively bulky design might suggest otherwise. It comes with an easily washable, easy-to-empty dustbin with a max capacity of about 0.5 liters.

Cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces will be extremely easy if you have BDH2020FL. It features an integrated 4-foot extendable hose that makes cleaning the top of cabinets easy. Additionally, it comes with three head attachments: a pet hair brush, a long crevice tool for cleaning narrow spaces, and a nozzle with a built-in dusting brush; the latter is often the default attachment seen in promotional images. With the this Black & Decker cordless handheld vacuum, you have all the attachments you need for all-around use, whether it’s cleaning upholstery or giving your car’s interior an overdue clean-up.


Shark Rocket HV292Shark Rocket HV292

If you like what the Black & Decker BDH2020FL brings to the table but prefer a corded unit for unlimited power, check out the Shark Rocket HV292. It offers pretty much the same thing, but because it’s not battery-dependent, you can use it for extended periods, which is great if you prefer to be extremely thorough when cleaning. It’s got a powerful suction system that allows it to easily handle different messes, from spilled chips to pet hair.

While not as lightweight as the Black & Decker model above, the HV292 is still a very portable handheld vacuum, weighing around 3.7 pounds. It features a quick-release dustbin and a 15-foot cord and comes with four tools: an extendable hose, a motorized brush, a dusting brush, and a 12-inch crevice tool. It’s an all-around unit that works well for different situations.


Dyson V7 TriggerDyson V7 Trigger

The Dyson V7 Trigger is a powerful cordless handheld vacuum that sells for almost twice the price of the Shark product above. It boasts a 30-minute runtime on a single charge, which easily makes it stand out among the best handheld vacuums on the market. It has an ergonomic design and weighs less than 4 pounds, which makes it very portable, though its rather industrial-looking frame might say otherwise.

An all-around household cleaning tool, the V7 Trigger is an efficient unit that works well for cleaning car interiors, stairs, upholstery, bookshelves, kitchen counters, and floors. It comes with a crevice tool for narrow spaces, a nozzle with an integrated dusting brush, and a motorized tool that makes quick work of pet hair. If you want a powerful, battery-powered handheld vacuum, with pricing being the least of your concerns, consider the V7 Trigger.