The 12 Best Electric Space Heaters

When it’s cold out, especially in the long winter months, you know that your room is going to need some warmth. Keep your indoor living space toasty with the use of an electric space heater.

Space heaters come in a few varieties, but there is nothing more efficient and reliable than an electric heater. Here are 12 of the best models you can to keep your place warm and cozy, no matter how low the temperature reading outside.

The Best Electric Space Heater

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space HeaterLasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

The Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater incorporates a modern tower fan design that many people like. Much like the cooling tower fans from which the design is lifted, this Lasko space heater has an oscillation function that, when toggled, allows it to distribute the warm air all over the room.

It also includes a timer that goes all the way to 8 hours, a thermostat for precise heat regulation, and a high or low heat setting to control intensity. For convenience, this Lasko heater also has a digital display that features some large, easy-to-read numbers and symbols. A wireless remote control is thrown into the mix, which makes this ceramic space heater from Lasko a strong favorite.

This remote control enables wireless control over the oscillation, timer, thermostat, and heat setting features. So, you literally don’t have to get up to change any of the settings. However, if you do decide to change the position of this heater, then you’ll be glad to know that it has a carry handle that facilitates transfer.

It also has a few safety features to keep your mind at ease like, the automatic overheat protection that shuts down the device if it has been in use for excessive amounts of time, the insulated outer shell, which remains cool to touch throughout the duration of use, and the ceramic element that ensures safe ceramic-based heat is circulated.


Heat Storm Tradesman HS-1500-TT Infrared with TripodHeat Storm Tradesman HS-1500-TT Infrared with Tripod

The Heat Storm HS-1500 is one of the most aggressive-looking yet still aesthetically pleasing space heaters available on the market today. It features a sleek-looking housing that can be mounted on its tripod, making it the ideal configuration for garages, patios, and spacious workshops. It employs carbon fiber as its heating element for its shock resistance and durability, which makes it last longer.

The Heat Storm is designed to be safe for use outdoors and indoors since it features an IPX4 weatherproof rating as well as emits no carbon dioxide nor any other potentially harmful emissions. It’s so easy to set up that the manufacturer boasts that you can have it working in about 5 minutes.

One of its main features is the tripod mount, which a lot of people apparently like for its quick adjustability. Everything about the Heat Storm Tradesman is built to be heavy-duty, yet it is physically light and portable. In fact, as assembled, it only tips the scales at 16 pounds, so you know that it’s light enough to be easy to move around when you really want to redirect heat often while you work. After all, you won’t have any problems with its range since it comes with a long 13-foot cord, which is sufficiently long for a variety of needs.

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Duraflame DFl-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace StoveDuraflame DFl-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Stove

If you prefer the old-timey aesthetics of a classic fireplace stove, then the Duraflame DFl-5010-01 is right up your alley. This electric fireplace is designed to emulate the look and aesthetic design of the wood-burning stove, only in a much safer way. It actually even has a few faux logs inside that will look like they’re burning thanks to the magic of special effects.

This Duraflame heater utilizes 5 adjustable flame effect settings, which set up a realistic fireplace ambiance so perfectly that you’ll sometimes forget it’s not a real fire. This is a great option, especially when you want to control the mood and turn the lights down. No matter how realistic the dancing flame effect may appear, you will be glad to know that the external compartment is cool to touch, so you don’t have to worry about setting this up where it may be reached by children or pets.

This best-seller incorporates infrared quartz to enable supplemental heating of a zone up to an area of about 1,000 square feet without removing natural humidity in the room. This allows the Duraflame DFl-5010-01 to keep your living space comfy and toasty without drying the air too much. As a safety feature, it also incorporates an overheat auto-shutoff feature that prevents overheating of the device. All of its features, including the adjustable thermostat, can also be accessed with the use of its remote control.


Vornado VHEAT Vintage HeaterVornado VHEAT Vintage Heater

The Vornado VHEAT Vintage Heater replicates the look and design of its predecessor, the original Vornadofan, which was released in 1945. Though several decades have passed, the appeal of this almost industrial, metallic design has not yet faded. In fact, this classic ‘40s design adds an air of art and sophistication to the room as well as, of course – hot air.

This small wonder is capable of circulating heat throughout any room through a system that Vornado refers to as the Vortex Action. This heating system provides a gentle yet fast airflow of warm air that creates a unique heating experience. You have all the control in the world with regard to its heating intensity through the thermostat dial found just behind the motor casing of the head. This round head is also made to pivot through 47 degrees so you can enjoy airflow that is multidirectional.

This modern-day adaptation of a classic has reliable safety features that include an automatic shut-off system for when airflow is blocked as well as a tip-over sensor and protective system that prevents powering up of the unit when it’s not upright. As an added safety mechanism, since this vintage heater features spinning blades, the grill spaces are made close enough to prevent fingers from coming through.

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Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Space HeaterLasko 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater

The Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater is the lowest priced electric space heater on this list, but don’t let its bargain price tag fool you – this small device is a powerhouse. True to its name, the MyHeat personal heater is ideal for use on the desktop or any other similar location as it is able to generate enough focused heat for personal use. The heat is facilitated by a ceramic heating element, so you know that it is safe. And it only utilizes 200 watts, so it’s budget-friendly in that regard too.

No matter the size, Lasko has made sure to still keep this heating device safe. It employs the overheat protection auto-power off system as well as maintains a cool-to-touch exterior, which is always appreciated to prevent accidental injuries, especially to young children and pets. It is actually only a little over 6 inches tall, so it’s quite portable. Bring it with you to your office or keep it at home beside your study table or living room sofa. If you’re currently not in the market for a larger space heater but still would like to keep toasty, then maybe the ultra-compact MyHeat Personal Space Heater from Lasko is right for you.


LifeSmart Infrared Quartz Fireplace HeaterLifeSmart Infrared Quartz Fireplace Heater

If you want to make the smart choice, then you won’t go wrong with going with the LifeSmart Infrared Quartz Fireplace Heater. Its main pull is the fact that it creates heat well enough to keep a large indoor space warm while creating a visual illusion that it’s a traditional wood or coal-burning fireplace.

The central part of this space heating device is where the magic happens. You can see that it mimics the look of a fireplace as it produces the same light flickering ambiance of actual flames. The great thing about this large LifeSmart heater is that you can operate it even without turning on the heat, which makes it possible to enjoy the same flame-lit ambiance even during the warmer months.

This space heater does not require any ventilation, so you can install it just about anywhere. Its large oak cabinet allows it to seamlessly blend with all other furniture in your living room or bedroom. Even though it was designed to keep a large room warm, it still only uses up about 1,500 watts, which is similar to the power consumption of a hairdryer.

To produce the radiant heat, this LifeSmart heater utilizes 3 pieces of commercial-grade quartz infrared heating elements. For convenience, it also comes with a remote control so you can make your thermostat and other settings adjustments easily wherever you install it.

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Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space HeaterLasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko, as a well-known name in the field of space heating, has once again provided a home appliance that is both aesthetically pleasing and superbly functional. This Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater is designed to look more like an artistic art decoration rather than a home appliance. The main body of this heater is a beige vase-like outer casing that is held firmly in place by an ornate looking stand. It sits at 16 inches tall, which means that you can set it beside sofas, coffee tables, or even on top of tables and counters without it getting in the way physically or even decoratively.

For more convenience on heat temperature control, it has an adjustable thermostat with an easy-to-read display that goes from low to high as well as features a programmable auto function. You can set the temperature between the ranges from 60º F to 85º F. A remote control is also available for when you don’t want to get up to physically manipulate the controls on the heater. There’s also a timer that can be programmed from 1 to 7 hours.

This remarkable Lasko Designer Series Space Heater also has a built-in safety mechanism to prevent overheating and automatically shuts the appliance off when there’s a danger of overheating.


Vornado MVH Vortex HeaterVornado MVH Vortex Heater

The Vornado MVH Vortex heater is one of the most efficient and cost-effective space heaters available on the market today. At its core, this Vornado space heater is simple in that it employs a round resistance coil with a fan. To ensure that you are able to set the heat settings to your desired precise levels, it actually has three adjustment settings. You can set it on low at 750 watts, on medium at 1,125 watts, and on high at 1,500 watts. These adjustment settings also allow you to control your energy consumption.

Even though it’s small (10.6 inches in height), it is capable of heating a small to medium-sized room thanks to its signature air vortex technology. The air vortex action of the airflow projected by the Vornado MVH distributes the air evenly all throughout the enclosed space without the use of intense heat.

This is a portable heater, and you can easily carry it with you to wherever you are inside your home since it has an integrated carry handle at the back side of its housing. For safety, this Vornado appliance has three levels of protection. The first one being the cool-to-touch outer casing, the second being the auto shut-off overheat protecting mechanism, and the third is the tip-over auto shut-off trigger.


Dyson Pure Hot + CoolDyson Pure Hot + Cool

At first glance, the price of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool may look a bit much, but the question is: Is the price worth it? And, the answer is a resounding Yes! If the brand name is any indicator, then this would be one of the best home appliances available today.

It is a little bit on the pricey side, but it does offer a whole lot more than the typical heater. It is a multifunctional home appliance in that respect, and its price reflects that. Aside from being a space heater, it is also a HEPA air purifier as well as a tower fan. So, right out of the gate, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool can be used all year round, whether you require heating or cooling.

The added functionality of the HEPA air purifier also means that you’re probably going to use it all the time to keep the air you and your family breathe free of pollutants and allergens. This is especially useful for those who have small children in their homes or those suffering from asthma or hay fever.

It is capable of projecting air across distances to warm and cool a room with 77 gallons of air per second. This volume of air is also oscillated through 350 degrees to ensure that heated/cooled/purified air is distributed where it is needed most. For safety, it utilizes ceramic plate heating elements as well as an automatic shut off tip-over mechanism.


OPOLAR 1500W Ceramic Space HeaterOPOLAR 1500W Ceramic Space Heater

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the OPOLAR 1500W Ceramic Space Heater is that it looks like it will be able to withstand heavy-duty use. At just over 11 inches tall, it’s surprising that it is able to adequately heat up a living room, bedroom, or office. It utilizes ceramic heating elements that allow it to provide instant heat without the use of open coils. Because of this, it is also able to last far longer than non-ceramic heaters.

When you turn on the OPOLAR heater, you have your pick of three settings, ranging from just the fan, a low setting that utilizes 1,000 watts, and a high setting that uses 1,500 watts. For consistent heating, it also employs an adjustable thermostat, which keeps the ambient temperature of the room at your desired levels.

At just 3.5 pounds, it’s quite portable. To add to the ease of portability, it even has a sturdy, dedicated handle at the top. Its design features include its external compartment design, which is made to be robust and stable; however, if it does tip over, an automatic tip-over turn off switch is triggered to shut off the device. Another safety feature is the overheat protection, which shuts the heater immediately when internal sensors detect excess internal temperature.


Andily Small Ceramic Space HeaterAndily Small Ceramic Space Heater

The Andily Small Ceramic Space Heater punches above its weight class. It’s a small budget personal space heater that, surprisingly, can do quite a lot. It utilizes ceramic heating elements to enable quick heating without using open coils. To add to the precision of the use of this device, the makers have also added a thermostat to allow you the ability to keep your room’s temperature stable at a temperature you prefer.

This heater actually has three controls, namely, fan only; low heat setting, which uses 750 watts; and a high heat setting, which uses 1,500 watts. At just over 8 inches tall, the Andily Ceramic Space Heater is portable and can be placed just about anywhere. You can put it underneath your work table to heat up your feet and legs, or you can put it on your table for your arms, body, and face, or you can set it on the floor to heat up the room from afar.

There are also a few safety mechanisms that have been designed into the product. First of all, the heating element and motor are encased in flame-resistant material that does not heat up, so they remain cool to touch. Then, it also utilizes an automatic turn-off tip-over switch that cuts power if it is not upright, and finally, it has an overheat protection system that shuts it automatically off if it’s used for too long.

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Dr. Infrared HeaterDr. Infrared Heater

When companies put the title “Doctor” in front of their product or brand name, it’s usually a sign that the products they make are of high enough quality that they can brag about themselves being experts. Well, the Dr. Infrared Heater is no different. It’s a relatively small-sized portable heater that can warm a large room or space up to 1,000 square feet.

The heater’s outer cabinet is lined with a wood finish to make it easier to blend with the wood panels of your home. It’s made like this purely for aesthetic reasons. On the main front panel of the Dr. Infrared Heater, you will find the main control board and display. You have the ability to set the heater according to your preference to keep your room as warm as you want it. It also comes with a remote control to give you the ability to change the settings without getting up.

It can run at a low 1,000-watt setting as well as a high 1,500-watt setting, which is capable of delivering 250º F of heat at a rate of 3.5 meters per second. For safety, the Dr. Infrared Heater comes with a 12-hour automatic shut off timer, a tip-over protection system, and an auto-off overheat protection system.