The 15 Best EDC Mechanical Pencils

In terms of everyday carry writing instruments, most of us use a pen. However, permanent ink is not for everyone, especially for those who are prone to mistakes. In this case, a mechanical pencil is an ideal choice because it allows you to remove unwanted marks. Plus, it is compact, refillable, and long-lasting.

Unfortunately, not all mechanical pencils available on the market are high-quality products. Thus, you need to meticulously check the product’s features. For example, mechanical pencils with metal construction are more durable than those made of plastic. Aside from that, you also need to opt for a comfortable product. In this case, picking a pencil with a rubber grip can help reduce hand fatigue during long writing sessions. Lastly, you also need to consider the size and quality of the lead. As much as possible, opt for a lead that does not break easily and is in common supply. You might not always be able to find the best pencil at your local supermarket, but you should be able to find the lead to fill it with.

With all these factors in mind, we’ve reviewed the best EDC mechanical pencils and rounded them up for you below.

Cross Century Chrome PencilCross Century Chrome Pencil

Founded by Richard Cross in 1846, Cross is an international manufacturer of timepieces, personal accessories, and writing instruments. When making products, this company combines design ingenuity with jewelry-quality craftsmanship. So, it is not surprising that writing instruments from this brand are popular and highly-rated.

Cross Century Chrome is an elegant writing utensil. It has a slim silhouette that shines brightly, thanks to its chrome-plated cover. Aside from that, this mechanical pencil is incredibly comfortable for people with small hands. It also makes 0.7mm lines and has a twist-action propel/repel feature. Plus, it comes in a premium box, making it an excellent gift. This set includes three pencil leads and one eraser.

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Uni-ball KuruToga Mechanical PencilUni-ball KuruToga Mechanical Pencil

Uni-ball is a brand of pens and pencils made by Mitsubishi Pencil Company Limited. This company is headquartered in Japan, and it distributes products in over 100 countries. Also, it believes that “The Finest Quality is the Best Service.” As such, products from this company are made with premium materials to ensure superior quality and functionality.

A common disadvantage with most mechanical pencils is the lead, which often breaks. Fortunately, the Uni-ball KuruToga sports a rotating lead mechanism that can prevent breakage and keep the lead sharp. Aside from that, this 0.5mm mechanical pencil also features a Uni-ball diamond-infused lead that creates thin, dark lines, giving your work a clean and professional look. Also included in the package are lead refills and two extra erasers. This is a great edc mechanical pencil.


Alvin Draft-Matic Mechanical PencilAlvin Draft-Matic Mechanical Pencil

Founded in 1950, Alvin is a US-based company that manufactures various writing tools designed for professionals. Since its inception, this reputable company has brought quality and value to its customers. So, you can expect that Alvin products are not only functional but high-quality as well.

Created for professionals, the Alvin Draft-Matic is evenly balanced, enabling you to complete your writing tasks with ease. It features a knurled finger grip that ensures a tight hold even if you have sweaty hands. There is also minimal lead breakage, thanks to its rotating degree windows. Plus, it has cushion points that lets you write comfortably. You can refill it with 0.5mm B Degree lead, and it comes with a built-in eraser.

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Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical PencilPaper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil

Paper Mate started in the early 1940s when Patrick J. Frawley acquired a ballpoint pen parts manufacturer during a time when the pen industry was struggling. From there, it became a leading global writing instrument brand due to its innovative and high-quality products.

Ideal for artists, designers, and drafters, the Paper Mate Clearpoint offers several features that will allow you to write with ease. For one, it has a side-click design that lets you extend the lead without losing your grip on the pencil. It also has a textured grip that keeps you comfortable during long writing sessions. Plus, you can remove unwanted marks and specks easily, thanks to its jumbo twist-up eraser. Lastly, this 0.7mm mechanical pencil has a translucent barrel, so you’ll be able to see its remaining lead.


LAMY Multi-System Twin Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical PencilLAMY Multi-System Twin Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil

Founded by Josef Lamy in 1930, LAMY is a German-owned company that produces various writing instruments. It aims to provide creative thinkers with top-notch writing instruments to get their ideas on paper.

The LAMY Multi-System Twin has a professional and elegant design, thanks to its cylindrical body with matte lacquer finish. Aside from its good looks, the Multi-System Twin is also practical. It features a ballpoint pen and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil in a single writing instrument that takes care of all your writing needs. Plus, both the mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen are well-designed, and they produce high-quality marks. Best off all, this product has an axle-mounted clip; thus, you can clip it into your pocket for quick and easy retrieval.

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Rotring 600 Silver Barrel Mechanical PencilRotring 600 Silver Barrel Mechanical Pencil

Established in 1928, Rotring is a German technical writing and drawing instruments brand. All products from this brand are designed for functionality and technical precision. They also have a minimalist design to allow you to focus on getting your work done right.

The Rotring 600 is an iconic writing instrument, and it is ideal for professional use, whether it is writing, sketching, or drawing. This 0.5mm mechanical pencil features a metal body and a non-slip knurled metal grip that allow you to write comfortably for long periods without experiencing hand fatigue or discomfort. Aside from that, it also comes with a brass mechanism that allows guided lead advancement, resulting in less lead breakage. Also, it has a hexagonal shape, so it won’t slip or slide when you put it on a table.


Parker Jotter Mechanical PencilParker Jotter Mechanical Pencil

Founded by George Safford Parker in 1888, Parker is a US-based company the manufactures luxury pens. Aside from having innovative designs, products from this company are also made with premium materials and world-class craftsmanship. So, you are guaranteed that its products are of superior quality.

Parker’s Jotter pen is considered as one of the best pens available on the market. It is not surprising, therefore, that Parker also released a mechanical pencil with the same iconic design. The mechanical pencil has a sophisticated look, thanks to its stainless steel body with chrome accents. Although it doesn’t have a grip, this 0.5 mm mechanical pencil can sit smoothly in your hand, allowing you to write for hours without feeling hand fatigue or any discomforts. Plus, it uses strong HB graphite leads, which can resist bending and breakage. Overall, the Parker Jotter is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an elegant-looking mechanical pencil that can last for years.

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Pentel P205A Mechanical PencilPentel P205A Mechanical Pencil

Pentel is a Japanese company that produces stationery products and writing instruments. For over 70 years, this company has supplied the world with high-quality products. In fact, it is the only writing instrument company that received a Deming Award for recognition of the highest standard of quality.

The Pentel P205A has superior construction that can meet the rigorous demands of students and professionals alike. It features a 4mm tip, so you can use it with templates and rulers. Moreover, this 0.5mm mechanical pencil uses a Pentel Super Hi-Polymer lead, which is equivalent to a #2 pencil. Aside from being strong, this lead can also produce a clear dark line. Finally, this product comes with an eraser that can remove unwanted marks.


Rite in the Rain All-Weather Mechanical PencilRite in the Rain All-Weather Mechanical Pencil

Rite in the Rain was founded by Jerry Darling in 1916. It started as a small operation making waterproof paper for loggers working under the rain. Since then, this company has expanded its product line-up, which includes water-proof notebooks, pens, planners, calendars, and binder kits.

The Rite in the Rain All-Weather is the perfect mechanical pencil for those working outdoors. It has a strong resin barrel that does not only feel comfortable in your hand but can withstand tough environmental conditions as well. Aside from that, it also has a patented tip that expands. This feature prevents the lead from breaking or falling out when you’re taking notes in the field. Additionally, it comes with a 1.1mm lead that writes clearly and smoothly. Also included in the package are seven leads and two extra erasers. It should definitely be part of your EDC kit.


Zebra M-301 Mechanical PencilZebra M-301 Mechanical Pencil

Founded in New York in 1982, Zebra Pen Corporation is an independent corporation wholly owned by Zebra Co. Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer of writing instruments. Today, this brand offers an extensive line of writing instruments, which are popular for their quality and ultimate writing performance.

The Zebra M-301 is one of the most popular Everyday carry mechanical pencils. This is not only because of its affordable price. This product can also provide durability and functionality. For its features, this 0.7mm mechanical pencil has a short length, so you can place it in your pocket. Aside from that, its stainless steel body features a non-slip rubber grip for increased writing comfort. Overall, this product is a great all-around mechanical pencil, which you can use for drafting, drawing, writing, or note-taking.


Uni-Ball Pipe Lock Mechanical PencilUni-Ball Pipe Lock Mechanical Pencil

Uni-ball is a Japanese brand of pens and pencils. Products from this brand are popular all over the world because of its excellent quality and style.

If you’re searching for a mechanical pencil for drawing and drafting, the Uni-ball Pipe Lock is an excellent choice. This product is a masterpiece both in function and design. Plus, it is designed for heavy users such as designers and students.

For its features, the upper body of this product is made of plastic while the tip and grip are made of metal. Aside from that, it also has a shift and lock mechanism that allows you to protect its tip while you travel. Moreover, this 0.5mm mechanical pencil is lightweight, and it has a low center of gravity. These features provide stability and can help reduce hand fatigue. Lastly, its grip is etched with a lot of grooves to provide a non-slip grip.

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STAEDTLER Mars 780 Mechanical PencilSTAEDTLER Mars 780 Mechanical Pencil

Founded by Johann Sebastian Staedtler in 1835, Staedtler is a German company that manufactures writing and drawing instruments. This company is committed to producing innovative and high-quality products. So, it is not surprising that Staedtler is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of pens, pencils, and other writing utensils.

The classic design of the Staedtler Mars 780 makes it a useful tool for technical drawings and graphing. Furthermore, this mechanical pencil uses a 2mm lead, which is great for sketching and shading. Although it has a plastic body, this product is sturdy enough for outdoor use. Plus, it is lightweight and comfortable to use. Also, it has a built-in sharpener that lets you maintain a fine lead point.


Pentel Twist-Erase III Automatic PencilPentel Twist-Erase III Automatic Pencil

Today, Pentel stationery products and writing instruments are popular all over the world. One reason is that this Japanese company aims to develop writing instruments that will satisfy your writing experience. As such, you can expect that Pentel products are not only functional but of superior quality as well.

Aside from the excellent quality shared by all Pentel products, the Pentel Twist-Erase III offers features that will allow you to write comfortably. For one, it has an extra-soft latex-free grip that reduces writing fatigue. Furthermore, this 0.5mm mechanical pencil also has a protective tip design that stabilizes the lead, reducing lead breakage. Plus, you don’t have to worry about frequent mistakes because it has a large and long-lasting eraser that can remove unwanted marks and specs. Finally, it uses a strong Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead, which produces a clear dark line.


FastCap Fatboy Mechanical PencilFastCap Fatboy Mechanical Pencil

FastCap was founded by Paul Akers in 1997. It manufactures an array of woodworking products. Also, this company strives to bring you innovative, practical, and relevant tools.

Designed for professional woodworkers, the Fastcap Fatboy is one of the biggest mechanical pencils on the market. It has an aluminum housing, which is durable enough for outdoor use. It is also lightweight, so you will not feel any cramps or discomforts during long writing sessions. Additionally, you can keep this product in your pocket, thanks to its removable clip. For its lead, this mechanical pencil uses a 5.5mm lead, which is super strong. Lastly, it has a built-in eraser to help you remove unwanted marks.


Zebra DelGuard Mechanical PencilZebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil

Zebra is one of the most popular brands of writing instruments. The reason is that this brand offers products of superior quality for ultimate performance and is great option as your everyday carry mechanical pencil.

The Zebra DelGuard has a solid metal base with a coating that promotes a better grip. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design that does not only allow it to comfortably fit in your hands but lets you write with ease as well. This mechanical pencil also uses a break-resistant 0.5mm lead. Plus, it has a patented double-spring mechanism that prevents lead breakage, so you don’t have to replace the lead constantly. Also, this product comes an eraser that is small yet efficient in removing unwanted marks and specks.