The 18 Best Titanium Everyday Carry Pens

An Everyday Carry Pen (EDC pen) is an essential part of your daily gear to enhance your ability for effective functioning and can be quite handy for activities such as writing a list, signing a card, and working out an idea. A high-quality pen can come to the rescue is some tights spots, including the need for power to break a glass. You should, therefore, put a bit of effort into selecting your EDC pen rather than carrying around those cheap plastic pens. Here is our roundup of the 18 best titanium EDC pens you can buy.

Fisher Astronaut Space PenFisher Astronaut Space Pen

Enjoy the future now with this Fisher Astronaut Space Pen. Perfectly made for space travel, the EDC pen has been used conveniently by NASA thanks to its pressurized ink cartridge combined with its specialized ink, which allows you to write in extreme temperatures, zero gravity, and over greasy surfaces. With a brass barrel having a black titanium nitride coating, the pen is resistant to scratches, so you will enjoy a sharp looking pen even when working on rough conditions.

Usability is one of the main features of this pen as it writes evenly, smoothly, and is quite dependable, so you can use the pen upside down or underwaters without any hitches. The inclusion of the pen in every manned NASA mission in space from 1968 is justified by the build of the pen to last a lifetime. The refill is also quite affordable. This Fisher Astronaut Space Pen guarantees you a lifetime of service.


  • Pressurized ink cartridge
  • Solid brass construction with black titanium nitride finish
  • Perfect size
  • Retractable cartridge
  • Heavy-duty storage box

Titanium PicopenTitanium Picopen

Enjoy luxury writing with this Titanium EDC Pico Pen. Perfectly designed to absorb details on-the-go, the pen has a quick deploy magnetic cap closure for convenient carrying, and its construction with 6AI-4V titanium gives it unmatched durability so that it can absorb the rigor of everyday use. The pen is longer than its original model at 4.21 inches but comes slightly lighter at only 15.6 g, which makes sure that is easy to carry, especially considering that it comes with a quick deploy magnetic cap attached to a keychain.

With a standard Zebra F-Refill ink cartridge, the pen provides smooth, quick action for jotting down ideas easily. The cap is safely secured through a neodymium rare-Earth magnet that allows one-handed operation or easy access while the securing keychain allows you to attach the pen to your suitcase, duffel bag or backpack.


  • Semi-stonewashed finish
  • 6AI-4V titanium construction
  • Magnetic cap closure
  • Ring for attaching a keychain
  • Zebra F-Refill ink cartridge

Titanium Shaker PenTitanium Shaker Pen

Enjoy this click-action Tactile Turn Shaker EDC pen. An all titanium click-action mechanism is among the features overlooked by most pens and the build from titanium will make sure that the pen continues clicking long after passing it to your grandchildren. Closing the pen retracts the point about an eighth of an inch into the barrel, which eliminates those messy ink marks on your pocket. Weighting in the machined barrel ensures that you can properly handle the pen.

With a subtle groove pattern that runs the pen’s length, it has an added comfort to its grip, and the pattern is quite useful in hiding any surface scratches. The pen comes with the Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 cartridge, but it is still compatible with other Parker-style ink refills giving it a variety of options for refills. It combines excellent balance, lightweight, beautiful form, and compactness to provide a great EDC pen.


  • 6AL4V grade 5 titanium construction
  • Stainless steel pocket clip
  • Compatible with Parker-style refills
  • Lightweight at 1.1 ounces
  • Machined groove grip

Fenix T5Ti HalberdFenix T5Ti Halberd

Combine a piece of writing equipment with self-defense applications using this Fenix T5Ti Halberd titanium EDC pen. Built to survive vigorous applications, the Schmidt P950M pressurized refill provides an exceptional tool for note-taking. It can survive most impacts thanks to the titanium alloy construction that also features a hardened steel strike barrel. The titanium alloy makes it strong enough for self-defense and any tactical challenge.

The pen is handsomely made and combines lightweight, so you will not even notice its presence until when you need it. With an ergonomic shape that also feels good on your hand, this pen offers great comfort when writing notes.


  • Tungsten Steel Alloy Bezel
  • Tc4 Titanium Alloy Body
  • Pressurized Pen Refill
  • CNC Machining
  • Schmidt P950M

Boker Plus Bolt ActionBoker Plus Bolt Action

Mean business with this Boker Plus Bolt Action EDC pen. Made of titanium, the pen is set to give you service for a long time, and it comes with a flat back end, which provides for proper thumb placement, while the integrated clip protects your hand from the digging action when you decide to switch use form writing to tactical. The open/close bolt action can be quite fun for your hands to manipulate as you get ready for signing on those dotted lines.

The CNC milled titanium construction has threads running around it to provide for a comfortable grip, while the clip-integrated design is perfect for placing the pen in your pocket. With a flat pen head, your thumb has a secure rest. The ingenious design makes this Boker Plus Bolt Action a must-have for anyone who wants a tactical pen with a twist.


  • Lightweight at only 0.3 ounces
  • Compatibility with Lamy #M22 refills
  • 5-inch length

Ti Pocket ProTi Pocket Pro

Create big ideas with this Ti Pocket Pro titanium EDC pen. The versatile pen gives compatibility new meaning, being a powerhouse with the capacity to auto adjust to accommodate more than 80 different types of refills, including the popular types of Schmidt, ballpoint, and rollerball.

It has a titanium construction giving it the right strength to pass onto future generations combined with its light weight for easy use anytime. It comes with an industrial-strength silicone O-ring for easy attachment, and it twist-operates for easy use.


  • Grade 5 titanium with all metal construction
  • Auto adjust to accommodate various ink refills
  • Twist-operated
  • Industrial strength O-rings made of silicone
  • Grade 5 titanium pocket clip
  • Compatibility with over 80 ink refills


Make it a bit more interesting with this Sightmark titanium EDC tactical pen. Produced by the optics and accessories manufacturer Sightmark, this is no ordinary pen as it offers more than just your writing requirements. The pen comes with an adjustable tube, which allows it to accept various sizes of ink refills, so you will not bust your head trying to find a suitable ink refill out there.

The other end of the pen is equipped with a glass breaking tip that allows quick switching from writing to the tactical application so that you can be the savior who rescues everyone when the bus is sinking and live to write about it later with the same pen. Strength and durability are key characteristics of this pen thanks to the all-titanium body, as well as a clip. You will also enjoy the action of cap removal before writing with this Sightmark titanium EDC tactical pen.


  • Grade 5 titanium construction
  • Titanium pocket clip
  • Adjustable inner tube
  • Glass breaking tip

Nitecore NTP10Nitecore NTP10

Eliminate the word boring from your pen with this Nitecore’s NTP10 titanium EDC pen. Categorized as one of the most eye-catching writing pens on the market, the appearance of the pen will give you pleasure just to look at thanks to its ultra-cleanness in its silhouette combined with a unique design featuring a spiral-bored barrel, which almost resembles the rifling seen in firearms.

The pen transcends just good looks while still featuring a sturdy design that makes it easy to operate and handle all your note-taking needs. With this pen, you will enjoy the click-on cap mechanism, and the tungsten tip of the pen offers versatility of use, so you can switch it up for self-defense or an emergency situation. The Nitecore’s NTP10 titanium EDC pen has the added advantage of compatibility with the pressurized cartridges of the Fisher Space Pen.

Be sure to also browse our list of the best EDC mechanical pencils and pick your favorite.


  • Highly compact and portable
  • Titanium pocket clip
  • A sturdy body that is hollow curved
  • Compatible with pressurized refill from the fisher space pen
  • Tapered steel refill made of tungsten

PicoPen TiPicoPen Ti

Enjoy long-term service with this PicoPen Ti titanium EDC pen. Perfectly made for anyone who loses anything he touches, the pen attaches well to your pack or keychain at the cap to keep it in place, thanks to the neodymium-magnet. With machined groove perfectly placed at the barrel, the pen will give you quick deployment and a firm grip whenever you call it for action.

The titanium construction of the pen makes for a durable pen, so you will use it for a long time without worrying about scratches thanks to the machining of the pen form 6AL-4V titanium. It is a bit longer than the standard Pico pen, and the length is compatible with the Zebra F-Refill.


  • 6AL-4V titanium construction
  • An overall length of 4.21 inches
  • A diameter of 0.276 inches
  • Accepts Zebra F-Refills
  • Magnetic cap retention

KO-Axis Rail PenKO-Axis Rail Pen

Experience the other end of uniqueness with this KO-Axis Rail titanium EDC Pen. This pen is a perfect choice for anyone who is not content with a basic writing utensil and wants to escape the boredom of the cylindrical design with a cartridge at the center. The pen boasts a singularly flat design embedded with an ergonomic design that will satisfy anyone who appreciates uniqueness.

With a magnetic slider deployment, the magnificent pen easily attaches to your keychain and is easy to deploy. Constructed from titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel, the pen is quite durable, so you can enjoy the services for years to come. It comes in a symmetrical design that allows you to enjoy the pen regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Compatibility with D1-style refills, such as the ones made for the Fisher Space Pen, gives this KO-Axis Rail titanium EDC Pen great versatility.


  • Ti-6AI-4V titanium construction
  • Symmetrical construction for both right hand and left-hand usage
  • Bead blasted finish
  • Lightweight at 46 grams
  • QAI 9-4 aluminum bronze slider
  • Stainless steel guide rails

Tactile Turn GliderTactile Turn Glider

Trust experienced manufacturers for your titanium pens with this Glider titanium EDC pen. Made by the renowned Tactile Turn EDC manufacturers, the pen features a sleek and handsome look and is easy to use thanks to its bolt action mechanisms that give a butter-smooth open/close application that gives the unique pen the functionality of an ordinary pen. The beautiful facade of this pen would make it look almost out of place in a meeting with business elites.

With a smooth titanium finishing, the pen offers great strength and durability to cater to your needs for a long time. The hardy pen is still compatible with the Parker-style refills giving it great versatility, so you will not have a problem searching for a replacement ink cartridge after depleting the original ink cartridge.


  • Titanium construction
  • Lightweight at only 1.3 ounces of weight
  • Compatibility with Parker style refills
  • Arcing bolt-action operation

Boker Plus K.I.D. cal .50Boker Plus K.I.D. cal .50

Enjoy the service of a superior tactical pen with this Boker Plus K.I.D. cal .50 EDC pen. Considered one of the greats, the pen features a bolt-action deployment resembling a firearm to give you an authentic feel, and the hefty ergonomic body makes sure that you enjoy advanced comfortability and ease of use.

It is compatible with the famous pressurized cartridges from the Fisher Space Pen, making it an exceptional device for note-taking in any condition. With a sturdy construction reinforced with titanium, the pen is tough enough to resist impacts, and you can easily switch it from writing to self-defense applications.


  • Satin-finished titanium construction
  • Length of 4.3 inches
  • Lightweight at 1.6 ounces
  • Bolt action clip
  • Compatibility with Fisher Space Pen cartridges

Ti ArtoTi Arto

Style up with this Ti Arto titanium EDC pen. The pen is perfect for an easygoing person thanks to its refusal to give you hardships when it comes to refilling it, as it accepts more than 200 pen cartridges on the market. You can literally pick up any cartridge and refill the pen in an instant. With a screw-on lid that comes in approximately a quarter an inch of length, you can easily deploy the pen and close it up after finishing.

With a raw machined finish, the pen is resistant to scratches, which will make it appear sleek for a long time even with impacts. It comes with specially designed grip patterns that will give you confidence when holding it and great comfort to operate in any situation. It glides easily to provide for smooth note taking and blends easily with larger ink refills.


  • Accepts over 200 cartridge refills
  • Titanium construction
  • Adjustable length
  • Well-balanced design

Fellhoelter TiBoltFellhoelter TiBolt

Embrace legend with the legendary Fellhoelter TiBolt EDC pen. Its legendary status in the EDC community is attributed to a mix of features that include the bolt-action deployment that gives it a handsome and easy to use attribute without becoming boring. The versatile pen comes in various finishes allowing you to select the format suiting your desire and style.

It is popular for good reason and does not stay in stock for long, so you might want to hurry to acquire one of these while they’re available. The 100% titanium construction makes this pen durable with the only exception being the ink cartridge, the O-ring, and the spring, which are made from different materials. The slots and divots milled in the sides of the pen gives it a good grip


  • All-titanium construction
  • Bolt-action deployment
  • Different finishes
  • Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 cartridge included

Benchmade 1100 SeriesBenchmade 1100 Series

Become tactical with this Benchmade 1100 Series titanium EDC pen. The EDC knife of choice for most people bears a unique resemblance that will make you stand out in a business meeting. The machined titanium construction gives the pen great durability, so it will give you service until you pass it on to your grandkids. It has the added advantage of being compatible with the renowned Fisher Space Pen refills, which makes it usable in all situations.

With a pressure fit O-ring, the cap is kept in place, so you will not lose this pen easily. It is constructed from a high-quality material giving it a sturdy shell and the ergonomic knurling patterns embedded on the pen allow you to experience maximum comforts by minimizing the stress it exerts on your hand. The Benchmade 1100 Series pen comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which makes sure that it is free from defects in workmanship and materials.


  • Titanium construction
  • O-ring pressure fit cap
  • Knurling patterns
  • Guaranteed lifetime warranty

Tactile Turn SliderTactile Turn Slider

Improve your sense of fashion with this Tactile Turn Slider titanium EDC pen. The excellent offering features a modern and sleek design perfect for anyone who desires the attraction of tactical styling in their carry pen. It comes with the bolt-action deployment, which makes it easy to use,

With a titanium construction, the pen is durable, and it comes in a blacked-out DLC coating, which makes the pen more look more sinister in appearance while also adding to its overall durability. The all-black EDC pen is quite beautiful, adding a taste of style to your look, and it comes with a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 cartridge. It is also compatible with the Parker-style refill, giving it advanced functionality.


  • DLC coated Titanium construction
  • Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 Cartridge
  • Bolt-action deployment
  • Weight of 2 oz
  • Compatibility with Parker style refills

Valtcan Bolt PenValtcan Bolt Pen

Maintain a high-quality carry pen with this Valtcan Bolt titanium EDC pen. The titanium construction makes sure that this pen can survive impacts to serve you for an extended period, while the cartridge construction allows you to replace the ink when it is depleted. The pen is easy to disassemble, which makes getting to a non-functional part easy for replacement or fixing.

It comes with a clip that can be bent for readjustment to give you the perfect tight grip you desire. The tactile functionality provided by the tungsten tip, which is enhanced by the titanium construction will give you added confidence and security to escape from a rolled over car and other emergency situations. The pen is lightweight and features a durable design for everyday use on the job, travel, patrol, hiking, and in the office. The pen takes the Schmidt P900 Parker style cartridge and is also compatible with other cartridges, including Rite in the Rain refills, Fisher Space pressurized refills, and the Parker gel refills.


  • Titanium construction
  • Schmidt P900 refill
  • Weight of 1.6 ounces
  • Tungsten tactile tip

Precision Press Tactical PenPrecision Press Tactical Pen

Trust Tuff-Writer to deliver outstanding quality with this Precision Press Tactical titanium EDC pen. The sturdy titanium construction makes this pen practically indestructible. The over-engineered and over-built pen gives you more value for your money, and it comes at a balanced and lightweight construction that does not feel flimsy.

The pen is quite handsome while still having the capacity to hold different ink refills, including the Schmidt, Fisher Space Pen, and Parker refills. The showy yet not too flamboyant tactile pen is one that will never disappoint you.


  • Pure Titanium construction
  • Tumbled finish
  • Weight of 2 ounces
  • Compatible with most refill cartridges