Adventure: 15 Best Camper Vans for the Mobile Traveller

Travelling is always a wonderful experience, but if you travel frequently in your family car, you may find that its a bit cramped. If you aren’t interested in all the inconveniences of a massive RV, but still want all the bells and whistles to make your adventures all the better, a camper van may be for you. They provide much more space than your everyday sedan, but not all the hassle (or the low gas mileage) of a large RV. Plus, they are all rigged up for overnight stay, meaning you can skip the high costs of a hotel room, and enjoy setting up shop anywhere you please. You can do some sweet custom conversions to any of these vans for an amazingly personal and memorable set up.

We have compiled a list of all the best camper vans on the market to help you choose which is best for you and your adventurous spirit, but first, it’s best to know all the accessories available, from luxury beds to fully functional kitchens.

Choosing the Best Camper Van For You

From mega off-road monsters, stylish luxury sleepers, and minimalistic compact campers, you have lots to choose from. There are a few key considerations to make when choosing a camper van to fit your lifestyle and budget:

  • Size: Camper vans come both big and small, with plenty of middle ground to choose from as well. You should consider exactly how much space you need by estimating how many people will be traveling and how much gear you need, including necessities, personal items, and recreational supplies. Camper vans typically sleep anywhere from 2 to 6 people, and will have seating arrangements fit to match the sleeping capacity. Look for creative storage options, such as storage underneath the retractable awning or campers that utilize crawl space, which will help you feel less cramped.
  • Amenities: You can enjoy all the luxurious amenities you have at home, like your usual kitchen appliances, climate control, advanced technology, solar power, and more, or you can opt for something more basic, depending on your needs.
  • Gas Mileage: You can expect the gas mileage in a camper van to be less than that of your family car or personal sedan, but it doesn’t all have to be bad. Some models have mileage ratings as high as 20 mpg, while others are considerable low. To cut down on gas costs, consider models with an alternate energy source, like solar panels.
  • Appearance: Camper vans are built onto pre-made chassis’s, so the exterior design depends heavily upon the chassis used. The Mercedes-Benz 144 chassis is a popular and common choice to many camper van builds, but you can find options that utilize Dodge, Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen, and other models, too.

Our Favorite Camper Vans

A camper van may be the perfect addition if your family loves to travel, but if you’ve never bought one before, it’s likely you don’t know where to start. Every model is intensely different, giving you a range of options to choose from. Like everything, though, some camper vans are better than others. For help choosing a camper van that is durable and built to last, with quality interior and amenities, consider our list of favorites. These options range from the biggest and baddest, to the most compact and luxurious models on the market, and none of them will let you down.

hymercar camper vansHymercar Campervan

Hymercar is a unique company that allows you to choose from several build options and chassis’s, but perhaps their most popular option is the Hymercar Free on a fiat chassis. This model includes all the basic necessities, like a bathroom, kitchenette with refrigerator and freezer, and living space that easily converts to a sleeping space, which sleeps up to four people. The Grand Oak furniture finish gives a clean, modern feel to the inside, and you can choose from another Fiat model or the Mercedes-Benz model, depending on your aesthetic preferences.


Earthroamer XV-HDEarthroamer XV-HD

This camper “van” is built for being off the road, but stylish enough for a highway stroll, too. It’s designed to be tough, with a King Ranch trim, a V8 Turbo Diesel engine, and 330 horsepower. This is also a great option if you need a lot of space and capacity for your travel. The Earthroamer XV-HD holds 250 gallons of fresh water and 115 gallons of fuel, so you have to stop less during your trip. The 20,000 watt hours and optional 2,100 watt solar power will help you sustain life in the great outdoors for quite some time. These super duty vehicles are built to custom order and several different floor plans are available, so you can choose how many people you’d like to sleep and all the amenities you’d like to be included. Earthroamer is based in Colorado and built in the USA.


Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure VehicleSportsmobile Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

This camper van is built for those who love the outdoors and have no limits as to where they may go. Its heavy duty exterior is built to last, and includes a list of upgrades to make your off-road experience all the easier, like a lift kit for extra clearance, suspension swap options, an upgraded 4×4 engine, and a roof rack capable of hauling multiple kayaks, bikes, and more. Enjoy plenty of interior conveniences, too, like a full kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, and cooktop, plenty of counter top and storage space, and a comfortable, convertible sitting and sleeping area that sleeps up to four people. A small dining area allows just as many people to easily enjoy meals, but since this Ultimate Adventure Vehicle can take you to places you’ve never been, you may find that you’re spending more and more time outdoors.


Winnebago PaseoWinnebago Paseo

This roomy camper van is designed and built by Winnebago, one of the first trusted suppliers of quality RV’s. The camper is built onto a Ford Transit chassis, so you get strength and durability combined with plenty of space to move about. The back third of the van is completely customizable at your will, and you can choose from up to seven different daytime or nighttime seating options using the Flex Bed technology. You will also enjoy all the benefits of the Ford EcoBoost engine, so you can expect to get pretty good gas mileage and consistent performance that will take you wherever you want to go.


Weekender Mercedes Sprinter by Midwest AutomotivesWeekender Mercedes Sprinter by Midwest Automotives

The Weekender uses a Mercedes Sprinter Chassis to create a stylish, but incredibly functional camper van. This sports van, designed by Midwest Automotives, is loaded with every luxury you could need in a travel van. Enjoy easy meal times provided by the microwave oven and compact refrigerator. Other modern conveniences you can enjoy on the go include a small bathroom with a shower, galley, wide screen televisions with cable access, internet access, and a premium sound system. The dinette area converts into a sleeping area around the size of a queen sized bed. All of your electric is run through a high powered lithium battery, which means you burn less gasoline, so you can travel on.


Outside Van PopOutside Van Pop

This camper van, built on a low-roof Mercedes 144 chassis, includes a pop up roof for additional head room, which makes it easy to move about inside the luxurious living space. It is small and compact, but definitely not cramped. Outside Van offers a slew of custom options, including features like a 12V refrigerator, roof-top air conditioner, multiple cabinetry options, hanging shelves, drop down televisions, bunk beds, and more, so you can easily customize the Pop van to your liking. The Pop van can easily sleep up to four people, and depending on your chosen options, can sleep up to six.


Peugeot Rifter 4x4 ConceptPeugeot Rifter 4×4 Concept

If you are looking for something a bit more casual than a bulky van, this Rifter 4×4 Concept is a modern and adventurous take on a stylish SUV. Don’t worry, though, there was still plenty of room for them to add in all of your camping essentials, as well as an 8 cm lift kit to help you clear any obstacles in your path, heavy duty tires that can withstand any terrain, a LED light bar, and a splash guard behind the radiator grille on the front. Peugeot has multiple Concept vehicles, all of which are built to take on any adventure you choose.


Airstream AutobahnAirstream Autobahn

Airstream prides themselves on creating the most luxury camper vans on the market. This Autobahn is built onto a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz chassis and includes tons of features that make this vehicle top of the line in design and comfort. The inside is customizable, with three different color options for the leather interior and multiple seating options. Each passenger seat can enjoy their own climate control, plenty of space, and a personal USB charger, and you can keep up with all of your modern needs with the luxury Corian refrigerator top. The V6 turbo diesel engine lets you enjoy an impressive 18 mpg on the highway, so you can keep on the go with less stops in between.


Doubleback VanDoubleback Van

This ultimate camper van, built onto a Volkswagen 2.5 TDI Transporter chassis, quickly transforms into an extended sleeping module. The rear pod extends an extra six feet, while the roof tilts upwards to allow for plenty of head room. The van’s body is built from aerospace-spec technology, so you can rest assured that you have safety and durability to meet top standards. Each model is hand built and have a few customizable options, including multiple different finishes and options for interior design. Enjoy a comfortable double bed and multiple daytime seating options, as well as a small kitchenette and dining area. The van can easily support up to 900 pounds of extra gear and personal belongings, so don’t be afraid to pack whatever you might need.


Volkswagen CaliforniaVolkswagen California

From the trusted German engineering at Volkswagen, you can enjoy this compact camper van and all its top-notch safety standards. Despite its small size, it easily converts to sleep up to four people, includes a full miniature kitchen, a dinette area, plenty of convenient storage options, folding mirrors, and camping table and chairs to use under the retractable awning. Enjoy interior climate control, LED headlights for optimal vision, and a pop-up top for extra head room. The California may look like a van, but it’s like a miniature home on wheels, with all of the comforts you’re used to.


Outside Van ApexOutside Van Apex

The Apex model by Outside Van allows you to choose from all of their premium options, but this model is built specifically to help you enjoy your outdoors experience. Enjoy everything you need for easy off-roading, like heavy duty A/T tires, a solar package, stealth kit, and more. Like many of their other vans, the Apex is built on a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz 144 Sprinter chassis, so you can expect the inside to be as luxurious as the outside. The inside has a convertible sleeping/sitting area that has roof for at least four people to ride or rest, and the luxurious interior built is impressive and inviting for guests.


fiat-ducato-camper-vanFiat Ducato

Fiat is iconic for its compact cars, but they build a pretty mean camping machine as well. The Ducato focuses on ergonomics, and fiat created a camping solution that is easily mobile and ultimately comfortable. The turning radius is rated best-in-class and the electricity is run through a stabilized circuit, so you don’t have to worry about any surges or power outages while on the go. Enjoy plug-in USB charging ports,a 5-inch touch screen UConnect radio with AUX port, built in TomTom satellite navigation, and even more options for a technologically advanced adventure. Enjoy a 24-hour fiat camper support line in 51 countries and 15 different language, so you’re never alone, no matter how far you go.


Outside Van UnicornOutside Van Unicorn

If you’re looking for a mix of great design and heavy duty off-roading power, you’ve just found it. The Unicorn by Outside Van is perhaps the most design oriented camper van on the market and features a few gorgeous additions that are definitely easy on the eye, like all natural bamboo cabinetry, high output LED light bars, and custom color selections. A few other luxuries take comfort to the next level, like the Custom Thermo Fit mattress, A/C, and auxiliary seating. As always, the Unicorn is fashioned on a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz base, so it’s built for style, comfort, and durability.


Roadtrek SS AgileRoadtrek SS Agile

The SS Agile by Roadtrek is both compact and ultimately elegant, featuring spacious bed and bath areas with a stand up/sit down shower. The bed comfortably sleeps two, while the dinette area seats up to five people. Choose from several different packages to include a high capacity hot water system, solar package, wireless internet access, and more. The SS Agile is built on a compact sized Mercedes chassis, but includes plenty of storage space to make traveling as comfortable and organized as possible.


Winnebago Revel 4x4Winnebago Revel 4×4

Another option by the trusted camper company, Winnebago, is the Revel 4×4, which is structurally designed to withstand any off-road experience, while offering more than enough storage for both personal belongings and recreational gear. The Revel gets pretty good gas mileage, but perhaps its defining feature is its integrated solar system. The entire system relies on roof mounted solar panels, that power the kitchen (refrigerator and stove), all the lights, television, and any other technology you need with no need for gas or propane.


Enjoy a Comfortable Adventure

No matter what you choose, #vanlife campers are all built for the same purpose: as an alternative option to RV’s to provide you with comfort and protection while on the go. Most camper vans will be filled with your basic necessities, like a small kitchen and sleeping area, but you can really amp it up for added comfort. Either way, travelling in your new camper van beats stinky motel stays any day.

Featured Image credit to ROAMERICA