The 10 Best American Made Sunglasses

There is something to be said about buying from brands that create, manufacture, and sell their product from their homeland. Not only is buying American made items an economically sustainable practice; it is far easier for a company to ensure quality when manufacturing facilities are within reach. With strong European influences from Italy to Germany, America keeps up with the pulse of fashion trends from across the sea. When it comes to vital style pieces that are considered necessities more so than not, choosing a pair of sunglasses is an important decision; and considering where your fine specs originated from is another factor to filter in.

Sunglasses “born and raised” in America should promise you quality, durability, and an on-point sense of fashion. From the on-point cusp of fashion that New York City brings, to the care-free, positive-vibes-only feel of California, you will never get bored with the style and design behind every pair. If you have been considering shopping local or are curious as to what brands do it all here – check out the list below of our 10 favorite American made shades.

Randolph Fusion Aviator SunglassesRandolph Fusion Aviator Sunglasses

From the brand that brought you Tom Cruise’s iconic sunglasses in the ever-fitting movie “American Made”, Randolph Engineering’s upgraded Fusion Aviator Sunglasses are a sharp twist on a classic. Bold black frames encompass the green gradient lite lenses. Ideal for everyday wear, the aviator style suits just about every face and fashion sense. Anti-reflective properties keep your eyes on the road ahead, while UVA and UVB protection keeps them sheltered from the harsh environment.

  • Lens: Green gradient lite lens with matte black inlay
  • Lens protection: 100% UVA and UVB protected, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective


Fatheadz “The Law” SunglassesFatheadz “The Law” Sunglasses

The brand FatHeadz is known for glasses with oversized lenses, and that is no exception with “The Law” pair of sunnies. Extra wide polarized polycarbonate lenses held by a dark brown metal frame are thicker than the average lens for extra durability, and the long lenses protect your eyes from multiple angles. An extra anti-reflective property coats the inside of the lens, keeping the sun shining through your review mirror from reflecting in your eyes.

  • Lens: Injected polarized polycarbonate lens in smoke brown
  • Lens protection: Anti-reflective


Shuron Escapades SunglassesShuron Escapades Sunglasses

For a true all American sunglasses brand experience, Shuron’s history includes manufacturing frames for World War II Army Troops and creating iconic specs featured in a variety of Hollywood blockbuster movies. The designs have been hardly changed in 140 years, and the Escapades collection is living proof that nothing beats the classics. An acetate frame that encompasses the top of the lens, a wide-bridged nose, and a variety of frame colors and patterns make up the Escapades collection. Scratch resistance promises durability and longevity to your new pair of sunglasses, and distortion-free properties give you a crystal-clear and accurate viewing.

  • Lens: Polarized and tinted (color depending on frame selection)
  • Lens protection: polarized lenses, distortion-free, scratch-resistant


Kayla Eyewear Oasis SunglassesKayla Eyewear Oasis Sunglasses

Kala Eyewear specializes in trendy frames for sunglasses and prescription eyewear alike. The Oasis collection features full plastic frames that encompass a perfectly round lens, coming in a variety of colors and patterns to add a punch of California fun to your eyewear collection. Each frame is made by hand in California for over 25 years now, and the simple design is timeless and forever on-point.

  • Lens: polarized and tinted (color depending on frame selection)
  • Lens protection: anti-reflective


Dom Vetro MO1 SunglassesDom Vetro MO1 Sunglasses

Hailing from Los Angeles but originally founded in Italy, Dom Vetro offers unique and customized frames to their cult following. Their M01 frames are inspired by classic 1960’s Italian eyewear design and feature refined jet-black full frames with a profound bridge and sleek arms. The frames can be ordered as-is or can be customized to your liking.

  • Lens: choice between standardized CR-39, polarized mineral glass, and flat mineralized glass
  • Lens protection: varies depending on lens choice


State Optical Co. Leland SunglassesState Optical Co. Leland Sunglasses

State Optical Co. creates each frame in Chicago and names them after iconic and hidden streets that make up the windy city. The Leland (street) is a special full-on “rock and roll” rounded frame pair of glasses and is a creative collaboration between State Optical and Creatures of the Wind. Thick full-rounded frames that come in timeless colors of tortoise and black will make a statement at your next concert or a cruise up the coast.

  • Lens: brown and gray polarized
  • Lens protection: scratch-resistant


CAPITAL Eyewear Morgan SunglassesCAPITAL Eyewear Morgan Sunglasses

Clear plastic frames that hold a dark, rounded frame make up the Morgan sunglasses from CAPITAL eyewear. The iconic style of frames that were made popular by Gregory Peck in the classic “To Kill a Mockingbird”, this style of frame will constantly withstand the test of time. The crystal clear frames against the dark lenses offer a unique look while keeping your eyes UVA and UVB protected, and showcasing more of your face than the frame itself. An extra bonus? If you are a do-gooder, CAPITAL eyewear is worth checking out; a percentage of each purchase goes towards the CAPITAL fund, and a digital entrepreneur is selected each quarter to receive the grant to further develop their business. Giving back to the economy never looked better.

  • Lens: Carl Zeiss polarized lens
  • Lens protection: 100% UVA and UVB protection


Gatorz Eyewear Patriot Wraptor SunglassesGatorz Eyewear Patriot Wraptor Sunglasses

The best sportsmen need sunglasses that will give them durability and practicality while horsing around outside, and Gatorz Eyewear understands that need. The Patriot is part of the Wraptor series, featuring durable sports-style long and narrow lenses that protect your eyes from the sun at all angles. Crafted from 7075 billed aircraft aluminum made here in the USA, the frames are strong and durable. The anti-scratch coating is a must for any kind of outdoor sports play. Featuring a small American flag on the arm, Gatorz Eyewear will keep you patriotic all day long.

  • Lens: TrueRay optical lens made from polycarbonate
  • Lens protection: 100% UV protection, anti-scratch coating


Oakley Dispute SunglassesOakley Dispute Sunglasses

A household brand in the world of fashionable eyewear, Oakley is American made and originally created for world-class athletes; meaning quality and durability can be found behind each pair. The Dispute rectangular sunglasses are the traditional sunglass rectangle shape features in a brown tortoise frame. Lightweight and stress-resistant, a pair of these bad boys will look good from the golf course to beers on the patio.

  • Lens: Plutonite polarized composite lens in brown
  • Lens protection: 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection, blue light protection, glare protection


Lowercase NYC Rebel Rebel SunglassesLowercase NYC Rebel Rebel Sunglasses

We all know that New York City has its thumb on the fashion pulse of America, and is a global trendsetter. Lowercase is a dedicated New York City company that produces sunglasses with the fashion you’d expect from the city that never sleeps. The Rebel Rebel features an all-black, clean cornered frame in a long rectangular shape, polarized black lenses, and a unisex appeal that fits any face nicely.

  • Lens: Carl Zeiss CR-39 sun lenses with optional polarization
  • Lens protection: 100% UVA and UVB protection