The 16 Best Bar Carts Under $300

If you are the type of person who likes to drink a glass of wine after a tiring day or someone enjoys taking your morning coffee and breakfast in bed, this article is for you. These are the 16 best bar carts you can buy. They’ll not only make you feel like royalty, but you can also show your friends that you have style when entertaining. If you’re relaxing at home, you can pull your bar cart next to the sofa or your armchair and it will be there for you to put your glass or bottle down and pick it up again when you want another sip of your favorite beverage.

You’re sure to see something you like on this list. All of these carts are under $300, and some of them cost far less. We’re showing carts made of wood, carts made of metal, carts that are the right fit for minimalist houses, and many more that are sure to suit your style.

TRIBECCA HOME Myra Rustic Mobile Kitchen Bar Serving CartTRIBECCA HOME Myra Rustic Mobile Kitchen Bar Serving Cart

This industrial-designed, rectangle bar cart is made of metal and wood, which is the perfect fit for those who like warm and beautiful homes. If you want your home to be a little rustic and royal, you can choose this cart because it gives the feel of an old castle.

It has removable tray tops where you can set the wine bottles and a rack to hold the other bottles you do not need first hand. It has four easy wheels, so it is easy to push and pull. It is rectangular, so it also fits every corner in the kitchen, living room, or your office. It can also be set next to your table easily.

Metal hardware pulls are added to the sides of the cart. You can lock the casters to keep the cart in perfect place while you are preparing drinks or when you’re ready to sit down to have a sip. It is 56.3 pounds and measures 30x 21.5x 14 inches.


Franklin Bar Cart and Wine RackFranklin Bar Cart and Wine Rack

This is another industrial and rustically designed bar cart and wine rack, but it’s a little plainer and smaller. It is only 28x 20x 9 inches. It has a top tray and a little rack at the bottom. It is made of wood and metal with wheels to make it easy to push and pull. It can be locked to stay in place when you are dealing with the wines and glasses.

Underneath the tray, it has for sections for storing the wine glasses. It also has hardware installed on the tray to help move the bar cart. If you need a smaller but fancy cart, this is the best option for you.


Sauder 420043, Bar North Avenue Cart, Craftsman OakSauder 420043, Bar North Avenue Cart, Craftsman Oak

If you want a modern and minimalist bar cart made of wood, you need this cart in your home. It has two shelves that are spacious enough to store your wines and glasses and also a bucket of ice if needed. It has wheels that are easy to roll and a durable black metal frame that won’t warp or dent. It is 28 pounds so we can say that it is a lightweight cart and it measures 30x 14.5x 36 inches. It is also rectangular, so it fits every rectangular table and corner in any of the rooms of your house. It is made of oak, which is almost as durable as the metal frame.


RASKOG Home Kitchen Bedroom Storage Utility CartRASKOG Home Kitchen Bedroom Storage Utility Cart

This RASKOG bar cart has both smaller and larger shelves and costs under $50! It’s the best choice if you want an inexpensive bar cart and don’t need any fancy designs. It comes in black or beige, so you have the choice if needed.

It is made of steel with epoxy powder coating. Its designer is Nike Carlson. The construction and wheels make it easy to move the cart to wherever you need it. Because it is smaller than many of the other the carts on this list, it can fit even in the tightest places. You can use it not only for serving wine but also for creating extra areas to work in the kitchen or extra storage space in the hall. The middle section is removable to adjust for different needs.


Holly & Martin Zephs Bar CartHolly & Martin Zephs Bar Cart

This silver bar cart has a tray, two shelves, and another tray at the bottom where you can store at least four wine bottles comfortably. Its simple edges and rectangular form gives you relaxing vibes and makes any room stylish. You can set snacks and other drinks – up to eight bottles – within easy reach when you are entertaining guests, watching a film, listening to music, or simply sitting in the living room while reading a book.

It features a contemporary style with open lines. The four wheels make it easier to move around your house, and you can lock them to stay in one place. It is made of iron and tempered glass, which supports 40 pounds per shelf. It is 62 pounds and measures 16x 40x 37.2 inches. It is also rectangular, so it fits in the corners.


Mid-Century Style, Wood Bar CartMid-Century Style, Wood Bar Cart

This wooden bar cart flies with you until you reach mid-century. Its wooden, simple lines and rectangular shape with its brown color makes you feel a bit old-fashioned but still stylish. If you like vintage or rustic furniture, this cart is all you need to suit your style.

Its wheels make it easier to roll from one room to another, and you can also put flowers on it to make it look more fashionable when you’re not using it for drinks. It is made of chestnut that is scratch and mark resistant. It has two levels of storage with sections for storing your wine glasses. The rack at the bottom allows you to store your bottles of quality wines safely. It is elegant for any event and is sure to make your guests admire your taste.


Coaster Home Furnishings Serving Cart with Stemware Rack and CastersCoaster Home Furnishings Serving Cart with Stemware Rack and Casters

This is not a very open cart, and it does not have a usual design. There are no simple edges, and the frame is in the middle. But it is stylish, and the curves and lines make it look elegant. The brown and silver colors give the bar cart a perfect appearance.

It is made of metal and wood, and there are also four wheels to help move it. The bottom tray provides square bottle holders for three bottles and a rectangular shaped holder for plates or snacks. The upper tray is like a rack with holders where you can put towels.

It weighs 21.3 pounds, so it is lightweight for easy use. Underneath the top, there are sections to hold your wine glasses. This is the perfect fit for you if you’re looking for something extraordinary but elegant.


Silver Orchid Hartau Art Deco Round Bar CartSilver Orchid Hartau Art Deco Round Bar Cart

This soft gold bar cart is the best cart for any art deco style lovers. Its circular line with two trays shows a simple and relaxing view when it comes to drinking wine, tea, or coffee. It has two tempered glass shelves, four casters two of which can be locked), and a soft gold frame with hardware attached for easy mobility.

Make your parties more fun with this extraordinarily shaped bar cart and make your guests lose their breath for a minute when they see this work of art.


Harper Blvd Nylsen Art Deco Bar CartHarper Blvd Nylsen Art Deco Bar Cart

Create a casual, architectural appearance in your home with this metal and glass X-frame cart. Get the vibes of art deco and modern style with this cart designed more geometrically with sharp edges and lines. The handle is covered with leather to avoid slipping when you move it across the room or to another room in the house.

Harper Blvd furniture is well-known for bringing people and the style of your home together with the looks that fit your needs. This cart is lightweight and easy to use. Two of the wheels can be locked to stay in one place, and it measures 34.5 x 20 x 34.74 inches.


Southern Enterprises Rizer Bar CartSouthern Enterprises Rizer Bar Cart

This Z-shaped bar cart might not look comfortable on the traditionalist’s eyes, but it is a great deal if you need something modern in your house. Its minimalist design gives you room to breathe, and it will not look congested when you put your bottles and glasses on the top or bottom tray.

It is made of metal with a gold finish, and the two trays are mirrored. The wheels allow easier movement while you serve guests. It is 36.8 x 26 x 4.5 inches and weighs 31 pounds. This cart comes from Southern Enterprises, which is a wholesale import company based in Dallas, Texas.


MattsGlobal Modern & Contemporary Art Deco Flair Gold Bar CartMattsGlobal Modern & Contemporary Art Deco Flair Gold Bar Cart

Enjoy a little art deco feel with this delightful vintage gold bar cart. Inspired by 1920s’ charm, the cart features a gold frame, two glass shelves, and one mirrored shelf for showing and serving drinks. Four wheels make mobility quite easy.

It is oval, high, and comfortable to use because it has handles on both ends. The glass makes it perfect for formal dinners or lunches, so you do not have to be afraid when your boss or even the neighbors come to your house for a chat with a glass of wine. You can put a couple of towels on the handles and make it a perfect fit for elegant and antique style homes.


Serena and Lily South Seas Bar CartSerena and Lily South Seas Bar Cart

The South Seas Bar Cart has an exceptional handwoven rattan design that gives your room and the cart a bohemian appearance. You can purchase it in brown or black to fit your style. It comes in a comfy look that fits well in marine style or traditional homes.

The cart gives you two simple shelves and comes with four wheels for easy rolling. The handwoven railings on both the bottom and top shelves keep the bottles and glasses still when you move the cart, so they do not break. The bottom and top shelves are made of palm. The bottom shelf is good for storing bottles, while the top works well for an ice bucket, cutting board, or cocktail equipment.

It measures 40x 15 inches. If that seems too large, though, Serena and Lily offer a smaller South Seas cart for a little less.


Møller TrolleyMøller Trolley

The solid walnut cart sports gold wheels and measures 31.5x 18x 23.25 inches. The cart’s plainness allows it to be not only a bar cart but also a serving cart or nightstand. The two shelves are large enough to set the bottles and glasses on it with even flower pots to make them look stylish and green.

The four wheels make it easier to move. The Moller Trolley is made of walnut, and the solid lines make the cart elegant and simple. It is a perfect fit for you if you like high-quality but simple designs for your home.


Walnut Mid Century Bar CartWalnut Mid Century Bar Cart

This plain but elegant bar cart can be a nightstand or your regular cart to have breakfast or wine on.  With such an attractive design, you’re sure to find many uses for it. The dark brown color, the elegant lines, and the simple appearance make the picture whole.

It has a handle and two shelves that provide enough to set your wine bottles on the bottom and your glasses on the top. And when you’re not using it for entertainment, you can set a flower pot, a vase, or pictures on it.

The four wheels can be locked so it will not go anywhere when you don’t want it to. It measures 28x 15x 30 inches, so it fits in perfectly with small rooms or small houses. If you do not have much space, but you want a bar cart, choose this for its simple but elegant design and its small size.


Ganya Bar Cart by Willa Arlo InteriorsGanya Bar Cart by Willa Arlo Interiors

This Ganya serving cart is extremely fashionable.  With its bronze glass top and exceptionally bent metal frame, it will deliver not only a robust base but give an exclusive feel to your rooms. The art deco design has the power to modernize any room it is placed in naturally.

The four wheels help you move it from one room to another other very easily. And it has never been easier to keep your bar cart looking good. All you need is a damp cloth to make the glass and metal shine.


Wilshire Bar CartWilshire Bar Cart

This is a very simple bar cart with two mirrored shelves. It is good for the kitchen, but it can be easily decorated for entertaining. It has space for bottles, snacks, and glasses and it can be useful when you are serving dinner for many people, and you want to go around the table to fulfill the needs of your guests.

The shelves are mirrored for a little extra style in your presentation. It measures 32.5x 14x 29 inches and weighs 28 pounds. It is made of metal and has four wheels and two handles for easy movement. It also comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s limited warranty.