Bearsville Soap Company

Neon, toxin-filled hygiene-products are a thing of the past. The concept for Bearsville soaps was formed high up in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, where natural beauty is abundant and powerful in its intensity. Hoping to capture some of this natural beauty and freshness in their soaps, the guys behind Bearsville set out to find the most organic and locally-sourced ingredients available, including a substance called glycerin. It’s glycerin that’s responsible for the intense moisturizing quality found in many commercial balm and lotion products, but Bearsville Soaps go beyond this common application. By leaving the glycerin in their soap products instead of stripping it through chemical processing, Bearsville soaps are some of the most moisturizing natural products available on the market today.

The group of men responsible for creating Bearsville were empowered by their first successes in creating their own natural soap recipes, and were inspired to share it with others worldwide.

By reducing the chemicals involved in the production process, Bearsville have perfectly captured the liberating freshness of their mountainous homeland. With products ranging from citrus-based soaps to charcoal and ‘Pine Tar Balsam’, there is definitely a new and revitalising scent that will take even the most stubborn city-dweller on an all-natural, sensory roadtrip.

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