The 15 Best Bar Soaps for Men

We’re all on the quest to smell fresh and feel clean, and it all starts with finding the right bar of soap. For men, shopping for soap in a standard retailer is met with more than just a handful of flowery options that just won’t cut it. Men need something designed for men, a bar of soap that can stand up to the ruggedness of the everyman while still delivering on a fresh scent.

Rather than cut through the vanilla lilac and lavender soaps that stare you down every time you shop, consider the following 15 soaps. These aren’t your average bars of floral soap intended to make every shower smell like a field of freshly grown flowers. These are manly soaps designed specifically for the rugged and snazzy guy.

Das boom Industries Everything Bar SoapDas boom Industries Everything Bar Soap

This simple, unassuming bar of soap from das boom Industries is made from a plant composition that mingles together for a creamy lather. The scent is a refreshing mix of citrusy herbs and saffron with a touch of Japanese yuzu and shiso leaf. The Everything Bar Soap has a hefty list of ingredients, but each one is from a natural source. You’ll find components like sunflower seed oil, palm fruit oil, olive fruit oil, and shea butter, which meld for a light and refreshing smell.

Das boom’s Everything Bar Soap is a simple bar that does great things. Wash with it and you’ll feel – and smell – like a new man.


Dr. Squatch Naturally Scented SoapDr. Squatch Naturally Scented Soap

You may not expect a Sasquatch to smell good or to even shower and use soap, but Dr. Squatch’s Bay Rum organic soap is a handmade bar that even Bigfoot would approve of. This natural bar of soap lets off a fresh scent of ingredients pulled straight from nature, an unbeatable mix of cinnamon, pine, clove, and citrus. It has a light spice to it, but it’s a refreshing scent that those around you will be appreciative of.

The carefully selected natural ingredients work together for a moisturizing lather that won’t leave you feeling slimy. Dr. Squatch prides itself on avoiding the use of chemicals and preservatives and uses a cold-process to combine glycerin with coconut and olive oils for a nutrient-rich bar of soap.


Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of SoapDuke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap

Hilarious name aside, Duke Cannon’s bar of soap does indeed smell like victory. At least, the victory of finding a suitable bar of soap that can get you clean and leave behind a fresh, memorable scent. Touched with a hint of freshly cut grass, the Big Ass Brick of Soap is a green tint, which could be a play on the all-natural ingredients.

Duke Cannon focuses more on getting you clean and refreshed than turning you into a lady magnet, and when it comes to a bar of soap, that’s exactly the kind of quality you should want. This big brick of soap doesn’t play around and is based on the design of supplies shipped to infantry during the Korean War. The brick-styled soap is steel cut for ample gripability, even when wet.


Baxter of California Vitamin Cleansing BarBaxter of California Vitamin Cleansing Bar

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can’t pamper your body, and Baxter of California wants you to be able to do precisely that. This elegant-looking bar of soap is citrus and herb-scented for a fresh scent. The Vitamin Cleansing Bar will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth as it helps revitalize dehydrated skin while keeping it spotless and clean.

One main ingredient is aloe vera, which helps your skin remain healthy, even for more active men that put their skin through the ringer daily. Just because it’s gentle and works for dry or oily skin doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect soap for the everyman.


Mistral Men’s SoapMistral Men’s Soap

If a soap is going to label itself as a “men’s soap,” it really needs to know how to deliver. Mistral didn’t hesitate when it came to crafting a bar of soap that every guy could fall in love with. At least as much as one can love a bar of soap.

This simple-looking bar is made from 100% pure vegetables and shea butter, which makes it ideal for men with sensitive skin. White coffee and green ginseng extracts leave behind a pleasant aroma that carries hints of cedar wood and eucalyptus. One use of Mistral Men’s Soap and you’ll realize just how important skin moisturizing really is.


Triumph & Disaster Shearer’s SoapTriumph & Disaster Shearer’s Soap

You may be used to having them on a bagel or a roll, but poppy seeds have found their way into this unique men’s soap to promote healthy exfoliation of your skin. The aroma is a fresh and natural scent that you’ll be delighted to have follow you around all day.

The translucent base used to craft this dark-colored soap was high in glycerin, which helped produce a gentle bar that isn’t harsh on sensitive skin. Even the poppies, which are used to scrape away dead skin layers, don’t feel as rough as some sugar scrubs, making the whole process of exfoliating a pleasure. Don’t let the brown color sway you, it’s scent is far less harsh than the dark hue of the soap.


Dr. Bronner’s Organic Castile Bar SoapDr. Bronner’s Organic Castile Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner delivers on an all-organic soap that doesn’t struggle to keep the rugged everyman clean. No harsh chemicals were used to create this citrus orange scented soap, which is possible through a blend of organic, lime, and lemon oils. As if the fresh scent wasn’t enough, this natural bar of soap creates a smooth, moisturizing lather.

More than just a bar of men’s soap, Dr. Bronner’s Castile Bar Soap is versatile and can be broken down into a powder and used as laundry detergent. Most bar soaps would be too harsh, but Dr. Bronner’s organic blend is gentle, biodegradable, and made to be gentle from vegetable oils.


Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing SoapJack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap

Most soaps are designed just to keep your body clean. Others are less about the lather and more about the aroma that provides a jolt of energy to the tired man. Jack Black’s Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap checks off both boxes.

This electrifying bar of soap offers a luxurious lather complete with murumuru and shea butter. Natural lava rock is infused into every bar to help exfoliate your skin, amplifying every wash. A mix of ginkgo biloba and blue lotus are what provide the burst of energy as they stimulate every sense and reinvigorate. Once you’re done washing with this turbo soap, you’ll feel like a new person with the energy to get out there and tackle the world.


ArtNaturals SoapArtNaturals Soap

When it comes to the soap you use, you want it to be all-natural. Harsh chemicals can dry out your skin and cause unwanted, irritating reactions. ArtNaturals, just as the name implies, uses only natural ingredients for its line of soaps. Available in flavors like Cool Mint, Miracle Wash, Purifying Zing, Tropical Cleanse, Floral Detox, and Soothing Citrus, ArtNaturals line-up can provide a therapeutic, hydrating, or rejuvenating wash, depending on the bar.

You’ll immediately feel the difference in your skin as the all-natural jojoba oil goes to work, moisturizing while removing dead skin cells. After using any of ArtNaturals’ soaps, it’s impossible not to feel a little younger with your softened and clean skin.


Charcoal Bar SoapCharcoal Bar Soap

Without harsh chemicals, 5th Street’s charcoal soap is imbued with antioxidants and is antibacterial, which promises protection from the elements while leaving you with a lasting fresh feeling. This manly bar of soap is both vegan-friendly and all-natural without sacrificing effectiveness.


L’Occitane Shea ButterL’Occitane Shea Butter

Don’t let “Shea Butter” turn you off from this men’s soap. Sure, it’s not necessarily the manliest pairing of words, but L’Occitane found a way to use vegetable oil to cater to even the manliest of men. Sometimes, even men like a gentle wash that leaves their skin soft and moisturized – it’s okay to admit it.

LO’ccitane’s Shea Butter bar soap is a soft alternative to an exfoliant. Rather than scrub away dead skin, this extra-gentle soap takes care of your skin and washes away dirt and grime, leaving behind a baby-smooth surface. The scent is light verbena that isn’t overly perfumed, making it suitable for all kinds of men.


Old Spice Red Zone SwaggerOld Spice Red Zone Swagger

Believe it or not, a name brand soap actually does belong on this list of best men’s soaps. Time and time again, Old Spice proved that it knows what the everyman wants out of his bar soap. Swagger is the pinnacle of that knowledge with an aroma that’s simply intoxicating and a clean feeling that rivals other name brands.

The crisp scent lingers for the entire day and will surely be noticed by those that you want to notice. There’s no beating the soft feeling of your skin after lathering up with this recognizable brand.


Musgo Real Men’s Body SoapMusgo Real Men’s Body Soap

Musgo’s Real Men’s Body Soap is, like the average man, a complex product with many layers. By that, we’re speaking specifically on the multiple notes you’ll experience while using it. Like a fine whiskey, the heart of it is a musk and sandalwood aroma, amplified by the base notes of amber, vanilla, and tonka.

As you work the body soap into a lather, you’ll get a hint of vetiver and ylang-ylang, which gently linger even after you’ve washed and dried off. As the label states, it’s a real soap for real men and the scent it leaves behind is as pleasing as the soft feeling of your skin that it leaves behind.


Peppermint & Tea Tree Soap BarPeppermint & Tea Tree Soap Bar

It’s an intriguing looking bar of soap, like something you’d find in a boutique shop that you’d never be caught dead in. Unlike those homemade bars, however, this Tea Tree soap bar is not heavy on flowery notes. In fact, the moment you pick it up, you’ll get a hint of that peppermint and tea tree combo. It’s a slightly medicinal aroma touched with a heavy hint of mint.

The all-natural composition of sunflower, palm, olive, and coconut oil along with the tea tree and cajeput essential oil work together for a soap that doesn’t just clean, but also helps prevent bacterial or fungal infections. Few soaps have the power to not only leave you soft and minty, but also prevent acne, skin irritations, and infections. Have damaged skin? The peppermint essential oil will take care of that over the course of a few washes.


Malin + Goetz Rum Bar SoapMalin + Goetz Rum Bar Soap

Yes, you will shower with the delightful scent of rum basking over you. It’s a light aroma, one that won’t make you smell like you’ve knocked back a few drinks, but it’s enough to be sweet and pleasant. As for the soap itself, you’re not actually bathing in alcohol, so your skin will be left feeling moist and hydrated. Of course, cleanliness is a top priority, and Malin + Goetz didn’t skimp when it came to ensuring their rum soap is an active cleaning agent on top of smelling divine.