The 10 Best Antiperspirants for Men

It is no secret that men perspire more than women. Suffice it to say, an antiperspirant is a must-have for any guy. Whether you are the type of man who perspires heavily or the kind of guy who has an active lifestyle, having the right kind of underarm protection can spare you from the embarrassment of having wet and smelly armpits.

Here are the 10 Best Antiperspirants for Men.

Every Man Jack Cedarwood DeodorantEvery Man Jack Cedarwood Deodorant

Every Man Jack may not ring a bell, but it’s a brand that is slowly getting positive reviews online. This upstart brand manufactures and retails all-natural personal grooming products for men. Its products are found in many mass-market outlets, indicating that its offerings are affordable. With naturally derived ingredients, the Every Man Jack Cedarwood Deodorant for men is not only budget-friendly but also effective in preventing body odor.

Every Man Jack Cedarwood Deodorant has an opaque white color. It gets crumbly over time, but it does a great job of protecting the skin. It comes in a three-ounce bottle.

It has a subtle manly smell that is not overpowering. Even after a long day, you’ll feel and smell fresh. It also has cotton and witch hazel extracts designed to naturally absorb moisture. Moreover, it has two agents, rosemary and lichen extract, known to control bacterial growth and thus contribute to bad body odor prevention.

In short, Every Man Jack Cedarwood Deodorant is a great choice if you are looking for an effective antiperspirant without breaking the bank.


Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport DeodorantOld Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Deodorant

Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Deodorant may be one of the more popular antiperspirants on the market. It comes in a stick form. It is known to be very effective in reducing underarm odor. It also leaves a sophisticated, manly scent to guys who use it. The scent is mild and won’t be noticeable to nearby people.

This deodorant comes in a bluish color. It is ideal for guys who lead an active lifestyle. Offering 24-hour odor protection, it keeps the armpits dry and odor-free. This deodorant is a lifesaver for men who are always on the go. It also doesn’t leave white debris on clothes.

You can also be assured of the quality of this deodorant. After all, Old Spice is an 82-year-old brand that manufactures deodorants, shampoos, soaps, and body washes for men.


Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant for Sensitive SkinJack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

This invisible solid stick offers excellent protection against odor and wetness. It has a gentle, non-irritating formula which makes it a good choice for men with sensitive skin. It glides on easily on the armpits and leaves no trace on both the skin and clothes.

This stick deodorant contains three essential ingredients: aluminum, vitamin E, and aloe vera leaf juice. Aluminum zirconium anhydrous is an advanced ingredient that enables the antiperspirant to reduce the wetness of the underarm. Vitamin E, meanwhile, protects the cells against damage caused by free radicals, while aloe leaf juice softens and hydrates the skin.

This dermatologically tested deodorant is a good choice if you are concerned about white smears ruining your clothes. Moreover, you don’t have to apply too much of it on your armpits. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this deodorant.

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Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper DeodorantMolton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Deodorant

This is the deodorant that’s perfect for active men. If you are always outdoors or in the gym, then you should give this deodorant a try. It is designed to keep the underarms dry and fight body odor. It also leaves a very masculine fragrance that is well-balanced. The scent is mild yet noticeable.

The Molton Brown Re-Charge is not the cheapest deodorant on the list. After all, the British brand is known for its line of luxurious personal grooming products, such as soaps and perfume. But as they say, you get what you pay for. This deodorant can keep your armpits dry and, in the process, prevent you from emitting body odor.

You will also love the masculine scent of this deodorant. Its combination of bergamot, black peppercorn, and oakmoss delivers a unique smell that is not overpowering. The inclusion of andiroba tree oil further makes the deodorant ideal for use by athletes and active guys as it is refreshing to the armpits. Andiroba tree oil also leaves the skin feeling soft.


Speed Stick Ocean Surf DeodorantSpeed Stick Ocean Surf Deodorant

Speed Stick Ocean Surf Deodorant has the things you are looking for in a great antiperspirant. One, it works in preventing body odor. Two, it keeps the underarms dry. And third, it is cheap. This deodorant is also widely available in brick and mortar stores and online outlets.

Speed Stick Ocean Surf Deodorant contains all-natural ingredients. The lack of aluminum may mean it is not as effective in keeping armpits dry, but it also means it is a healthy choice. The deodorant has a subtle smell, making it a good choice for guys who dislike fancy scents. It won’t overpower or get in the way of your cologne or perfume.

Another thing that you will love about this antiperspirant is that it doesn’t leave residue on your clothes. Couple that with the effectiveness of this deodorant in preventing body odor, and you have an antiperspirant that you can rely on during busy days.


Jungleman All-Natural DeodorantJungleman All-Natural Deodorant

Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant is highly recommended to guys who sweat a lot but want an antiperspirant with all-natural ingredients. It is free of chemicals like aluminum. Instead, it uses ingredients such as starch, coconut oil, and baking soda.

Are these ingredients effective enough in keeping your armpits dry and odor-free? If reviews are to be believed, yes. Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant has gotten positive reviews for keeping guys feeling and smelling clean all day.

Aside from keeping the underarms dry and smelling fresh, Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant is also designed for guys with sensitive skin. The antiperspirant is gentle on the skin. It also does not leave any residue on clothes.

If there’s something you may not appreciate about this product, then it has to be its price. This is quite an expensive antiperspirant for men. Also, it tends to clump, making application a bit difficult.


Arm & Hammer Essentials Solid DeodorantArm & Hammer Essentials Solid Deodorant

Arm & Hammer Essentials Solid Deodorant may just be the most reputable all-natural antiperspirant ever, if we are to base it on longevity alone. After all, the brand has been around for more than 170 years.

Arm & Hammer makes use of all-natural plant extracts aside from baking soda. This product has natural plant extracts from coriander, chamomile, and geranium, all of which are known to fight and protect against body odor. The end result is a deodorant that is effective in keeping guys odor-free even during busy days. Moreover, the deodorant won’t have any damaging effect on the skin.

The scent of this deodorant can be best described as mild. With a unique combination of soft florals, fresh lavender, and sparkling citrus, the deodorant can leave any guy feeling clean and fresh for hours.


Primal Pit Paste Natural DeodorantPrimal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant

Here is another all-natural deodorant that works in keeping your armpits dry and odor-free. Sans ingredients like aluminum and parabens, Primal Pit Paste Natural is able to neutralize body odor and provide long-lasting protection. It can give you a clean and fresh feeling all day long.

This deodorant has candelilla wax which prevents it from liquifying or leaking. This makes the antiperspirant comfortable to wear all day long. It also includes natural ingredients such as lavender essential oil, baking soda, shea butter, and coconut oil. The inclusion of vitamin E derived from sunflowers, meanwhile, makes the deodorant safe to use of people with sensitive skin. There’s also arrowroot powder which keeps users feeling dry.

The deodorant feels smooth when applied on the skin. It also does not leave ugly white marks on clothes. Overall, the Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant is a solid choice for guys wanting an effective and all-natural body odor protection.


Herban Cowboy Forest DeodorantHerban Cowboy Forest Deodorant

Ever wondered how a vegan deodorant would smell and perform? Then try Herban Cowboy Forest Deodorant Maximum protection. This 100% vegan deodorant is free from metals and chemicals like aluminum and paraben. Using high-quality organic ingredients, Herban Cowboy Forest Deodorant can keep you smelling fresh all day long.

The deodorant has a woodsy scent that’s subtle and not overpowering at all. It’s ideal for people who love the outdoors, and it doesn’t have ingredients like propylene glycol that can dry the armpits, unlike other conventional deodorants.

This deodorant is free from harmful chemicals like aluminum, alcohol, propylene glycol, parabens, triclosan, and phthalates. Instead, it has ingredients such as rosemary leaf extract, sage leaf extract, parsley extract, and rice starch, among others.

Herban Cowboy is not exactly the best-known brand on this list. It is a relatively young firm having been established in 2000. The company has grown significantly over the past few years, though, offering a line of all-natural products with food-based ingredients.


Sure Men Active DrySure Men Active Dry

Sure may not ring a bell if you are outside of the United Kingdom, where it is the #1 deodorant brand. Yet it has established a good reputation as a trusted maker of top-quality grooming products, including this men’s deodorant.

One of the key features of this product is that it contains the brand’s unique MotionSense technology. It is designed to respond directly to your movement. When you apply it on your skin, microcapsules will remain on your skin. These will break as you move along, keeping your armpits odor-free and giving you the confidence all the time.

This deodorant is also designed to keep you odor-free for up to 48 hours. It contains aluminum compounds that are known to be effective in keeping the underarms sweat and odor-free.

This is an aerosol deodorant that you should hold about 15cm away from your armpits. Then. spray it evenly onto your skin. You will then feel an energizing boost and the confidence to go on with your daily activities.


Choosing Antiperspirants

In choosing an antiperspirant, you likely consider three factors: wetness control, odor control, and price. Other guys, however, also take into consideration the smell of the deodorant. Some guys would also pick an antiperspirant that is non-irritating, especially if they have sensitive skin.

If you’ve been using the same antiperspirant since time immemorial, it is not a bad idea at all to change your deodorant. After all, bacteria around the armpits will eventually become immune to the formula of the antiperspirant you are using after years of use. It is recommended that you switch deodorants after six months.

And if you are the type of person who sweats a lot, look for an antiperspirant with aluminum chloride. It is noted for its ability to control underarm wetness. Get an antiperspirant with a 15% aluminum chloride concentration so that you won’t have to worry about wet underarms, but make sure to follow the instructions on how to use it unless you want to suffer from skin irritation.

There are claims that using a deodorant with an aluminum-based compound can lead to the development of breast cancer. This is why many guys would rather opt to buy deodorant with all-natural ingredients. Yet those claims are largely untrue. The American Cancer Society has debunked the theory that aluminum-based deodorants can cause breast cancer. So, you need not worry about using deodorants with aluminum compounds.

Types of Deodorant

The good ole stick is not the only type of antiperspirant you can find on the market. Below are the types of deodorant to choose from:

Gel: this is your best bet if you dislike those white smears on your clothes. Gel deodorants are invisible on clothes but can be sticky. It can also take a while for gel antiperspirants to dry.

Spray: this is ideal if you have lots of hair in your armpits. Some guys also think that spray deodorant feels better on the skin.

Stick: this tried-and-tested formula soothes the skin thanks to the presence of dimethicone. However, the major downside is that it may leave those ugly smears on clothes.

Creams: this is the best type for people with sensitive skin.

Roll on: as the name suggests, this form of deodorant is applied on the skin using a rolling motion.

Before you buy an antiperspirant, you should also know about the best time of the day to use it. According to scientists, the best time of the day to apply it is before hitting the sack. Why? Because it is during bedtime when the body sweats the least. This makes the antiperspirant more effective in reducing underarm sweat. Of course, you can also use an antiperspirant after taking a bath.

Obviously, the least effective time for applying antiperspirant is when you are already sweating. By that time, the plugs of the wetness protection would no longer form in sweat ducts that prevent the armpits from getting wet.