15 Great yet Affordable Men’s Colognes

Spritzing on a little cologne is part of your everyday ritual. It makes you smell fresh, and gives you a boost of confidence.

If you want to try something new, there’s no shortage of choices for men’s colognes. They’re usually available in sizes ranging from 1 ounce to 3.4 ounces. We recommend that you buy a smaller bottle first if you are trying a new fragrance.

Here is our list of affordable men’s colognes.

The Best Affordable Men’s Cologne

Paco Rabanne 1 MillionPaco Rabanne 1 Million

Highly popular among young adults, Paco Rabanne 1 Million was introduced in 2008. This cologne developed by Christopher Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux, and Michel Girard caused quite a stir when it first hit the market.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million is a spicy fragrance that could be the most popular among men in the 21st century. It has notes of tangerine and amber-leather. While it is considered a cologne for everyday casual use, it tends to be worn mostly at night.

While you won’t buy a cologne because of its bottle, it is still noteworthy to mention that the Paco Rabanne 1 Million has an iconic bottle. The gold bar bottle, in a way, epitomizes the attractive powers of this cologne.


Creed AventusCreed Aventus

Aventus by Creed was released in 2010 by master perfumer Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin. It remains the most successful cologne in the history of the brand. According to the older Creed, the cologne was inspired by the legendary Napoleon Bonaparte.

Aventus has a fruity-fresh scent. The top notes consist of apple, bergamot, pineapple, and blackcurrant leaf, while the base notes include vanilla, musk, ambergris, and oakmoss. Birch, rose, juniper berry, and patchouli make up the heart notes.

One of the most impressive qualities of the Aventus is its sillage. It leaves a pleasant trail of scent that’s not intrusive at all. Moreover, it lasts long with some users saying it stays on for up to 12 hours. It is recommended that you apply this in the morning. Although this product is on the higher end of the “affordable” spectrum, it’s our absolute favorite and a good bang for the buck.


Tom Ford Noir ExtremeTom Ford Noir Extreme

This relatively young cologne is known for its seductive masculinity. With notes of black fig, black plum, and coriander, it is a daring fragrance that should boost your desirability to the opposite gender.

The Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a warm and cozy cologne. You’ll notice subtle hints of cinnamon and cardamom. The sillage is quite strong at first but will eventually settle down after a few hours. Then, it will leave a more solid feel as it gets closer to the skin. Longevity is also good at about 8 hours of wear.

This cheap cologne is best for use in the autumn and winter. It is not built for humidity, though, so you should not wear it during the summer.


Diesel Only The Brave WildDiesel Only The Brave Wild

Diesel is one of those brands that need no introduction. This fragrance, which was first released in 2009, has an interesting backstory: it was named after the charitable foundation of Diesel founder Renzo Russo. The bottle is also modeled after the fist of the Diesel founder.

This fragrance has top notes of black pepper, lemongrass, and grapefruit. It has impressive sillage, one that will leave people around you wanting for more. It also has good lasting power, with a vanilla-cedar aroma lingering on your skin for hours.

This is an all-rounder cologne that you can wear any time of the day. It’s also more appropriate to be worn during summer and spring.


Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme UltimeYves Saint Laurent L’Homme Ultime

Launched in 2006, the L’Homme Ultime from YSL was positioned as the ultimate version of its predecessor, which came out a decade earlier. This cologne has a fresh and clean scent. It has top notes of ginger, grapefruit, and rose.

As the grapefruit fades, drier notes like sage and cardamom come out. Both give the cologne a spicy profile that’s not intrusive at all. The cedar and vetiver serve as base notes. It leaves a woody feeling with a cold spice.

This cologne has a moderate sillage. The first two hours are solid until the smell weakens a bit. The longevity of the scent is around 6 hours. It is a cologne you can wear all year round. It is coot and spicy; yet does well in the winter air.

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Nautica VoyageNautica Voyage

Nautica Voyage has been around for more than 13 years now, having been introduced in the market in 2006. It has retained its appeal, especially to the younger generation, despite being on the shelves for that long.

One possible explanation is its affordable price. Another reason is its subtle hints of fruits, such as apple and melon. Some guys who have worn it before compare the scent to designer body wash.

This is an aquatic cologne that’s more appropriate for summer and springtime use. It has a different kind of summery feel that even trumps those of more expensive colognes. This cologne is best for use during the daytime.

The subtle charm and youthful sensibility of this cologne have made it withstand the test of time. Perhaps the only chink in the armor of this cologne is its relatively short longevity.


Versace ErosVersace Eros

Versace is another one of those brands that need no further introduction. The Eros, meanwhile, is a fragrance released in 2012. It was created by Aurélien Guichard.

With notes of amber, vanilla, geranium flower, and tonka beans, the Versace Eros has a sweet scent the first time you open its bottle. Woods like cedarwood, oakmoss, and vetiver provide power and intensity to it. You might even find the scent overwhelming at first, but the sweetness will eventually wear off, letting the rest of the scent become more apparent.

One of the notes you’ll smell is that of mint, which gives the cologne a touch of freshness. Versace also says there are notes of lemon on the Eros, although that’s a bit unnoticeable. There is a trace of geranium, too.

The Versace Eros is a cologne you’d like to wear during a casual day at work. It’s also good enough to be worn at night. You will only need one or two sprays to make you smell good.

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Viktor & Rolf SpicebombViktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Viktor and Rolf is a brand known for being edgy. This cologne is in tune with that reputation. Released in 2013, this cologne has a spicy-sweet scent.

The bottle is not the only thing that’s noteworthy about this cologne. It has top notes of black pepper, pink pepper, and lemon. Hints of elemi and pink pepper follow while the base notes are vetiver, tobacco, and leather.

This cologne is quite versatile. It is perfect for everyday wear. It is also good enough for parties and even fancy dinners. You only need 1-2 sprays to smell good with it. As for longevity, this cologne lasts for up to 8 hours, which is pretty impressive.


Jean-Paul Gaultier Le MaleJean-Paul Gaultier Le Male

This is one of the oldest men’s colognes in the market today, having been released sometime during the turn of the new millennium, yet it has remained appealing through the years proof of how impressive this scent is.

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier tapped the services of perfume expert Francis Kurkdijan in creating the perfume. It contains lavender, bergamot, and mint for the top notes, while the middle notes consist of cinnamon, cumin, and orange blossom. The base notes, meanwhile, consist of cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, and tonka bean.

Available in 75ml and 125ml bottles, this cologne is described as strong, sensual, and fresh. It is recommended for both casual and romantic wear. Longevity is impressive at more than 8 hours. This is best suited for young men.

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Hugo Boss Bottled Cologne for MenHugo Boss Bottled Cologne for Men

It has been more than 20 years since the Hugo Boss Bottled Cologne first hit the shelves. As the flagship fragrance of the German luxury brand, it remains one of the most sought-after men’s colognes up to this day.

It was developed by master perfumer Annick Menardo, who interestingly, was also behind another popular cologne, Diesel Fuel for Life. Hugo Boss Bottled Cologne for men has had numerous variants, such as Intense, Sport, Tonic, and Bottled Night.

Hugo Boss Bottled boasts of an assortment of romantic notes. Its headnotes include apple, cinnamon, bergamot, and plum. The opening can be described as round with cinnamon balancing the fruity notes. As the headnotes fade, you’ll smell hints of its heart notes, including vanilla, mahogany, and geranium. The base notes, consisting of cedarwood and sandalwood, provide a robust woody base while the vetiver delivers an earthy note.

Hugo Boss Bottled has short longevity. Expect it to lose its essence after a few hours. However, it makes up for it with its excellent sillage in the first few hours.

It is a good choice for use during work hours, with a pleasant and conservative fragrance that won’t wrinkle noses.


Burberry Brit RhythmBurberry Brit Rhythm

Launched in 2011, Burberry Brit Rhythm was developed by the same team that brought Paco Rabanne Invictus. This is one of the most successful fragrances of Burberry that the brand released a feminine version in 2012.

This fragrance opens with head notes consisting of basil and verbena. A warm finish is made possible with the combination of ripe juniper berries and bitter cardamom.

Burberry Brit Rhythm appeals mostly to young men. It lacks a subtle maturity that other high-end fragrances have and which most mature men often appreciate. This cologne is best suited for use in autumn and winter.

This is a cologne best for casual use. It may not be the best cologne for work, but it is something you will wear on a date. It is also highly recommended for weekend use.


Montblanc Individuel FragranceMontblanc Individuel Fragrance

Launched in 2003, Montblanc Individuel Fragrance is an affordable cologne that was developed by Pierre Bourdon, creator of another well-loved fragrance, Davidoff Cool Water.

It opens with fruity notes of pineapple and juniper berries. Layers of cardamom and lavender add aroma and spiciness to the top notes.

Once the head notes fade, the heart notes, consisting of coriander, rosemary, geranium, and mint, emerge. The interplay between the floral and aromatic notes deliver a fresh and comforting take.

The base notes, consisting of subtle sandalwood, light white musk, and raspberry, then take center stage to produce a pleasant smell.

Montblanc Individuel has a strong fragrance at first. It will eventually die down and leave a faint silage. As such, this should be applied sparingly.

It is a versatile cologne that can be worn all year long. However, many users believe that it excels during the milder months. It is also a fragrance that appeals to men of all ages.


Dolce & Gabbana The OneDolce & Gabbana The One

This cologne burst into the scene in 2008 propped by an ad campaign featuring actor Matthew McConaughey.

The One features head notes of basil, coriander, and grapefruit. Upon application, it delivers an oily grapefruit zest with strong notes of coriander and fresh basil. Citrus notes are bitter and leave a truly masculine smell.

The heart notes, consisting of cardamom, ginger, neroli, and nutmeg combine for a lively and mellow fragrance. Once those notes settle, ambergris, cedarwood, guaiac wood, and tonka bean create a heavy base.

The One features a powerful sillage that makes up for its relatively weak longevity. If you want to wear it for intimate occasions like a dinner date, it is recommended that you don’t over apply. It is best worn at night.


Armani CodeArmani Code

Any list of the best men’s colognes won’t be complete without mentioning Armani Code. It is one of the most popular fragances in the new millennium, having been released in 2004.

It is composed of oriental and spicy notes. The head notes consist of black pepper, lemon, and bergamot. It opens with a citrus burst that is described as mellow and heady.

The heart notes consist of star anise, vanilla, and olive blossom. The latter gives a floral scent, while the star anise leaves a spicy freshness. Base notes include amber, labdanum, tonka bean, and guiaacwood.

This is an ideal winter cologne. It is not the best in terms of spillage, projection, and longevity. You may have to re-apply it several times. It appeals to men in their 20s and early 30s.


Ralph Lauren Polo BlueRalph Lauren Polo Blue

Rounding out our list is this classic cologne from Ralph Lauren. The Polo Blue is known for being a versatile fragrance that can be worn at any time of the day.

It opens with fresh melon notes, cool cucumber, and clementine zest. The heart notes consist of basil, clary sage, and geranium. White amber, oakmoss, leather, and patchouli make up the base notes.

The Polo Blue has a fruity fresh scent that evokes a youthful edge. Despite its popularity, the Polo Blue is not known for its longevity. You may have to reapply it several times during the day.

This popular cologne appeals mostly to younger men, especially in the 20-29 range age. Still, you can’t be blamed if you wear this, and you’re more than 30 years old. It has an uplifting fruity freshness that is simply irresistible.