There is nothing more obnoxious than having to survive off of hotel sundries. The shampoo is drying, the conditioner weak, and don’t even get us started on that thin bar of lard they call soap. As luxurious as a hotel can be, the grooming accommodations are typically subpar. But with Aesop’s Jet Set Kit, what the hotel offers you isn’t important in the slightest.

This quartet of concoctions puts your grooming needs in the forefront. Including a classic shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser, and body balm, you’ll never have to touch the hotel’s trio of subpar toiletries again.

Each bottle is sized perfectly at 1.7 oz each for carry on luggage, meaning you don’t have to worry about packing them away and the bottle being broken in transit. Each cleanser and balm has a cooling sensation that comes from the integrated mint. You’ll feel refreshed every morning with Aesop’s collection of expertly crafted grooming products.

Since you will be able to travel with them, the body balm and body cleanser specifically are great to break out mid flight. That minty cool scent is enough to make you forget how uncomfortable you are in your cramped seat.

Purchase / $37

Aesop Jet Set Kit Aesop Jet Set Kit Aesop Jet Set Kit Aesop Jet Set Kit