Artifox Standing Desk 02

If you are ready to be able to stand up and work instead of constantly sitting down, the Artifox Standing Desk 02 is there to accommodate you. This standing desk that is designed to fit into the decor of any space, whether it be modern or traditional. This desk is low key, minimalistic in its design and its stripped-down nature is what affords it its versatility in style. The Artifox Standing Desk 02 is able to hold onto any monitors, speakers, laptops and more in a stable and secure way.

This Artifox Desk is made out of both steel and walnut wood that promises lasting durability and a desk that will not let you down, ready to stand up to the test for years to come. It comes with a built-in dock that lets you rest your phone and tablet easily inside of it, helping to keep these important items near without having them cluttering up your desk. There are ultra-soft felt knots that are able to hold all of the cords and cables in place and keep them from slipping as well. The grid on the bottom also offers convenient cable management in order to avoid a mess being made on your desk. A convenient hook on the desk holds headphones, scarves, bags and more.


Artifox Standing Desk 02Artifox Standing Desk 02Artifox Standing Desk 02Artifox Standing Desk 02