Allbirds Tree Toppers

We all need shoes, but when your tastes are bit more refined than others, only shoes like these Allbirds Tree Toppers will do. These high tops offer a style that is simple, yet refined, and unrivaled comfort that is both breezy and long-lasting. You’ll even feel the bounce in the sugarcane outsole, thanks to SweetFoam technology.

Unnecessary details can both raise prices while lowering comfort, but you’ll find none of that in these blissfully evolved shoes. What you will find is a fiber that is manufactured using the eucalyptus tree, a material that creates breathability, a smooth fit and a cooling effect that naturally keeps your feet from overheating.

We also can’t deny the fact that this is a renewable resource, and therefore incredibly eco-friendly, for those who would rather give back to the planet instead of taking from it. Even the laces feature 100% post-consumer recycled polyester with bio-based eyelets as well.

For the perfect finishing touch, you’ll find the insoles of the Allbirds Tree Toppers lines with merino wool fabric, for a wonderful combination of odor reducing softness as well as perfection in comfort.


Allbirds Tree Toppers Allbirds Tree Toppers Allbirds Tree Toppers Allbirds Tree Toppers