10 Things All People Should Have in Their Vehicles

Don’t you hate when you find yourself in a situation that could be fixed if only you had thought ahead? You spend just as much time beating yourself up as you do addressing whatever went wrong. Sometimes it’s just difficult to predict what can go awry throughout your day, so we’ve compiled this list of ten items that all men should have in their vehicles, whether it’s an urban motorcycle or an H2, to help make life so much easier.

Kitty Litter

A bag of kitty litter serves multiple practical purposes. In icy weather, kitty litter works as a deicer that also adds weight to your trunk to help your vehicle keep traction.

If you’re also having an issue with your windows fogging up and potentially freezing in the night air, there’s a strange method of reducing some of that moisture! Simply fill up a sock with silica kitty litter and keep it on the dashboard when the vehicle isn’t in use.

Sure, you can’t keep a bag of kitty litter on your motorcycle, but it may help to store a small container’s worth for those frigid days.

10 Things All Men Should Have in Their VehiclesDuct Tape

As they say, duct tape really can fix everything. Okay, so maybe it won’t be able to repair your starter if it refuses to turn over, but it is a miracle product to help with more cosmetic issues. From keeping your bumper in place to patching up holes caused by any number of unfortunate accidents, the do-it-all tape may not look the prettiest, but it works!

In more pressing situations, you can even use duct tape for very temporary repairs, like if your radiator hose happens to spring a leak.

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Paper Maps

What is this, the 1990s?!
That’s what you’re probably thinking, right? Well, even in this day and age of electronics, it’s never a bad idea to have a non-electronic back-up. GPS devices and cell phones work wonders but say they’re both dead or aren’t picking up reception. That’s when a paper map will come in handy. If you’re going to be in unfamiliar territory, stock up on local and city maps or an atlas to the entire country so you can find your way in any scenario.

First-Aid Kit

A no-brainer for anybody that’s on the road, a first aid kit can be a literal life-saver. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, so long as it has essentials like bandages, antiseptic, splints, tweezers, pain relief, cleansing pads, and gauze pads. Most pre-packaged first-aid kits come with so much more and are well worth the money, but pay close attention to the expiration date as some of the ointments and tablets lose their effect over time.

10 Things All Men Should Have in Their VehiclesTow Rope

This tip applies especially for those living in snowy or very wet climates. Imagine cruising along when you hit a wet or icy patch or, heck, even come across an irresponsible driver and are forced off the side of the road. In some instances, you’re able to recover, but if your tires can’t grab traction or you face any number of issues that leave you stuck, it’ll be good to have a tow rope on hand should you find a good Samaritan with a heavy vehicle.
You may not be able to get home with a tow rope, but you’ll at least be able to get your vehicle out of a ditch and back on a stable surface for better traction.

Heavy-Duty Flashlight

More substantial, heavy-duty flashlights can serve a multitude of purposes. First and foremost, you’ll always have a viable light source that can help illuminate your car if you have a flat tire or possibly even work as a strobe to flag down some help.
Beyond its intended use, however, large, high-quality flashlights can work as a substitute for a hammer and, if the situation calls for it, a weapon. They are built to take quite the beating and can survive the worst conditions.

10 Things All Men Should Have in Their VehiclesSpare Cell Phone Charger

We’re not talking a car charger, though you’ll want to keep one of those on hand, too. We live off of our cell phones, to the point where when they die on us, we’re completely lost without them. If you have a spare charger on hand, you can avoid being in that dreadful scenario in a lot of cases.

A charged power bank is even a safer bet.

Spare Wallet

While it’s good to have a replacement wallet on hand in case yours happens to fall apart, the spare should have a few critical items in it. You’ll want to stock it with an emergency credit card, a 2nd or expired driver’s license, and some emergency cash.
Of course, you’ll want to hide your extra wallet out of sight to avoid tempting more nefarious people.

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Roadside Flares

This tip should go without saying, but just in case you overlook them, roadside flares are a vital asset for anyone on the road. Being stuck on the shoulder of a dark highway or the side of a two-lane back road can be dangerous, especially if it’s on the busier side. Road flares aren’t just to indicate you need help; they’ll ensure passing cars can see you, so you remain safe.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to play with a flare, you can go for a reflective triangle, but you can also use a road flare to start a fire if you find yourself in a bind.

10 Things All Men Should Have in Their VehiclesPortable Jump Power Pack

Nobody ever wants to be stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery, especially if you’re on an empty side street with little traffic. While jumper cables are always good to have on hand, they won’t help if you can’t find someone to give you a jump. To avoid being in that situation, we recommend using a jump starter and power supply kit.

The portable power supply can also come in handy to power electronics like a portable DVD player. Just don’t drain the energy supply on entertainment!