Woolly Bear Trailer

A happy middle-ground between car-camping and renting an RV is the new paradigm of camper-trends made possible by the Woolly Bear Trailer. Sleep off the ground or store everything you could need to bring in the optional roof-top tent, without spending excessive amounts of money on an RV or heavy-duty truck.

Any four-cylinder vehicle can happily pull this trailer.

A powder-coated steel chassis carries the vehicle on fifteen inch steel wheels, which suit all kinds of terrains. A pull-out locking drawer acts as a cooler, at the inside also features LED lights, a birch kitchen organizer and stainless countertop, while a six-hundred pound capacity cargo deck can be arranged instead of the rooftop tent for travel periods. The possibilities are endless with this versatile design, and as the nature of camping lends itself to minimalist lifestyle habits, a multi-purpose trailer like this one is where you’ll really start to explore the possibilities of travel.


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