Bugatti Royale Home Audio System by TIDAL Ups the Sound Ante

If you own a Bugatti, chances are you’re not reading this. But let’s say for a second you do have a Bugatti Royale in the garage, and you’re looking for some tower speakers to match your hypercar. You’re in luck, friend, because German audio equipment manufacturer, TIDAL Audio, has partnered with the French automaker to produce the TIDAL for Bugatti Royale home audio system. It’s the active speaker set that ensures your home’s lossless listening experience is as good as your car’s.

Royale Home Audio System

Like Bugatti’s automotive lineup, the Royale home audio speaker system is large and commands a presence in any location. The art deco-styled tower speakers house four subwoofers, midrange drivers, and a diamond-diaphragm tweeter. The tweeter features prominently in all Bugattis, so the sound should be familiar — because you own a Bugatti, remember?

While we don’t have a set of these sonic blasters handy, we can be reasonably confident that the listening experience will please the pickiest audiophiles.  TIDAL Audio has been at the top of the audio systems industry for the better part of two decades, and Bugatti is only the latest in an already impressive line of high-end luxury partners.  The company handcrafts its components and systems, is known for its “obsessive” attention to detail in every respect, and its 1000-pound La Assoluta loudspeaker set commands $625,000.

tidal audio for bugatti

Seeing Is Believing

The custom speakers measure 4.7-feet tall and weigh 350 pounds — each.

Two limited-edition monochrome cabinet themes (Royale Blanc and Royal Noir, limited to 15 pairs per finish) float on both TIDAL Audio and Bugatti’s sites, but more single-tone and duotone cabinet themes are on offer to accommodate your aesthetic tastes.

Once you’ve chosen your finish, customize your set to your heart’s desire with finishing touches like carbon fiber, leather, aluminum, and polished stainless steel. Emblazoned on the front is a Bugatti logo. A small plaque near the back reads “TIDAL for Bugatti.”

Raise Your Game

Bugatti and TIDAL Audio have yet to unveil pricing for their luxury home audio systems. Given that most of Bugatti’s vehicles are in the 7-figure range — and that TIDAL Audio has cemented itself as an elite/luxury industry leader since the early aughts — we can only assume that the tower speaker set is quite expensive.

However, if you’ve always wanted to be a Bugatti owner but just can’t front the scratch for a vehicle, the Royale home audio speaker system is a cheaper route into the exclusive club.


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