The 12 Best Car Seat Covers

Cars begin to lose their value as soon as you drive off the lot. We’re not just talking about value in terms of new models and old ones; we mean real value, like cars depreciating by thousands of dollars in just a few years.

Your car will always be a victim of wear and tear, and keeping it in good condition can be a real headache. Your car seats are probably one of the hardest components to maintain, but they’re a vital display of your interior’s condition.

A good set of car seat covers will protect your car from spills, snags, rips, and tears. Car seat covers can also speak to your sense of style by giving the interior of your car a sleek look. At a fraction of the cost of new seats, car seat covers can be replaced easily if they get damaged. Whether you just want to enjoy a sleek looking car or maintain high resale value, choosing the best car seat covers could be your salvation.

This list combines the top-selling and best-rated car seat covers. They offer real value for your money while they keep your seats looking nice, your factory upholstery or leather free from stains, and your seats untorn.

The Best Car Seat Cover

BDK Polypro Car Seat CoverBDK Polypro Car Seat Cover

This set of car seat covers comes in a blend of beige on black. The form-fitting covers look like the real thing. Featuring a classic trim accent pattern, these car seat covers protect your seats with their durable and easy-fit material. These seat covers are made of machine-washable polyester cloth that will keep your car looking good for years. You can also stop worrying about buildup and odors since the covers are made of breathable material. These sporty yet classy Polypro covers will give the interior of your car new life while also covering any problem areas.

With soft and comfortable material, these covers give you a plush feeling equipped with foam backing. They also come with a one-strap and one-tuck-bar for easy installation of the front covers while the ‘S’ hooks on the back covers are made to fit almost every vehicle.

These seat covers are easy to use with both 40/60 and 60/40 fold downs. The usability is further enhanced with zippers for the center console, so you can easily access it while protecting its exterior.

With just a few simple snips, you can customize these seat covers to reveal the seat belt loops, headrest holes, and pull bars for a perfect fit. Once you are done customizing these Polypro car seat covers, they will give you a look that screams ‘professionally installed.’


FH Group Universal Fit Flat Cloth Fabric Car Seat CoverFH Group Universal Fit Flat Cloth Fabric Car Seat Cover

If you want to break free of the monotonous car seats you see in almost every model, this bold design will serve you perfectly. With vibrant color blocks, this full set of car seat covers provides you with an additional pop of fun while extending the life of your car.

These car seat covers are made from a super soft, high-quality fabric that gives you additional comfort. Supported by 3 mm of breathable foam, the seat covers make you forget about extreme heat even during scorching days, as they disperse heat to keep the interior of the car feeling cool.

FH Group seat covers are designed to sustain the interior upholstery of your car. Even better, they’ve simplified installing these covers with adjustable straps and concealed Velcro openings. These features also help with reattachment and removal. However, these seat covers are only compatible with removable headrests.

Made from durable and stretchy fabric, these car seats also feature additional storage pockets. Whether your car has traditional or heated seats, these seat covers are engineered to accommodate all seat types and most seat sizes. You can also comfortably machine wash these seat covers to keep them extra clean.


Stripe Multi-Color Bucket Seat CoverStripe Multi-Color Bucket Seat Cover

If your style tends towards the retro, this set of seat covers would be perfect for your car. The 10-piece interior set can transform your car into a fashionable automobile with its original and exclusive design. These car seat covers also come with 3 mm sponge padding, providing breathable covers that disperse heat, keeping your seat cool even on hot summer days. (More airflow = more comfort.)

This model is also perfect for rear seats that flip down. With a smooth surface finish, the covers provide extra comfort. They also come with a universal 15-inch cover for your steering wheel to complete the look. Whether you want to decorate an old seat or protect a brand-new one, you can delight in this set of car seat covers.


FH Group 3D Air Mesh Auto Seat CoverFH Group 3D Air Mesh Auto Seat Cover

Here is an easy choice for the best car seat covers. Designed to fit most vehicle models, this set of seat covers can fully fit your vehicle whether it is a car, SUV, van, or truck, regardless of whether or not your vehicle sports detachable or non-detachable headrests. An instruction video is also available to support the easy and simple installation of this set of seat covers.

The FH Group is known for its dependable track record at affordable prices. The 3D Air Mesh Fabric is easy to clean with dry air or machine cleaning. However, these covers are not compatible with rear split and front side airbag functions, so check your safety features before purchasing.


PIC AUTO Car Seat CoversPIC AUTO Car Seat Covers

Want to protect your car seats and add a dose of style to your car? The PIC AUTO Car Seat Covers fit the bill. This set features high-quality materials while providing protection and decoration. Made from polyester fabric innovatively designed with 3-mm foam padding and combined with heat-embossed mesh cloth, the PIC AUTO set gives you a soft, breathable, and durable product that can last for years.

This car seat cover set is compatible with all types of airbags thanks to its special stitching technique. It also comes with adjustable hooks and straps, allowing a universal fit for almost every car type. Three separate panels, including the front, side, and back panels, provide a better fit for the front seats of your car while the middle zippers are suitable for your back seat.


AUTONISE Universal Sport Bucket Seat CoverAUTONISE Universal Sport Bucket Seat Cover

If you are looking for an easy-to-install and easy-to-blend set of car seat covers, look no further: this AUTONISE set will fit your needs perfectly. With hooks and clips to help install this set, you’ll be headache-free.

Since these covers are compatible with airbags, they will fit straight onto your seats without any hindrance. These seat covers are recommended if your car has detachable headrests and the front seats detach from the middle console. However, your car will need to have front seat belts that are not attached to the front seats.

The perfect fit and easy installation will give you a high-class product that doesn’t scream “re-finished.” The material is made to be comfortable and durable and will maintain the fresh look of your interior for years to come.


FH Group Stylish Cloth Car Seat CoverFH Group Stylish Cloth Car Seat Cover

These FH car seat covers come as a complete set to protect every seat in your vehicle. This set of seat covers fit most vehicles, whether you are driving a van, SUV, car, or truck. They come in a variety of sizes to fit all of your seats like a glove. This complete set comes with a two-piece solid bench (backrest and bottom bench), two front buckets, and four headrest covers. They are designed to save you money without sacrificing comfort by using the most durable and comfortable materials.

The material also has breathable properties. They can be machine washed or air-dried, with elastic pockets for extra storage. They are made to fit with both conventional and heated seats.

These covers are also convenient because they have adjustable straps and Velcro openings that make it easy for you to reattach, install, and remove the covers. Like other models, these covers also have a special stitch that makes them compatible with side airbags.


CAR PASS Line Rider Car Seat CoverCAR PASS Line Rider Car Seat Cover

The CAR PASS seat covers complement your playful side with their sporty designs in a range of colors. They are classified as a universal fit as the three-line zippers allow them to fit different sizes of vehicles using the 50/50 split, 40/20/40 split, and 40/60 split designs. You can also fold the cup holder by simply pulling the zipper across. The 11-piece design fits all the seats in your car so that the interior of your vehicle is immediately protected and stylish.

The Line Rider car seat covers are airbag compatible with opening holes for your seat belts and headrest covers. They are made out of a breathable material that is easy to clean and wrinkle-resistant. They are also super easy to install thanks to the three-line zipper. These covers make you feel ultra-comfortable with the 5 mm composite sponge interior lining.


FH Group Bow Tie Seat CoverFH Group Bow Tie Seat Cover

This fun design of seat covers will dress up your car in an outstanding way. This set guarantees the interior of your car will stand out whether the occasion is calling for a bow tie or ascot. Not only do they add pizzaz, but these seat covers are made from high-quality fabric that adds strength to the charming look. Backed by breathable foam padding, the Bow Tie car seat covers will keep your car cool on the hottest days. With an adjustable fit, this set will be perfect for your collection of different cars while still maintaining uniqueness with their range of colors.

Each cover comes with a set of netted nylon straps, which crawl through the crevices of your seat before attaching to a plastic buckle underneath the front seat. This set fits perfectly into the majority of cars and can be installed in just a few minutes.

The perfect fit combined with the comfortable material makes these covers look like they are a part of the car. The bright and vibrant colors of this set also give the interior of your car a stylish look. If you’re going for a customized look, we think this set will fit the bill.


Motor Trend Waterproof Car Seat CoversMotor Trend Waterproof Car Seat Covers

If you are keen on waterproofing your seats without investing in expensive leather seat covers, these car seat covers hit the jackpot. The newest production from Motor Trend is made from three layers of waterproof material that features an outer layer of soft polyester cloth backed with waterproof neoprene. The third layer consists of a patented non-slip backing that reinforces the cover and prevents it from tearing. The three layers work together to keep the cover of your seats in place and prevent slippage while also protecting them from spills and tears.

You will instantly notice the durability and comfort of these seats as you begin to experience their stylish appeal. Rain, pool party, or just showered, these seats will stay completely dry. And with a one-strap installation, this set does not require any hooks or cutting, providing you with simple installation and instant use. The pouches on the back of the seat give you extra space for storage.

The onyl downside is that these are not machine washable, and must be air-dried. However, they are very easy to hand wash. Combining excellent features with waterproofness makes this set a must-have for your car.


FH Group FH-FB030115-SEAT Car Seat CoversFH Group FH-FB030115-SEAT Car Seat Covers

The FH-FB030115-SEAT covers sport a universal fit that adjusts using split technology. You can use these covers for different vehicles, so you won’t need to worry about buying new covers when you buy a new vehicle: they can fit cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. This 8-piece set includes a single rear bench seat, two front buckets, and five headrest covers. The FH-FB030115-SEAT guarantees great value with its durable, breathable, and comfortable material that is easy to clean.

These covers are also easy to maintain since they can be machine washed and air-dried. They have a concealed Velcro opening with adjustable straps to make it easy for you to install, remove, and reattach the covers, and the elasticity helps fit over any size seat. The design also has special stitching that makes them compatible with any side-positioned airbags and for cars that have either removable or adjustable headrests. The additional storage space pockets are handy, and if you have heated seats, this design can take the heat.


Leather Auto Seat CoverLeather Auto Seat Cover

These leather seat covers come in sleek black for a sophisticated look. These covers also have a unique 2/3 design that fits perfectly to the interior curve of the seat model. This design will help you to avoid shoddy mounting problems that come with mismatched sizes for the covers and the car seat. These covers meet the universal size category so they can achieve a perfect fit for your car seats.

They fit perfectly on cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. These black leather covers are durable and comfortable, and the real leather provides natural wear-resistant properties. They also incorporate a composite material with five layers to protect them from wear and tear over time.

This kit includes four front backrests, four headrests, one rear bench, and two front seat covers. You can’t go wrong with these classy, waterproof, and durable leather seat covers.