Jumping rope has been increasingly considered one of the best methods to burn calories. The cardiovascular exercise that you do while jumping rope is able to burn fat a lot faster than any other workouts, while helping you build muscle at the same time.

Although there are many smart jumping ropes in the market, Smart Rope features many more elements that will help you to significantly improve and upgrade your workout efficiency.

Like many other smart ropes, this rope provides tracking. On the other hand, thanks to a strand of LED lights on the rope, you’ll be able to view and follow your progress while you jump. You’ll be able to view the amount of calories you’ve burnt, your jump count, and how long you’ve been working out for. This will help you exercise in a much more effective way, as you won’t need to keep pausing to see your progress.

When you’re finished working, all the data is recorded and passed on to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. A full charge takes about 2 hours through a micro USB cable, and it lasts for around 36 hours of use.

The Smart Rope is available in chrome, black or gold with the option of getting soft grip handles in a variety of different colors. There are four different lengths that you can buy depending on your height and jump stance or on the type of workout you’re looking for. A shorter rope will make you jump faster, while a longer one will let you jump at a slower pace.


Smart Rope