No matter whether you enjoy training, playing sports, running or walking, you can do it all with your feet inside of the Reebok JJ II. These shoes are sleek and modern, stylish and simplistic, allowing you to pair them with any sort of attire, no matter what, with their basic black nature. The Reebok JJ II offers incredible ventilation that will keep your feet cool and feeling breezy with every step you take. The shoes feature New lenoweave that constructs its uppers and makes such breathability a possibility. It also keeps your feet supported and locked into place so the shoes don’t slide around while you are wearing them.

With the Reebok JJ II, you can enjoy extreme traction that will allow you to dig into the terrain or the court all the same, keeping you stable and secure on your feet. The lugs are designed to grip onto virtually anything, giving you the most control over your movements thanks to the ultra responsive grips on the bottom. They are especially great for those who lift weights and have been designed to keep you in one place and withstand the pressure of the added weights while you train. Providing impressive cushioning is the LiquidFoam technology that offers total stability and comfort, offering you a sock-like fit that conforms to your foot. The Reebok JJ II features a webbed lacing system that provides total security from top to bottom.


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