Puma Fit Intelligence Sneakers

Advances in fit technology has seen innovation extend further past smart gadgets and applications. There are now specialized trainers being developed with built-in smart tech features. Nike was the first to unveil theirs, and now a surprising contender from Puma has entered the scene. Fit Intelligence (FI) is a follow-up to the brand’s smart-lace trainers (which laced themselves up), but with even more high-tech advancements.

FI features a ‘wave-sensor’, which works via gesture-control – yes, this means all you have to do now is wave your hand to tie the laces – and a smart fit-adaptor to fit the trainers to your foot shape. They have even developed an app to go along with it, allowing you to manually adjust the fit of your trainers from a touch of your smartphone.

If that’s not advanced footwear and fitness technology, we don’t know what is. These incredible FI Fit training sneakers are due to be released for sale in 2020.

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Puma Fit Intelligence Puma Fit Intelligence Puma Fit Intelligence