Pendleton X Nike Air ID ACG Mowabb

With the Pendleton X Nike Air ID ACG Mowabb shoes, be inspired by the beautiful sunset colors taken straight from the skies of Moab, Utah, also known as one of the most sought-after destinations for outdoor activities in the country. These Nike’s feature a Pendleton pattern overlaying the classic design of the Nike Air Mowabb, offering you striking colors such as yellow, pinks, blues and teal colors that will certainly make the shoes stand out among the others. These have a mid-height ankle that will provide you with plenty of support, especially if you are engaging in activities that need hiking shoes or use for walking trails. A classic model that is made specifically for use outdoors, the shoes features durable, responsive soles that make it simple for you to walk on just about any sort of terrain with ease. The neoprene sockliner of the Pendleton X Nike Air ID ACG Mowabb’s helps you enjoy a sock-like feel on your feet, providing you with a snug fit that will keep your foot fully in place so you won’t have to worry about misstepping from an improperly fitting shoe. Perforations on the sides help to push air in and out of the shoe to keep your feet cool.

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