New Year’s Eve 2021 – Biggest Night of the Year Amidst a Pandemic

New Year’s Eve 2021 – Pandemic Style

This year is not the year for huge parties, popping bottles, and midnight kisses with that stranger you met four hours ago. What will we do without the chaos that is the NYE parties when New Year’s Eve 2021 rolls in amidst a pandemic?

Often one of the biggest partying nights of the year will be a bit dull compared to years past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have loads of fun ringing a new, hopefully, better and less disease-ridden year. To keep you from spending your evening curled up drinking straight from a bottle of champagne (no judgments though if you do), we’ve compiled a list of COVID-friendly ways to celebrate the occasion.

having virtual new year's eve party during the pandemic

Virtual New Year’s Eve Pandemic Parties

As the second round of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders makes their way around the country, everything is virtual, again. We know you’ve spent nearly a whole year doing virtual meetings, work, and maybe even virtual dating, but bear with us here. Virtual parties offer a chance to connect with those you love for some celebration, without ever having to leave your home.

Why not try a themed party? Ditch the sparkly dresses and heels and don your favorite pajamas for a virtual pajama party. Tired of pajamas because they are your new work clothes? Try an 80s themed party. Still, want to rock that sparkly dress that hasn’t seen the light of day since before the first lockdowns in March? Go big, pull out the biggest screen (we suggest getting an at-home projector to fill the room!), have everyone in your virtual rendezvous wear their favorite party attire, make a Spotify playlist to share, and get boogie-ing!

Cocktail Clubs

Want to try new drinks but unable to visit your favorite bar? Try a DIY cocktail club with your friends!

To get started, find a new drink recipe online and grab some mini-liquor bottles and any other ingredients your recipe needs. Pack the elements and little liquor bottles into small gift bags, so each recipient has enough to make a drink or two and drop them on their porch. Next, set a time, prep your drinks, and enjoy your new culinary creations together over FaceTime while you ring in the new year.

Not a drinker? This activity also works with mocktails or specialty hot chocolates so drinkers and sober folks alike can include everyone.

Having an activity for all to do together will give your virtual party a focus and show your loved ones how much you care! My roommate started a women’s whiskey club similar to this and passed out Christmas cocktails; she’s been the virtual hostess with the mostest lately! The unifying social lubricant and focus have been a great way to bring people together.

romantic couple enjoying cocktail at nye party

Netflix Parties

Netflix Party is a website that allows you to watch a movie with others. The chrome plug-in is easy to install and will enable you to all watch a movie together and chat about it in the chat room. I did this during the summer with coworkers and was surprised by how fun it was!

Pandemic-Friendly Games

Want to spice up your virtual celebration with games? You could do a virtual scavenger hunt. Send out a list of items and set a timer; everyone must search their house and bring back as many things as possible. Virtual games like allows you to play silly games with loved ones, no matter where they are.

play online games with friends during new years eve despite the pandemic

Pandemic-Friendly Gatherings

If you simply must gather, remember to keep gatherings small and within CDC guidelines. Have everyone wear their masks, wash their hands, and stay distanced. If the weather in your area isn’t too chilly, an outdoor gathering or bonfire could be a safer option for enjoying the evening with those you love. Break out the sparklers and spell out your love for your friends from six feet away.

Oh, and maybe avoid finding your midnight kiss that evening. Sorry other single folks, it’s best we don’t go kissing strangers this year.

New Year’s Eve: The Pandemic Version

We know this year has been a rough one, and we are all excited to celebrate its end. My New Year’s Eve will likely be a cozy, quiet evening curled up with my dog, face-timing with loved ones, and maybe a bottle of champagne. Whatever activities you choose, be safe, have fun, and have a delightful night.

All of us at Improb hope the new year brings you joy, opportunity, and health!


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