Aviar R67 – An Electric Muscle Car

Look, we have no problem with Tesla and it’s ilk. We are totally on board with electric cars for the sake of less smog and less noise. But we do sort of wish they were a little more…hmm…aggressive. We don’t need every vehicle produced in the next fifty years to look and feel like a four-door mid-sized sedan. That’s why our engines started revving when we saw the Aviar R67. This electric vehicle is a throw-back to the muscle cars of yesteryear: an eye-catching electric coupe with a cherry-red finish, creamy-white trim, combined with the speed and acceleration to make your passenger potentially start thinking about drafting a will.

The Specs

Let’s run the numbers. Do you want power? Try 840 HP. Do you want acceleration? Prepare to subject your face to uncompromising Newtonian physics by reaching 60 mph in 2.2 seconds. The powerful 100 KwH battery will get you about 155 miles down the road. Crank it up to 967 RPM, and when you run out of juice, you can charge your faithful steed at a Tesla charging station–because the Aviar R67 is made with Tesla components and to Tesla specifications. The future is modular.aviar r67

The future is also carbon fiber. Super-strong and super-light, carbon fiber elements pair with aluminum and other re-enforcing elements for a vehicle that saves energy even as it rips down the highway at ludicrous speeds.


What about that lovely V8 sound? Isn’t half the point of driving a muscle car to get noticed? To that, we say–of course! Aviar has you covered with an external sound system that replicates the rumbling growl of all the classics.

And when you get the Aviar R67 up to high speeds, an adaptive air suspension system will help you maintain control of the car. Speaking of performance, the Aviar R67 features an anti-wing spoiler that extends when you hit 75 mph and returns down when you drop back to 50. And you can lock it out using the car’s built-in Sport and Race modes.

One interesting upgrade to a classic muscle car performance is the all-wheel-drive capability. Aviar installs one motor per axle to allow for superior traction and torque monitoring. Suddenly you’ve got a muscle car that you aren’t afraid to drive in the winter. Forged-alloy wheels made specifically for the R67 also add to the performance and handling capabilities.aviar r67

The Looks

Performance is only half of a muscle car’s attraction. You know the rest. The powerful lines. The sloping roof. The aggressive crouch. The Aviar R67 incorporates all the classic muscle car styling into this electric beast, and they don’t slouch on the finishing touches either. Dig that glossy-red finish and white leather interior. Plus a sunroof!

The Trimmings

The Aviar R67 has a bunch of stuff your uncle’s half-finished project car never will. Backup camera? Check. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? Check. HEPA air filtration system? Check. Not to mention the heated steering wheel, voice control, keyless entry, and dual-zone climate control. And don’t forget about the custom seven-speaker audio system, LED-lit interior, or heated seats.

Let’s circle back around to that keyless entry for a second. It’s even better than you think. When sensors in the car detect a key’s presence, they activate sliding door handles to pop out for your convenience.

The Buy

You’ll need to fill out an inquiry form on the Aviar R67 to get information on how to obtain one of these beauties. But if we had the dough to drop on a premium electric car, we’d at least check this one out before going the Tesla route. Let the thunder roll…


aviar r67