Bundaberg Spiced Rum: Small Batch Perfection

Rum lovers, watch out. Bundaberg’s small batch of Australian spiced rum has stepped out as our new favorite cold-weather liquor, and we’re fully committed to enjoying it one sip at a time. Bundaberg blended their signature dark rum with 13 spices, citrus zest, and fruit nectars, then aged it all in charred American Oak barrels for additional sweet and spicy notes. Even better? It’s actually affordable.

Bundaberg Small Batch Spiced Rum is a great rum for mixing or sipping on its own — Bundaberg even provides recipes for “Spiced and Stormys” and spiced rum Old Fashioneds. Customers even claim it kicked their holiday rum and cokes up to a whole new notch. If you’re looking for a kick-butt host gift, a quality yet budget-friendly bottle to keep handy for family gatherings, this award-winning bottle should be at the top of your list.

The History of Small Batch Perfection

The Bundaberg Distillery has survived a fire, a depression, and piss-poor rum standards to make it to its 2020 glory. While its original rum is nothing to sneeze at, this small batch of spiced delight will make your cocktails an unforgettable part of parties to come. This spiced rum will add warm, soulful notes to your cold-weather cocktails.

The smaller the batch of spirits distilled, the better. Smaller batches of rum are more carefully and beautifully crafted by the unique distillers themselves. Much like “craft” beer now has a cult following, so does small-batch liquor. This particular batch of spiced rum has been carefully concocted to reflect the best blend of dark rum’s natural sweetness with the spices included. It rocks a 40% alcohol content in its 700-milliliter bottle, which can produce about 22 standard drinks, less if you have a heavy hand. It’s the best solution to “what do I bring to the neighborhood party?”

Spiced Rum That’s Flavor Forward

The distillers came up with the perfect blend of sweet, citrus, and spice. According to the professional noses, the aroma comes forth with notes like cinnamon, nutmeg, orange marmalade, vanilla, and dark caramel. The palate notes taste earthy and sweet with hints of cacao and gingery spice. The rum rounds out with a snap of black pepper and dark licorice for a unique and poignant finish.

Don’t be deterred by the barrage of flavors named above — customer reviews assure us that the taste isn’t overwhelming. Smooth flavors won’t scare away spiced rum newbies, but seasoned rum drinkers will appreciate the new flavors associated with this Australian delicacy.

The Buy

Each bottle retails for $70 and settles into a great low- to mid-range budget. If your local liquor store doesn’t carry this rum, you can have the Bundaberg Small Batch Spiced Rum 700 mL shipped directly to your door. Mix yourself a spicy-sweet drink and prop your feet up by the fire — it’s rum time.