The 30 Best Cheap Domestic Beers

Not everything has to be an expensive brew flown in from some mysterious mill in Russia. Sometimes it’s okay to kicked back with a cheap beer delivered from good ‘ole St. Louis, MO. Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not allowed to enjoy one of those staple beers that people usually throw shade at, especially if it’s something you can tolerate and it’s light on the wallet.

To help you through the very large world of inexpensive domestic beers, we’ve compiled this list of the best ones out there. Some may say this is the “Best of the Worst” list, but if they’re chilled and you’re surrounded by good company, whether it’s a domestic beer or some exotic brew isn’t going to matter. It’ll be refreshing and the taste will be fine enough!

Save your cash for when it really matters, like when trying to impress a girl at the bar, and shell out minimal coin for these 30 Cheap Domestic Beers.

Irish DeathIrish Death

Don’t let the name sway you, Irish Death is one of the best, cheapest beers to come out of Washington. Iron Horse Brewery takes pride in its signature creation, delivering on a neat hops brew with a thick head. This dark ale goes down smooth and comes with a pretty high volume of alcohol at 7.8%.

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Irish Death


Brewed right out of Milwaukee, Schlitz is one of those refreshing offerings you’ll never expect to ask for, but once it’s hit your lips, it’s hard not to get hooked. This is beer in its most classic form, refreshing and crisp, just as you would expect from a veritable Beer Capital of the United States.



An uncomplicated beer with an easy-to-remember name, Mennesota’s Hamm’s delivers on an American lager that calls back to the good ‘ole days. Just as the can touts, Hamm’s is a premium beer, but what it fails to mention is how it’s been ripped out of time for a clean, classic, old-style look and taste.


Kirkland LightKirkland Light

Kirkland is a name associated with many things, from home décor to children’s vitamins, but one of Kirkland Signature’s greatest achievements is Kirkland Light. Despite being a light beer and branded under a warehouse grocer chain, this American lager is full of body and flavor.

Kirkland Light

National BohemianNational Bohemian

Brewed straight out of the home of the Orioles, the playful branding of National Bohemian delivers on a light pilsner. If there’s any testament to its popularity, consider that, when the Orioles’ stadium stopped serving the beer, fans petitioned to “Bring Back the Bo.”

National Bohemian

Genesee Cream AleGenesee Cream Ale

Don’t let the “cream” portion of this all-American ale put you off. Genesee successfully melded the recognizable taste of an ale with the velvety smoothness of a lager. It’s no wonder the 50-year-old recipe has stood the test of time.

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Genesee Cream

Old StyleOld Style

Just as the name suggests, this Chicago-based brew is an old-style offering that brought the richness of classic Pilsner beers back to the forefront. Light in color and taste, the hint of bitter with each sip reminds you this isn’t some watered down concoction.

Old Style

Simpler TimesSimpler Times

Hailing from Wisconsin, Simpler Times is more than just a name – it’s the perfect way to describe where a sip of this beer will transport you to. Don’t expect any complexities in a can of Simpler Times, just a classic lager that doesn’t try to be anything but a good, old-fashioned beer.

Simpler Times


An elder beer if ever there was, this 18th century American lager made a trip across the Atlantic from Germany before settling in a brewery in Detroit. Despite its European origins, there’s no denying that this crisp brew is American all the way to its core.


Mac and Jack Maxx StoutMac and Jack Maxx Stout

Redmond, WA is the home of Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company and the Mac and Jack Maxx Stout. Six different grains go into creating this rich, malty brew while undertones of coffee and roasted barley give it a robust flavor. Creamy and smooth, Maxx Stout is a crisp, clean, and refreshing brew no matter how you spin it.

Max and Jack Maxx

Manny’s Pale AleManny’s Pale Ale

Known for its slogan “Darn Tasty Beer,” Manny’s Pale Ale is a delicious and flavorful light beer that seems to glow an amber hue. Premium barley and a yeast unique to the Manny’s brews serve as the base of this pale, albeit rich pale ale. Boosting the malty notes are subtle and welcomed hints of citrus fruits.

Manny’s Pale Ale

Narragansett LagerNarragansett Lager

Don’t worry if the name trips you up, you’ll still be able to enjoy this 125-year-old American lager. It takes a lot to become the official beer of any baseball team, and for almost 30 years, Narragansett enjoyed fame as the Boston Red Sox drink of choice.

Narragansett Lager


Named for the towering Mount Olympus in Washington, Olympia has no qualms matching the impressive stature of its namesake with a robust flavor and smooth lager. The pure, crystal clear mountain water used to brew Olympia can be tasted in the golden barley mix.



Another mountainous beer, Rainier brings pride to the Pacific Northwest. A flagship beer of Seattle, this Pale Mountain Ale uses gold barley and northwest hops to bring out one of the smoothest and richest flavors ever to hail from Washington.


Lion’s HeadLion’s Head

Brewed right out of Pennsylvania, the Lion’s Head Pilsner is a product of a century-old brewery and it shows no signs of losing its old-timey edge. Sporting a dryness that accentuates just how crisp and clean it is, this light lager is a must-have in any fridge.

Lion’s Head

Coors BanquetCoors Banquet

You can drink a high-end beer without having to empty your wallet, and Coors’ Banquet is perfect proof of that. Coors Banquet, which is about as American as a beer can get, combines the simplicity of a Coors beer with the high end flavors of a pricier brew for an elegant drink to share with friends and family.

Coors Banquet

Goose Island 312Goose Island 312

If there’s a beer that’s proud of its heritage, it’s Goose Island 312. Sporting Chicago’s area code, Goose Island is a fun local offering that has a personality rich in flavor. A favorite amongst Cubs fans, Goose Island is smooth brew could easily find its way snaking across the United States in popularity.

Goose Island 312

Name Tag LagerName Tag Lager

Maybe not a favorite amongst beer connoisseurs, Name Tag Lager sports a simple, easy to remember name and a very recognizable flavor. This golden lager, brewed out of Wisconsin, has no qualms with using tried-and-true ingredients to build a subtle flavor.

Name Tag Lager

Grain Belt NordeastGrain Belt Nordeast

From Northeast Minneapolis, Grain Belt Nordeast is a call back to the Northern and Eastern Europeans that settled and developed the region the beer is brewed in. An amber lager from the Grain Belt Brewery, Nordeast changes the game slightly with a hint of malt and a hops, ensuring the flavor isn’t overpowering.

Grain Belt Nordeast

Porkslap Pale AlePorkslap Pale Ale

If you’re not in love with the name, then we question your sense of humor! Brewed in New York’s Butternuts Beer & Ale brewery, this pale ale is infused with hints of citrus and almost comes across as a ginger beer, though far from as potent. Underneath it all is a subtle maltiness that covers up any bitterness.

Pork Slap Pale Ale

Miller High LifeMiller High Life

Though basic Miller beers may be a classic for barbecues, it’s the brewery’s High Life brand that people should be kicking back with. Light and refreshing, this elegantly inexpensive brew has a hint of the classic Miller flavoring but also comes across as a delicious, high-end recipe of its own.

Miller High Life


Let’s face it – you can’t discuss cheaper beers without bringing up the American “King of Beers.” Though it may pale in comparison to European brews and even many independent breweries, we keep returning to the familiarity of the red and white bottle. If there’s a sporting event or a backyard barbecue, you can bet this iconic beer is going to make an appearance.


Pyramid Apricot WeizenPyramid Apricot Weizen

Believe it or not, but beer can be quite delicious with a hint of fruit infused into it. Brewed out of Seattle, Pyramid combines the hops flavor of beer with a refreshing hint of fruit that makes it a brew that pairs perfectly with plenty of cuisines. The apricot flavor is light, ensuring it doesn’t overpower the beer with sweetness.

Pyramid Apricot Weizen

Sam Adams Summer AleSam Adams Summer Ale

It’s not summer time until Sam Adams Summer Ale starts popping up everything. Each year, the Boston-based brewery releases its golden brew to the world, ensuring the flavors of this classic seasonal offering are spot on with each release. Different from other Sam Adams brews, the summer ale sports a hint of citrus to complement the expected hops flavor.

Sam Adams Summer Ale

Natural IceNatural Ice

A product of famed Anheuser-Busch brewery, Natural Ice is an American collegiate classic. This 5.9% beer was created for the college scene and is a beer meant to be pounded back rather than sipped and enjoyed. A couple of cases of Natural Ice likely wouldn’t survive your typically frat party.

Natural Ice

Steel ReserveSteel Reserve

Bold and malty, Steel Reserve American lager is considerably newer to the world of beers but that hasn’t stopped it from beating out many of its competitors. For a beer, it has a slightly higher alcohol volume than most, which can be dangerous considering how tasty it is. Owned by Miller, Steel Reserve knows the ropes and even sports a series of fruity flavors like BLK cherry and Hard Pineapple.

Steel Reserve

Rolling RockRolling Rock

From the 1930s comes this American lager, brewed by the Latrobe Brewing Company out of New Jersey. When it comes to refreshing brews, Rolling Rock tends to sneak ahead of many competitors on the shelf, partially thanks to its iconic and familiar bottling. The rice and cord brew offers a hint of malt and a smoothness that goes down easy with each sip.

Rolling Rock

Miller LightMiller Light

Like Budweiser, Miller Light has earned a place in most refrigerators across the United States simply for its familiarity. That, of course, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth having on hand, especially since the majority that do drink it do so for the light and refreshing taste. Miller Light is the perfect beer for newcomers to the world of beer.

Miller Light


Brewed and bottled in Pottsville, PA, Yuengling is a traditional lager that makes no fuss about being something super unique and quirky. It’s all about the medium flavor, beautiful amber coloring, and very subtle sweetness, which comes from the caramel malt it’s brewed with.


Blue MoonBlue Moon

Though brewed in the United States, Blue Moon sports flavors akin to an exotic, Belgian-styled brew. A member of the Coors family, Blue Moon has a light and refreshing flavor that almost seems as if it was brewed with the intention of having citrus notes added to it. Like many inexpensive brews, Blue Moon is a great introduction to the world of beer.

Blue Moon