Paladyne E1000MP Drone Jammer – No-Zone the Drone

The future is fraught with risk, and the least of them is coming from the sky, piloted by someone who has a few hundred bucks and a bone to pick with you. Fortunately, Paladyne, a Silicon Valley-based tech firm has created the E1000MP drone jammer.

Many top security experts expect drones to play a significant role in warfare in the coming years. We’re not talking about the Predator drone-type sky stalkers; we’re talking about consumer-style rotary drones modified to fit a single-use purpose. In 2018 a swarm of drones shut down the runway at London’s Gatwick airport, grounding hundreds of flights that had ripple effects worldwide. Since then, a number of attacks have plagued private businesses, major transportation systems, and ground warfare.

Can the Paladyne E1000MP drone jammer help you blast the next incoming drone out of the sky? Let’s take a look.

paladyne e1000m drone jammer

How the Paladyne Drone Jammer Works

A drone is launched from an undisclosed location not far from the space you are trying to protect. You fire up the Paladyne E1000MP and if the offending air invader is within a kilometer of your current location you have a few options. The drone jammer’s omnidirectional antenna setting will allow you to scramble the reception the pilot is relying on simply.

But you want to take the protection a step further so you activate the ‘return home’ function. This tactic ensures that not only does the drone evacuate your airspace but you can track it as it returns to its pilot. Risk averted and offender safely detained, your airspace is now safe.

The Paladyne drone jammer system is small and portable. A base unit that measures slightly smaller than a briefcase sits next to you. In your hand is a gun-like device that you hold and point at the offending flying object. This pistol-style handheld is mountable to a riffle for added aiming leverage, or it can fly solo for easy transport.

Price and Availability

With the drone market currently valued at $42.8 billion dollars and estimated to double in the next 4 years, if you have private airspace it’s hard not to imagine needing something like the Paladyne E1000MP.

At the time of publishing, Drone Defence, maker of the Paladyne E1000MP drone jammer, has not released a price, but if you’re serious about your security, fill out the contact form on their site and they’ll follow up with more information.

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