OTTAVA™ f SC-C70 Music System – A Premium Sonic Quiver

Having a sound system in your home allows you the chance to listen to all your favorite music at home with astounding quality. Still, not everyone has space for so many speakers, subwoofers, and other pieces of equipment to make that reality possible. The OTTAVA™ f SC-C70 premium all-in-one music system changes that. This device packs a complete home audio system’s power into a singular device with a sleek look, upgrades the sound quality in every dimension, and adds a long list of handy features.

ottava™ f sc-c70 premium all-in-one music system

OTTAVA™ Music System Technology

The OTTAVA™ f SC-C70 all-in-one music system features three types of speaker units: tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers, allowing this single device to be your entire audio system.

You can connect your music to the device via Bluetooth, Spotify, USB, an aux cord, Airplay, internet radio, or throw on a CD. No matter where your music is stored, you can jam out to it in the comfort of your own home.

This device features SpaceTune, with which you can let the device know where it sits within the room —freestanding, against a wall, or in a corner — and it will adjust to provide you the optimal sound quality. It also comes with a fully digital amp and three JENO engines. JENO (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization) engines deliver audio data to the speakers so you can listen to all your music without loss. Technics’ LAPC technology endows the speaker units with the ideal impulse response.

ottava™ f sc-c70 premium all-in-one music system


The OTTAVA™ f SC-C70 design combines elegance and simplicity in one little (or not so little) aluminum box. The device on its own is rather unassuming, keeping it from being too flashy in your living room. There is a remote control, but for ease of use, you’ll also find aluminum touch keys on top to control your music with just the tap of a finger.

If you still love to jam out to your favorite CDs, there’s a clear CD slot right on top, so you can show off that radical album art that’s much less appreciated these days.

A louver front grille protects the speaker units, and the adjacent reverse dome-shape fin acoustic lenses produce long sound paths and an expanded sound field.

A twin power supply circuit system ensures there’s no variation in your sound quality from noise or mutual interference if the power supply changes. The optimally activated circuit system shuts down unnecessary circuits during playback for additional noise reduction.

If you’re streaming music from internet sources, you’ll often have signal compression, which generates noise and reduces sound quality. The Re-master function expands the frequency band, so there’s no loss of quality, regardless of the source.

Panasonic Technics spared no detail in bringing you the utmost sound experience.

ottava™ f sc-c70 premium all-in-one music system

Bringing the  OTTAVA™ Music System Home

If the design features and technological innovations brought to you by this sound system have wowed you, we get it.

To transform your desired space into a robust and innovative sound experience, you can pick up the Technics OTTAVA™ f SC-C70 premium all-in-one music system at most electronic retailers, audio stores, and Amazon for $1,500. Might be quite the price tag, but it’s cheaper than building a custom (and bulkier) home audio system.

For a complete list of sellers, head on over to the Technics website.


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