offGrid MIDI/OSC Controller – Your Music, Your Creation, Anywhere, Anytime.

Modern technology and apps have made it easy to sharpen an array of skillsets with limited equipment. Making music is no exception, and coming soon to the market is offGrid, a pocketable MIDI/OSC controller. It’s a versatile, personal device that allows you to take your sound deck anywhere, anytime.

What Is It?

offGrid is a compact MPC-style (music production center) device featuring a drum pad, keyboard, and haptic controller. It has a 2 x 2 grid, 16 LED-backlit silicone pads sensitive to motion, and a multi-directional joystick capable of mimicking vibrato or slide to capture more personality in your music. The design is lightweight, and the technology employed in the build is ideal for capturing your ideas.

offGrid uses AI Machine Learning Core. With the fusion of a 3D accelerometer, an instrument that measures acceleration, and a 3D gyroscope, a device that measures orientation and angular velocity — so shake, twist it, move it — offGrid’s advanced core senses and responds to the motion. If you can’t cerebrally pinpoint what you’d like to create but can feel it in your bones, offGrid is there for you to detect and translate your movement into music. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced professionals alike.

offGrid MIDI/OSC ControllerThe Specs

offGrid MIDI/OSC Controller is slightly bigger than an iPhone X. The gadget has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that will last an entire day. It is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows via Bluetooth and USB Type-C. It’s ready to pair and play right out of the box.

The controller communicates with apps and DAWs (digital audio workstations) that many users will be familiar with, and it’s customizable for use with other equipment. Users can create and save mixes on the device with 16 banks of 16 presets, 256 total.

The offGrid designers state, “Aside from full MIDI Polyphonic Expression, offGrid allows continuous, high-resolution data transmission which maps to OSC (Open Sounds Control).”

It’s available in white, black, or turquoise.

How Do I Find It?

offGrid is available through Kickstarter. To reserve yours, select one of the several pledge packages, which start at $116, 20% off the forthcoming MSRP of $145. The type of pledge you choose will determine which accessories you’ll receive with your offGrid. The estimated delivery is December 2020.

offGrid MIDI/OSC ControllerThe Creators – birdkids

birdkids is a creative tech company committed to designing helpful and inspiring technology so that individuals can express themselves freely. Based out of Vienna, Austria, the team comprises curious engineers, UI/UX designers, architects, illustrators, developers, DJs, and VJs. The team is environmentally conscious. As such, the materials used in creating offGrid are recyclable yet durable enough to ensure the controller’s longevity. They also focus on low-emission manufacturing methods and employ RoHS-compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) components.

Get Your offGrid MIDI/OSC Controller Today

Gone are the days of lugging heavy equipment around if you’re meeting mentors, friends, or other artists to collaborate. With this MIDI/OSC controller, you can work your craft with ease wherever. Never let an idea slip away again with offGrid.

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offGrid MIDI/OSC Controller offGrid MIDI/OSC Controller