Nike Flyleather Classic Sneaker

Looking for a shoe for everyday wear that is able to accommodate all of your favorite attire can be tedious, especially when you are active. So many different shoes for physical activity will come in garish colors with plentiful details and patterns, when all you want is something sleek and simple that is able to perform just as well. With the Nike Flyleather Classic Sneaker, you are able to get all of that and so much more. The Nike’s are an everyday-wear shoe that is made into a classic competition style which Nike has been known for. The shoes are ideal for those who need both form and function in their shoes.

This Flyleather is a premium, ultra durable engineered leather that is able to withstand whatever you throw at it, including a variety of weather and the elements. The leather contains at least 50 percent leather fiber to provide you with the best performance possible. The foam midsole of the Flyleather offers total comfort with every step, supporting your feet to ensure that you are comfortable no matter what it is that you are doing. The rubber cup sole construction offers a classic court-style appearance that is versatile and unique; these shoes can be worn with basketball shorts to leggings; from mini dresses to jeans and beyond.