Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Triple Black

Running shoes are not something that can be worn the same way in both winter and summer. In the summer, you need something that is going to be breathable enough to be comfortable and cool, but in the winter, you need to protect your feet from the cold without overheating them. With the Nike Air Presto, you can get all of the warmth that you need in winter and all of the comfort of a summer running shoe. Perfected for cold weather comfort, these Nike’s are ultra-stretchy and easily conforms to your foot with its warm upper lining. The finish of these shoes is waterproof in order to keep out any precipitation or snow that is already on the ground. It has ground-gripping traction that is ideal for hugging the terrain, no matter if the weather is wet or dry.

Inspired by classic running shose, the Nike Air Presto offers a sleek profile but comes with a synthetic plastic upper to give a sock-like fit. The durable, water repellant finish will keep you comfortable in the shoe and the mid cut collar will offer plenty of support, keeping your feet snug, warm and cushioned. The plush feel of the shoe offers plenty of cushioning with every step.


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