The Nas-E – A Twisted Story of California Dreaming

Classic cars don’t go out of style; the right crowd appreciates the craft of keeping classics alive. The rugged Land Rover Defender is an internationally recognizable classic — turning heads and elevating heartbeats for years. The iconic vehicle elicits nostalgia for care-free living, freedom, and adventure. The reimagined Defenders, NAS-E and NAS-E Plus, are part of a ‘California’ series by Twisted Automotive, integrating old dreams with cunning technology to take you further.

The California series looks like a gem — a gem hidden away for years that’s finally gotten some mug on the tires. But when you take a closer look under the hood, you’ll swoon at the mechanics. The UK-based company modified the soft-top Defender 90’s aesthetics, but the parts 100% Twisted.

the nas-e

Twisted Mechanics Push Forward

The NAS-E boasts a 200-mile range, backed by 214BHP and 380NM of torque. The American electric motor supports a direct drive power system, using the motor’s torque without any power reductions from gearboxes and belts. The direct drive increases power efficiency and the longevity of the vehicle with fewer moving parts.

It has a 4WD gear reduction transmission and a step down direct transfer case. The belly of the NAS-E has the guts to take you anywhere. Twisted progressive suspension, NAS roll cage, Twisted performance brakes, and a galvanized, raptored chassis will keep you moving and grooving wherever the road takes you.

The NAS-E is left-hand drive, and the cream leather seats with Alston inserts are timeless. Raptor ‘spray down’ flooring means that you can take the NAS-E on any adventure, and she’ll clean up nicely after the rendezvous — seating and all. The cozy three-seat bench with detachable headrests, front AC, a reverse camera, and an EV system management touchscreen keep you comfortable un front.

the nas-e

If you need more packed into your NAS-E, check out the NAS-E PLUS. It features the same mechanics and aesthetics as the base model, but the motor power increases to 320BHP/460NM of torque. It includes a NAS brush bar, NAS side steps, roll-bar spotlights for extra visibility, black side sills, and — the finishing touch — a retro NAS-E body stripe decal.

The ‘California’ series captures what California represents — freedom, diverse landscapes, forward-thinking. The vibrant colors available for the NAS-E are no exception. Warm yellow, sea-foam green, and alpine lake blue symbolize the warm Malibu beaches, Yosemite Valley’s beauty, and Lake Tahoe’s alpine waters.

Dreaming of California

Don’t dwindle on the decision; you know you want one. A reimagined iconic Defender — eyes twinkling with nostalgia — embodying old times surges into 2020 with innovation and forward-thinking. With an MSRP of $185,000 for the NAS-E and $210,000 for the NAS-E Plus, the price for a slice of history isn’t cheap, but the ‘California’ series is one of a kind with only 30 headed for production.

the nas-e

Twisted Automotive

Twisted Automotive was born from a love affair. Twisted founder Charles Fawcett and Land Rover vehicles have a far-reaching history dating back to the 1970s in Yorkshire, England. Fast-forward, Twisted entered the American automotive industry, settling on the East Coast and integrating American engines into the reimagined Defenders. Established in 2000 as a tune-up and a power-enhancing side gig, in 2008, the company grew into a full-time demand.