The Lister Stealth – Jaguar-Powered Performance

Picture yourself screaming through England’s Lake District in the fastest SUV ever produced on the island. Rugged peaks fly by as you zoom down a winding road at 195 mph. The beautiful landscape becomes a blur of green, white, and blues as you mash the accelerator to the floor, and the supercharged v8 engine roars with vitality. Your dream can become a reality in the Lister Stealth — Britain’s fastest SUV.

A Brief History

Lister is Britain’s oldest racing company. In the mid-1950s, the company shared a fuel sponsor with Jaguar. When Jaguar ran into financial trouble and couldn’t field a car for the 1957 racing season, brilliant minds at Shell-Mex BP pitched a crazy idea: marry the power of a Jaguar engine and transmission to the performance and engineering of a Lister chassis. The car, dubbed the Lister-Jaguar, performed well, and history was made. Lister has been tuning Jaguars ever since.

Stealth Doesn’t Mean Quiet

The Jaguar F-Pace SVR is the platform for the Lister Stealth and is a powerful vehicle with clean lines and impressive chops in its own right. However, the two are distinctly different animals. Lister’s updates to the 5,000cc supercharged V8 deliver a staggering 666bhp — 22% more power than you’ll find under the SVR’s hood and plenty to wake up the neighbors!

Jaguar’s engines and transmissions are already renowned for their capability. Lister captures that tradition and adapts it to world-class performance. You want duel supercharged pulleys? You got ’em. Custom intercoolers? You bet. A performance air filtration system? But of course!the lister stealth

It all adds up to an incredible driving machine. Put the accelerator on the floor and hit 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. But why stop there? You can push this beast of a vehicle all the way up to 195 mph — just don’t call us when the British fuzz pulls you over. (Hopefully, they’ll just give you an admiring wave as you flash by on your way to the local pub for fish and chips.)

A 21-gallon gas tank ensures the Stealth will go the distance, from short jaunts down to the corner shop to cross-country road trips. But keep an eye on the fuel gauge — that supercharged v8 is going to guzzle some gas!


Thoughtful exterior design elements add to a unique look and aid in crucial performance tuning. Observe the stainless steel quad-exhaust system, complete with carbon fiber tips. Check out the side skirts, the custom carbon diffuser, and the carbon front bumper. The bumper facilitates air cooling and aerodynamics, both of which are critical for such a large vehicle that reaches such impressive speeds.

The eye-catching 23-inch alloy wheels and standard lowered suspension are perfect for those evening street cruises. Need to explore roads less traveled? No problem. Lister’s got you covered with its promise to adjust your Stealth’s suspension according to your specific driving needs.the lister stealth


Just like the rest of the vehicle, the Stealth’s interior is designed to satisfy. Lister uses only the finest, most luxurious leathers, fabrics, and finishing materials to curate an impeccable experience. The racing-inspired bucket seats feature supple Bridge of Weir Nappa leather, as do the steering wheel, console, and dashboard. Tasteful stitching traces the contours. Lister shows off a palette in rich, glossy black with neon green stitching and accents on its website, but you don’t have to go neon-Batman if you don’t want to: Lister offers a choice between 36 leather colors and 90 stitching options.

With so much opportunity for customization, you can all but guarantee no one will be jetting around in a Lister Stealth quite like yours.

The Buy

The Lister Stealth starts at $143,435. Lister invites you to make a purchase inquiry on their website, but our advice is to hurry: the Stealth is on a limited production run. Only 100 of these exceptional machines will be built!


the lister stealththe lister stealththe lister stealth