2019 Hennessey Ford Velociraptor Ranger

If combining the stamina of a Ford engine with Hennessey Performance design is not enough to get your attention, we don’t know what is. The mid-size Ranger pickup truck is back with a vengeance, aptly named the Velociraptor in acknowledgment of its colossal power. We’re not dismissing the previous Ranger model’s capacity and might, but the reimaginings of Hennessey has changed the game significantly. A boost from the 270 horsepower 2.3L turbo EcoBoost engine to a whopping 350 horsepower is the most noticeable technical feature, while the four-inch height difference, big flared fenders and LED lights are among the external features worth a mention.

All of this is supported now by all-terrain BF Goodrich tires on to 17 inch alloy wheels, as well as a bumper upgrade, creating a mean-looking vehicle guaranteed to excite fans of both brands and pickup styles. High flow air-induction system and new stainless steel exhaust plus ECD tuning gives an extra intense boost. Go from 0-60 mph in just 6.1 seconds (up 1.3 above previous releases). This model is mighty and powerful – a great feat of engineering and design performance for both brands, and one which is already causing a stir in the high-performance vehicle sphere. Exclusivity also adds to desirability of the Hennessey Ford Velociraptor Ranger – only 500 of the model are planned to be released for sale in 2019. Each model upgrade will come with a 3 year guarantee, and is available for purchase by Hennessey direct or by contacting select Authorized Hennessey Performance Ford Dealers.

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2019 Hennessey Ford Velociraptor Ranger 2019 Hennessey Ford Velociraptor Ranger