1st Mate Marine Safety & Security: Smart, Wearable Rescue Device

If you’re always on the lookout for the latest gadgets in marine safety, the 1st Mate Marine Safety and Security System should be on your radar. This wearable marine rescue device and 1st Mate’s corresponding mobile app provide safety alerts and boat security in a simple, easy-to-use package.

The marine rescue device has person-overboard monitoring, distress message capability, and theft deterrence, all packed into a sleek user-friendly design. Get ultimate peace of mind when you and your shipmates are out on the water.

1st mate marine safety Marine rescue device

Personal Marine Rescue Device for Crew & Passengers

The 1st Mate System has capacity for up to eight wristband fobs — one for the boat’s captain and seven for passengers. These smart marine rescue devices connect to a mobile app that monitors their status and location.

The fob integrates directly into the craft’s propulsion system. This integration is key — if the captain falls overboard, 1st Mate will detect when the fob is submerged and automatically stop the boat’s engine. It also sounds an alarm and sends an alert to emergency contacts via the mobile app. Similarly, the app pings the captain if one of the passengers falls overboard, with an alert and a GPS location.

Engine-Integrated Theft Deterrence System

Using the 1st Mate Theft Deterrence System, you can lock your boat’s engine to prevent unauthorized use. Whether you leave your boat parked at the dock or anchor it off-shore, this feature ensures you don’t have to worry about leaving it unattended. The captain’s wearable fob has a proximity sensor that automatically unlocks the engine, or you can use the mobile app to unlock the system.

1st mate marine safety and security system

Person-Overboard Alerts & Distress Messaging

If you or your passengers fall overboard and can’t get back on the boat, the 1st Mate Marine rescue device can send a distress message to your emergency contacts. The message will include important information such as the location, heading, date, and time of the “man overboard” event. You can set the distress message to auto-send either after a certain amount of time has elapsed or if a fob triggers an SOS message.

Universal Boat Engine Compatibility

1st Mate makes a version of the marine rescue device and engine-integrated system specifically for Mercury SmartCraft with engines 40 horsepower or more manufactured after 2005. The base kit ($571) includes a vessel hub, wire harness, antenna, NFC tag, and installation instructions, along with a captain’s fob, wristband, and carabiner clip. This version of 1st Mate includes a setting to turn alerts off when your engine is in neutral.

For all other leading engine brands, 1st Mate offers a universally-compatible model. The universal base kit ($571) is commensurate with the SmartCraft kit: the vessel hub, wire harness, antenna, NFC tag, installation instructions, captain’s fob, wristband, and carabiner clip come included. This version should work with most other commercially available engines.

In both cases, passenger fobs are sold separately ($129 each).

1st mate marine system rescue device and app

Top Tech in an Easy-To-Use Package

The 1st Mate system receives periodic updates via the Android and iOS-compatible mobile apps. The app will serve as your primary interface to set up and monitor your 1st Mate.

While the 1st Mate rescue device does not replace safety lanyards, personal flotation devices, or personal locator beacons, it does provide an additional layer of security to your on-the-water safety kit. Add the 1st Mate Marine Safety and Security System to your marine preparedness arsenal for extra protection for you and your passengers.


1st mate marine safety and security system

1st mate marine safety and security system