Makerball DIY Pinball Machine

Your wish to own a pinball machine can be finally granted thanks to Makerball DIY Pinball Machine. Even better, this machine is entirely customizable, making it entirely your own.

This pinball machine is especially appealing to DIY and construction devotees. It will be delivered to your door in many pieces, and can be easily assembled in around 30 to 60 minutes. The building and mechanic instructions are simple to follow, and the wood materials used for its structure are reliable and sturdy. All you need to build it is a screwdriver, nothing else.

Besides its the main structure, the kit also includes a range of basid obstacles, as well as conductive copper foil and wires to make the sensors. Once you have built Makerball body, it’s completely up to you to decide on its difficulty, obstacle design, and colors. Obstacles can be built pretty much out of anything: wood, bricks, toilet rolls, clay, paper, trash…

The benefit of this machine being entirely your design, is that it can morph into any aesthetic look you want it to have. It can fit perfectly within a minimalist environment. It can stay in a child’s bedroom with flashy colors and a challenging playfield. It can belong inside your business where the obstacles can contain business cards and have logo stickers on it sides.; the possibilities are endless.

By installing the free Make & Play score app, you’ll be able to upgrade your pinball game. By using a microcontroller, your scores will be recorded, and sound effects will ring each time the ball passes through the conductive copper plates.

Find your inner child through this awesome, innovative toy system for adults.


Makerball DIY Pinball MachineMakerball DIY Pinball Machine