The Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine – Professional Vinyl Cleaning in a Bite-Sized Package

At this point, we are a few years into the renaissance of vinyl. Analog is king, but a dirty, oily record will interfere with that warm sound you crave. Clean your record collection like the pros do, with a dedicated record cleaning machine. Allow us to direct your attention to the Prodigy by Keith Monks.

Using technology originally developed in conjunction with the BBC, the Prodigy cleans your records in 2.5minutes. Toss your record (any size) onto the device, squirt a little cleaning fluid onto the disk, and use the Eco Roller Precision Microfiber Wand to remove smudges and dirt. The cleaning fluid sits securely in a cut-out of the bamboo casing, complete with a plastic bottle holder to catch drips.

Once the record surface is glossy, move the arm into place by the record label and let the Precision Point Suction System remove all the cleaning fluid from between the grooves. Now your records can go immediately back into their protective sleeves without having to air dry (or right onto your all-in-one turntable for a listening session).

The cleaning process might take some dialing in — you can adjust the suction power and arm movement by fiddling with Prodigy’s air valve. You can also change the nozzle tip to have perfect, flush contact with the record. All this might be a pain to someone used to having devices do the work for them. But if you are a serious analog audiophile, chances are you like life to be more than push-button simple.

For the Eco-Conscious Audiophile

Prevent re-contamination is part of the system design, so go ahead and run your whole record collection through without fear of spreading your gunk across other albums (or lend it to a friend). And while you are kicking back for a record cleaning session with your buds, you can feel good about your environmental impact. Keith Monks cleaning fluid is biodegradable; you can listen easy knowing you won’t be dumping any harsh chemicals into the environment.

On top of that, the Prodigy is constructed mostly from bamboo — one of the most renewable natural resources around. The natural finish of each Prodigy is unique. You can be sure that even if your friends buy one, yours will look slightly different.

All the components in the Prodigy are mass-produced, which makes servicing and part replacement easy, even if you aren’t mechanically-minded.prodigy record cleaning machine

Space-Saving Utility and Beauty

Speaking of decor, the Prodigy’s compact footprint is ideal for small homes (or just rooms where your record collection takes up most of the usable space.) It’s only 21 x 9 inches — not much bigger than a shoe-box.  When the cleaning concludes, the bamboo cover fits securely over the mechanism.

If you are feeling snazzy, you can change the color of the LED strip that runs horizontally along the center of the bamboo casing. Or turn it off entirely if you want a more elegant look.

A final point in the Prodigy’s favor — it works on DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs, and CDs just as well as records!

The Buy

The Keith Monks Prodigy is priced at $995 and comes with everything you’ll need to get started bringing your record collection back into perfect, ear-pleasing order. But you might need to look around at third-party websites and specialty audio stores, as Keith Monks doesn’t sell directly to consumers.


prodigy record cleaning machine