gita Cargo Robot: Powerful, Pint-Sized, & Organized

If you’ve ever lived in a city like Manhattan, Tokyo, or London, you are familiar with the foot commute required for most daily activities. A grocery store trip can often mean carrying the load by hand or basket back to your modest abode. While this chore has long term benefits – you’re more active and less likely to buy unnecessary items – it can often be incredibly limiting in terms of what you can bring home. Surely, there’s a better way, right? Enter gita (say: “jeeh-tuh”), the cargo-carrying robot.

Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), a Boston-based design outfit and sister company to Piaggio of Italian scooter making fame, created gita as a solution for just such pedestrian problems. This tiny following robot is a personal grocery-getter, stuff carrier, and silent assistant. What can gita do for you, you ask? Let’s find out.

gita robot

gita Cargo Robot Carries On

When setting up your gita cargo-carrying robot, you stand a few feet in front of its multiple cameras so that the robot can get a feel for what you look like to follow you. Once scanned, simply turn and start your stride; gita will remain a few steps behind you. Capable of carrying up to 40 inanimate pounds (no dogs or kids, sorry), gita follows you within 3 to 5 feet and only stops when you do.

There are a few noted limitations for the robot, namely uneven surfaces and stairs, but gita can climb an incline of 16%, which is the kind of terrain you’d wish you had some help carrying your supplies up, anyway. To imagine the type of surfaces you’d need to successfully use gita, just think about anything that is ADA (American Disabilities Act)-compliant. So, most big cities and downtown metro areas are fair game!

Get a gita

We’re not going to sugar coat it; gita costs a knee-weakening $3,250. However, suppose your lifestyle is the kind where you often end up driving for very short distances simply due to a cumbersome haul back home. In that case, this handy little cargo-toting, organized robot may just pay for itself in a matter of years. And think of all the steps you’re going to get in!

Maybe you can ditch the $106-per-month gym membership and finance gita for the same amount instead. Or keep that new membership, and let gita carry your gym gear for you.

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