Danner Arctic 600 Side-Zip Boots

One of the most important aspects of proper winter hiking or working gear is what boots you choose. Danner has created the Arctic 600 Side-Zip Boots to provide everything you need, and even more.

What used to be known as the Mountain 600 boot by Danner will, in 2019, be reborn with a bit more height as the Arctic 600 Side Zip. These rugged boots offer some very important features for anyone who spends time in the cold. The PrimaLoft Gold synthetic insulation provides immaculate warmth, while the Vibram sole, which is frost resistant, gives an extra layer of protection.

If you’ve ever had trouble with arch support, then you’ll know how important the anatomically correct insole can be. The Arctic 600 offer just that, with an arch that will fit perfectly against your foot. Another layer of inner insulation joins a thermo-polyurethane pad over the toes so you’ll be both warm and comfortable.

A nice pairing of all natural suede leather in addition to the synthetic upper and an Arctic Grip sole give you a completely waterproof boot for all terrains. Additionally, the side zip option allows you to put these on, or take them off, with ease.

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Danner Arctic 600 Side-Zip BootsDanner Arctic 600 Side-Zip Boots