Caviar Apple 1 iPhone 12: For the Love of Gadgets! $10,000??

Your Finest Caviar, Please!

Apple is already the trunk of a very profitable tree. With many companies reaping the benefits of Apple’s success, Caviar Royal Gifts is among that crowd. Apple is not the only company from which Caviar benefits, but few will lavish in the benefits from Caviar’s creative, thoughtful facelift of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro. The Caviar Apple 1 is a smartphone that is technologically identical to the iPhone 12 Pro — with a $10,000 aesthetic upgrade.

caviar apple 1 iphone 12 pro back

Caviar Apple 1 iPhone 12 Pro

The Caviar Apple 1 iPhone 12 Pro closely resembles Apple’s original computer, the Apple 1, which was hand-built in 1976 by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. A rectangular board fragment from the original Apple 1 circuitry inlays the bottom third of the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Apple 1 casing— which may explain the hefty price tag on this luxury smartphone. Original Apple 1 computers are not easy to find, and, when sold, the gadgets command around six figures. Surrounding the bright circuit board is historically accurate wood paneling and two tiny titanium facades: a miniature monitor displaying code that cleverly terminates in “Hello World” and a row of keyboard keys that spell out “Computer.” The original Apple logo sits to the right of the iPhone 12 Pro’s numerous cameras.

Caviar is releasing only nine Apple 1 renditions of the iPhone 12 Pro model, but patrons may choose between iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max bases and select one of three storage capacity options:

  • 128 Gb – 12 Pro ($8,600) / 12 Pro Max ($9,140)
  • 256 Gb – 12 Pro ($8,910) / 12 Pro Max ($9,450)
  • 512 Gb – 12 Pro ($9,290) / 12 Pro Max ($9,830)

Caviar Apple 1 Light

Alternatively, and for nearly half of the price, buyers can opt for the Apple 1 Light. The Apple 1 Light casing features the same wood paneling base, a smaller piece of the original Apple computer circuit board, and the Apple logo up top, but without the titanium screen and keyboard details.

There will be just 49 Apple 1 Light models created, also on a per-order basis, with the same technological modification options on offer:

  • 128 Gb – 12 Pro ($6,290) / 12 Pro Max ($6,830)
  • 256 Gb – 12 Pro ($6,600) / 12 Pro Max ($7,140)
  • 512 Gb – 12 Pro ($6,980) / 12 Pro Max ($7,520)

apple 1 iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max

Caviar Royal Gifts

Russian brand Caviar customizes casings for Apple products, Samsung smartphones, watches, tech peripherals, and more. It recently produced a one-of-a-kind, 22-karat gold PlayStation 5, exclusive AirPod Max headphones, and an embellished version of the Nike Air Jordan 1s.

Caviar does custom ‘modding’ as well. Modding out your current phone does not require you to purchase an entirely new one, which can lower the price a bit if your heart is set on Caviar.

Gold, diamonds, engraving make frequent appearances on Caviar products, and master artisans oversee all of Caviar’s redesigns. Without any attempt at pretense, the design company prides itself on being a tastemaker. Caviar’s luxury goods perform dual bidding by flocking each buyer’s economic status and displaying the company’s own access to excessive opulence.


apple 1 side view

caviar iphone 12 pro apple 1