The 10 Best Zipper Work Boots for Men

The fact that you have searched for this article means you’ve probably had some trouble with the lace boots and decided enough is enough with the frequent bending over to tie laces. And honestly, that’s a smart choice because zipper boots provide much more than just convenience.

You can slide your feet into a pair of these when going on a field day, either for work or for fun, because these boots are comfortable and convenient.

Here are the 10 best zipper boots you should consider.

Danner Men’s Kinetic 8-Inch Side-Zip GTX Work BootDanner Men’s Kinetic 8-Inch Side-Zip GTX Work Boot

1932 was not the best year for American boot trade because the quality had gone extremely downhill, and the industry was almost at its downfall. This is what awakened Charles Danner’s dream. He cherished nothing more than quality, and he noticed how the eminence of boots was deteriorating. Soh, he took to making American-sourced leather boots from Chippewa Falls. The demand for such boots grew bigger, especially in Portland where logging was a significant activity. He, therefore, moved to Portland, Oregon, where he maintained his incredible craftsmanship; the quality had never been better, and the boots became the trend in the 1940s.

The boots have since then maintained their position in the market, and this is why, thanks to its puncture-proof kinetic outsole, the Danner Men’s Kinetic boot protects your feet from any crude objects you might step on. The sole also comes in handy when running and will help you go faster without the risk of slipping.

Your feet are always kept comfortable with the cushioned footbed even in the midst of the roughest surfaces. As expected, this American-made work boot is 100% waterproof, meaning your feet will always be dry. However, the rubber sole does not last as long as other shoes of the same value. Still, for the convenience, safety, and comfort they provide, you can’t go wrong.


Thorogood Men’s Gen Flex 8-Inch Side Zip Jump BootThorogood Men’s Gen Flex 8-Inch Side Zip Jump Boot

Thorogood is a Wisconsin footwear company subsidiary, and it is by far the best known. It is an American workboot brand that majors in high-quality boots aimed at providing comfort to the foot and convenience to the user. The roots of Thorogood can be traced back to 1918 when Albert Weinbrenner started producing them for oil workers, miners, and rail workers. The demand for this kind of work was at the top, and this encouraged the production of the first safety-toed Thorogood workboot in 1943.

The name Thorogood means tough and durable, which is precisely what this boot is. The Gen Flex Zip Jump Boot will last you almost as long as a lifetime because of its Goodyear Storm-welt construction, which is exceptionally durable. The spacer mesh lining aids relatively free circulation of air to keep your feet cool and dry. Thanks to the removable polyurethane-EVA footbed, the boots are quite comfortable and offer extra support. These work boots also provide quite a tight yet comfortable grip, and this can allow you to run or walk on snow and in the rain with consistent stability.


Bates Men’s Velocitor Waterproof Zip BootBates Men’s Velocitor Waterproof Zip Boot

Bates is a footwear manufacturing company that has been operational since 1885. It was founded in Webster, Massachusetts by Jackson Bates as AJ Bates & Co. In 1930, Bates was one of the companies that were contracted by the government to make shoes for soldiers during WWII, and it sold more than one million pairs during that time. In 1969, Wolverine Worldwide purchased the company, and it first produced its bestselling Ultra-Lites in 2003. The company has managed to evolve with time and adapt to modern trends.

Wearing Bates Men’s Velocitor Zip Boot means you can walk through water and in the rain while your feet will remain perfectly dry because the boots are waterproof. They are also extra comfortable, all credit to the dual-density cushioned inserts and the EVA midsole. We can’t forget the essence of the rubber outsole, which ensures your feet get exceptional grip and traction. While some people avoid using zipper boots because some zippers are weak and damage easily, this is not the case with the Velocitors; they are YKK nylon zippers, some of the strongest and most durable ever created.


Timberland Pro Men's Valor McClellan 6-Inch Work Boot with Side ZipTimberland Pro Men’s Valor McClellan 6-Inch Work Boot with Side Zip

Timberland is among the first and most well-known manufacturers of footwear. It is an American-owned company that was founded in 1928 by Nathan Swartz, who started as a shoe stitcher. Nathan began his big journey when he bought half-interest of Abington Shoe Company in Massachusetts. After a few years of increased development, Nathan acquired the other half. He brought in his two sons, and the three took to making and selling their handmade shoes. They later introduced the use of injection-molding machines, which were quite useful and earned them a sizeable amount of profit as they increased production. The company has continued growing ever since.

The Timberland Pro McClellan is proof of just how much the company has evolved. This pair of boots is tough and will provide your feet with impenetrable protection, especially if most of your days are spent in an industry where crude objects are lying around. One notable thing about the shoes is that they have shock absorbers, which prevent your feet from strain. You can also wear the boots in wet or slippery surfaces without having to worry about falling because the boots are conveniently constructed with slip and oil-resistant features. Additionally, the boots are made with breathable mesh to allow air penetration, a fiberglass shank for stability, and a padded top collar for extra comfort.

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Original S.W.A.T. Men's Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical BootOriginal S.W.A.T. Men’s Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot

Original SWAT boots are known for many reasons but mostly because of the extra amount of luxury they offer. Having been founded in 1999, the company served a wide market maintaining its principal purpose of providing better tactical boots. It later advanced and acquired an even bigger market share, and it has never stopped expanding.

One thing that stands out about this pair is that it has a non-metallic safety toe, which is precisely what you need as a security officer when trying to avoid setting off any alarms. The boots are also bloodborne pathogen-resistant, which means in case you come in contact with infected blood, you will not get infected; well, at least not through the shoes. And, just like most shoes of its quality, this footwear is waterproof, and your feet will always remain dry. The air technology used also increases the level of cushioning, especially on hard surfaces. Lastly, since the boots are made with 100% leather, the aesthetic value is top-notch, so you’ll be looking great even as you perform your work or keep your area safe.

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Thorogood Men's Gen-flex2 8-Inch Composite Toe Wellington Side-ZipThorogood Men’s Gen-flex2 8-Inch Composite Toe Wellington Side-Zip

Just as mentioned above, Thorogood boots were first manufactured in 1918 by Albert Weinbenner, and they have stayed in the market ever since as they keep upgrading with modification after modification for the best results.

This pair is particularly effortless to slip on, and its Goodyear Welt Construction method makes sure the shoe can serve you for a very long time without wearing out. The stability and support of the shoe are guaranteed by the composite toe and shank, which means falling while wearing these boots should be the least of your worries. Additionally, when you accidentally hit something with your feet, your toes will be kept safe, thanks to the rubber outsole and the abrasion-resistant toe bumper.

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HQ ISSUE Men's Waterproof 8-Inch Side Zip Desert BootsHQ ISSUE Men’s Waterproof 8-Inch Side Zip Desert Boots

HQ ISSUE is a brand by Guide Gear, which is a member company of Sportsman Guide. The company produces a variety of items from footwear to clothes, camping gear, and military surplus items, among others. It started its operations in 1977 and introduced HQ ISSUE brand into the market in 2012.

Hiking or field days mean long walks, and that means there will be sweating. But HQ ISSUE makes that the least of your worries because of its waterproof moisture-wicking lining, which will keep your feet perfectly dry. The rubber outsoles are also quite useful as they provide an excellent grip to your feet, keeping them steadily on the ground as the padded insole ensures adequate comfort. These lightweight work boots hardly cause fatigue to the feet. However, the shoes run narrow and can be uncomfortable for people with wide feet.


Kamik Men's Champlain2Snow Work BootKamik Men’s Champlain2Snow Work Boot

Kamik is a footwear manufacturing company founded in 1898 by William Cook’s and Charron Boot’s family. However, Charron Boot was bought out in 1932 and ever since, the company has been under the Cook’s family of companies. As times change, the company has also changed and blended into the new trends. However, in as much as they have adopted new trends, their shoes still have a touch of a vintage look, which is what makes them unique.

Tough missions require sturdy boots, and that’s what this pair of work boots is all about. These boots are the perfect choice in cold weather conditions. The Thinsulate insulation used in their construction provides exceptional warmth to your feet. Moisture from the warmth or water is also prevented by the moisture-wicking lining. The zippers are strategically placed in the front and are from YKK, is the best quality that there is. Lastly, these boots can last a lifetime, all thanks to the leather and rubber upper material.

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Iron Age Men's Hauler Industrial & Construction Work BootIron Age Men’s Hauler Industrial & Construction Work Boot

Iron Age is an American footwear production company that began in 1918 and was the first company to produce safety-toe footwear. However, the company became bankrupt in 2017 but was resurrected by Warson Brands for its ongoing potential. The company has continued producing high-quality Iron Age boots.

Strong but comfortable is what you need when you are out working on construction or industrial sites, and these boots are as strong as you could need. You can hardly slip when wearing these boots, because of the sturdy PermaBound outsole. The non-metallic safety toe prevents you from setting off alarms, and the YKK zip closure ensures you get no trouble zipping up, especially when in a hurry. The cushioned inserts are multi-purpose because, as they provide your feet with extra comfort, they also ensure you have stability, and your feet are kept steadily on the ground. Also, the durable, premium leather makes these boots remarkably classy.

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Magnum Men's Stealth Force Tactical Zipper Work BootMagnum Men’s Stealth Force Tactical Zipper Work Boot

Magnum Boots came to be as a result of Frank Van Wezel’s love for sports. Frank already owned Hi-Tec Company, and he introduced Magnum. His aim was to make lightweight and comfortable sport shoes. So, in 1982, Frank started the production of Magnum Boots, which was a fulfillment of the demand from FBI center for lightweight tactical boots. The brand picked up quickly, and more research was done to improve the quality. These boots are still worn today and can work perfectly as uniform boots.

This brand is easily the most stylish yet long-lasting boot brand. The boots have longer durability because of the full-grain leather and high-strength nylon used in its construction, which also enhance its attractiveness. The leather construction also makes them super comfortable, and the textile upper construction aids in the circulation of air for better breathability.

The boot’s grip is also impressive, and the high-quality YKK zipper further enhances their convenience and durability. These outsoles of these shoes are constructed to withstand a lot of force and pressure during long walks without getting easily damaged. Overall, these boots are going to last you a long time on the job.