The 15 Best Tasting Green Tea Brands

Green tea is widely popularized as one of the healthiest drinks on the market. It has a powerful effect on our body because it is loaded with antioxidants. Some of them, called polyphenols, reduce inflammation and help to fight cancer. Catechins are helpful as well for preventing cell damage and various other ailments. Antioxidants are also important because they destroy the formation of free radicals in the body, which play a major role in the effects of aging. It is, therefore, no wonder why fellow green tea enthusiasts often have a youthful look.

One of the most important compounds in green tea is called EGCG. It is widely believed that EGCG can defend the brain against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and that is also good for the heart. Your brain function can also be improved, thanks to its main ingredient, caffeine, which is known for its stimulant qualities. You will experience the benefits of concentrating easier, without being overwhelmed by jitteriness (I am looking at you, coffee and energy drinks), thanks to the effects of L-theanine. L-theanine, simply put, will make you happier and more relaxed as it increases the activity of your GABA neurotransmitters. This synergistic effect is one of the main appeals of this tea.

Furthermore, green tea increases fat burning, so it is ideal if you want to lose a couple of pounds.  It also lowers the risk of diabetes, so you may have your cake and eat it too. Honestly, what more could you want?

When looking for a good product, though, be wary of the brands containing large amounts of fluoride. This is the evidence that tea is of lower quality. This list will offer you only the best brands of tea we have found. So, let us begin.

Twinings of London Jasmine Green Tea BagsTwinnings of London

We will open this list with a true classic. Here, we have a green tea that is also scented with jasmine flowers, bringing you a remarkably unique flavor. It is blended using only peppermint, which brings out a truly amazing fresh mint taste. This premium tea is made only from the finest leaves cultivated and is naturally low in caffeine, so it’s a good choice for those who are sensitive to the effects of the stimulant. There is absolutely no bitterness, which is present in regular brands.

It is recommended to steep this tea for only a minute, but if you like your tea stronger, two minutes will suffice. One box contains 20 bags of tea. Twinning’s of London also offers the following variations: decaffeinated green tea, pomegranate, raspberry, and strawberry green tea, and lemon green tea.


Harney & Sons Citron Green TeaHarney & Sons Citron Green Tea

Harney & Sons is a family owned business. They are set to be famous for producing some of the finest tea on the market. This tea has an excellent citron flavor (mix of orange and citrus) and, as such, is perfect for the people who are just beginning their green tea journey. It is sure to have a wide appeal thanks to its interesting aromas.

Additionally, this tea contains marigold petals and orange oil. This is a completely organic product and serves as a perfect alternative to coffee. Visually, it is completely evident this is a high-quality product as it is presented in a beautiful tin box that will surely spark some nostalgia. Inside it, you will find 20 silken sachets, each of them containing 2 grams of the best Chinese green tea. That is enough for 40 cups of tea. This is an excellent tasting tea that will invigorate your body and mind.


Matcha Organic Tea by Zen SpiritMatcha Organic Tea by Zen Spirit

Next, we have one phenomenal organic Matcha tea brand. You can think of Matcha as green tea on steroids. This tea is a lot brighter than ordinary green tea because it packs huge levels of antioxidants and is much richer in nutrients. This is a high-quality powder that can also be used for cooking and as a part of delicious and healthy smoothies. By purchasing from Zen Spirit, you will also get a free e-book of food recipes. It is USDA Organic approved as well as vegan certified. This is not just a run-of-the-mill regular tea. Zen Spirit offers a blend of the finest ingredients delivered from Japan and then, ground by ceramic stone mills. This Matcha is 100% gluten and sugar-free.

The texture of this tea is very silky. Your LDL cholesterol will be lowered thanks to the high levels of EGCG. The package contains 100 grams of product, and there is a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. That’s how confident the people at Zen Spirit are. This is, simply put, the best organic Matcha tea on the market that will give you high levels of focus and relaxation. And isn’t that something we all want?


Yogi Tea - Green Tea Blueberry Slim LifeYogi Tea

Yogi Tea has been providing sensual tasting, 100% organic tea since the ’60s. Rigorous testing and constant improvement made this product among the highest quality green teas currently on the market. The people at Yogi enrich the best parts of green tea with amla extracts and grapeseed, which gives it a bigger pack of potent antioxidants.

For a nice citrus flavor, there is a touch of organic lemongrass, while jasmine and licorice simultaneously add a touch of sweetness for the ultimate tea experience. This tea doesn’t have GMO ingredients. It does have 21 mg of caffeine per bag. There are 16 tea bags in a box. Yogi also offers the following types of green tea: Kombucha, Passion Fruit Matcha, Blueberry Slim Life, and Super Antioxidant. All of these offer a different blend of green tea for you to try.


Lipton Green TeaLipton Green Tea

Lipton is another brand with an immediately recognizable trademark taste. This is an intriguing blend of flavors that contains jasmine, passionfruit, and orange, all of which excellently complement the taste of green tea. The blend contains only freshly picked tea leaves, which is an indication of high-quality. There are no colorings or preservatives included, and that makes this a completely natural product. A box of Lipton’s green tea contains 40 tea bags that are wrapped to preserve freshness.

Each bag contains 35 milligrams of caffeine and 150 milligrams of flavonoids. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold and tastes great even without sweeteners. For the best experience, it should be brewed for up to 90 seconds. The tea is environmentally friendly and is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, making this an ethical choice as well. To conclude, with this tea, Lipton offers an amazing experience that your taste buds will never forget.


Numi Organic Tea Jasmine GreenNumi Organic Tea Jasmine Green

This tea is sourced from the exotic gardens of China’s Hunan Province. This region is famous for producing delicious green tea leaves that are scented three times with real aromatic jasmine to bring you a remarkable experience. And that is exactly what we have here. All of the ingredients are non-GMO and contain high levels of healthy catechins and antioxidants that will benefit your health greatly.

This kosher tea contains moderate caffeine levels that will give you a great energy boost. It can be equally enjoyed iced or hot and should be steeped for 2 to 3 minutes. Numi’s tea is also gluten-free, carbon-free, and vegan certified. The tea bags are also biodegradable, making this brand environmentally conscious.

Here is a great recipe for their Jasmine Green Bubble Tea. Brew 4 tea bags in 3 cups of hot water, and add sweetener if you like. Next, prepare half a cup of dried tapioca pearls and mix all of this together with 2-3 tablespoons of cold milk. Add ice and enjoy.

The folks at Numi impressed us with the impeccable taste of their tea, which is neither too bitter nor too sweet. Once you try it, you might not want anything else.


Tazo China Green TipsTazo China Green Tips

Tazo brings us a green tea from the mountains of Zheijang, which are located in China, the powerhouse of green tea. This is a handpicked tea that impresses with how fresh it tastes. It is also completely organic, with no additives and sweeteners. Thanks to this purity, you can expect an easily recognizable, somewhat bitter, premium taste, aside from all of the amazing health benefits.

This is a package of 6 boxes, all of them including 20 individual tea bags for just over $25.


Uncle Lee's Tea Organic Green TeaUncle Lee’s Tea Organic Green Tea

Uncle Lee’s brand offers one of the strongest blends of green tea on the whole market. The reason for this is Uncle Lee uses extra-large tea bags full of whole leaves. The tea bags are also oxygen bleached, preserving the tea’s numerous qualities. This gives you all of the strengths of natural flavors, plus amazing health benefits. The tea comes from the Fujian Province in China. It is grown without the use of pesticides and is, therefore, 100% organic.

In this offer, you get 4 boxes, each of which has 100 tea bags for a price of a low $20. What a steal!


Smith-Teamaker-Jasmine-Silver-Tip-Blend-No-96Smith Teamaker Jasmine Silver Tip Blend No. 96

Smith Teamaker has a jasmine silver tip blend, and cooking this tea produces a delicate floral flavor and scent. The tea has a discernable pale yellow color. Its premium flavor is achieved thanks to the roomy sachet, which lets the leaf fully expand. It contains no flavorings or additives and is grown absolutely naturally.

It is blended in Portland, Oregon. To achieve the best flavor, simply heat the water to 190 degrees and steep for three minutes. Aside from the taste, this specific brand gave us a nice bump in concentration. This tea is a great alternative to coffee or black tea, and it can help you lose unwanted weight in a natural way.


Leafix Organic Matcha Green TeaLeafix Organic Matcha Green Tea

Here we have another authentic Japanese Matcha powder. Leafix offers us premium-quality tea sourced from prestigious tea farms in Japan. On the visual side, you can’t help but notice the vibrant green color, making this a chlorophyll-rich powder. It is fully sealed to preserve the fresh aroma and is 100% organic. There are no added sugars, it is gluten-free, suitable for vegans, and Kosher certified. The package size is 100 grams, which is enough for 100 servings. One gram has 27 mg of caffeine, which is just the right dose to improve concentration while avoiding the jitters.

Matcha can also be used in many for baking, flavoring cocktails and ice creams, and soups. Couple this amazing versatility with its profound relaxation properties, and it isn’t any wonder why Matcha is regarded so highly. This is an excellent brand, offering high-quality Matcha at a very affordable price.


Sweet Leaf Tea, Mint & Honey Green TeaSweet Leaf Tea, Mint & Honey Green Tea

Sweet Leaf is the first bottled iced green tea brand on the list. This is a 95% organic product with a touch of mint and honey, which bring out an interesting flavor. It is just right, not too sweet nor too bitter. You get 22 mg of caffeine per serving, which is a bit on the low side. This is a cold brew, ideal for long, seemingly never-ending summer days. If you are looking for a new favorite iced tea, you have just found one. We guarantee it.


Teatulia Organic Ginger Green TeaTeatulia Organic Ginger Green Tea

Teatulia offers us a premium ginger green tea. Here you have 50 pyramid tea bags that are made out of corn silk. Each one is filled with 2 grams of tea. The ingredients are green tea, lemongrass, and ginger. This is a 100% organic product, with compostable packaging. The caffeine content is that of a half-cup of coffee, which is actually pretty high. The aroma is lemony with a touch of sweetness and some grassy undertones. This ginger green tea tastes equally impressive in a hot or cold version and will best suit those of us who are looking for a new spark to reignite the love we have for green tea.


Authentic Maeda-en Japanese SenchaAuthentic Maeda-en Japanese Sencha

Next, we have Sencha, the most common variety of Japanese green tea. Sencha offers greater amounts of vitamins C and E in comparison to Matcha. This is a mild (low caffeine) but very flavorful type of green tea.

Maeda-en brings us an authentic Japanese tea experience. For a little over $15, you get 100 tea bags wrapped in foil. Each bag contains 2 grams of Sencha. If you want to drink it as an antioxidant supplement, it is advisable to drink over 6 cups a day.

Preparing it is very easy. For best taste, the tea bag should be brewed for 1 to 2 minutes. Sencha is immediately recognizable for its smoky flavor. It is important to note that this tea is not organic, which is the only downside we found. If you are at all interested in Sencha, Maeda-en brand is a solid choice.


Harney & Sons Organic Green Tea with CitrusHarney & Sons Organic Green Tea with Citrus

Harney & Sons re-enters the list with another iced green tea. This one stands out because it is brewed with the leaves of ginkgo biloba, a plant that is well known for its numerous health benefits. So, you can expect a touch of citrus and a grassy aroma that may be an acquired taste for some of us. For the price of around $50, you get 6 bottles of 16 fl oz (around 0.5 L) green tea. This is a fully organic tea that is aimed at health-conscious people who also want a refreshing and great tasting beverage. It’s an interesting entry, and one we will surely be trying out again.


Shrinksta Organic Sexy BrewShrinksta Organic Sexy Brew

Last but not least, we have an interesting combination of tea and coffee. This is designed specifically as a weight-loss product, as it suppresses your appetite and gives you a solid energy boost. It is a 100% organic product that is sugar and dairy-free. The ingredients are as follows: green coffee bean extract, stevia, Garcinia Cambogia extract, green tea powder, and acai berry extract. Some of these extracts additionally boost your metabolism and pack powerful antioxidants. The acai berry will improve your blood circulation and has detoxifying effects.

For one serving, put 20 grams in 200 ml of hot water. There are 20 servings per pack. This is an ideal product for when you are on the go, as you can make it in seconds. And thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee, this is a risk-free purchase. Sexy Brew is a great choice if you like coffee and want to lose a few pounds.