The 10 Best Portable Garages

If you require outdoor storage space for your car, or if you’re looking for a temporary shelter for an outdoor party, then a portable garage just might be what you’re looking. There are a few different types available to choose from.

The basic concept and design are usually similar but manufacturers do tend to put their own little twist. You’ll find that some will be heavy duty and have reinforced walls, roofs and frames, while others will be much flimsier, lending themselves to more periodic or temporary use.

If your main reason for buying a portable garage is car storage and protection, then weather resistance features should be thoroughly considered. Look for one that can withstand the type of weather it’s going to be subjected to. Think mainly in terms of sun, rain, and snow protection. You should be particular about this since the portable garage will likely be your main line of defense against the elements.

Because of their versatility, you can pretty much store anything in these specialized tents and canopies. It’s not even all about cars. You can keep your seasonal vehicles like snow mobiles and other snow gear protected when not in use. If you’re into farming, then the right portable garage can be used as a storage shed for tools, farming equipment, animal feed, and even grain. If you’re into carpentry, then you could do most of your woodworking in one of these tents. Even if you don’t have anything to store, these portable garages are particularly useful to have during outdoor events and parties, such as weddings and family picnics.

When looking for a portable garage, don’t get stuck on the word “portable” or even “garage,” for that matter. You need to realize that these are very versatile canopies you can use for other things than just vehicle parking.

Shelterlogic Shed-In-A-BoxShelterlogic Shed-In-A-Box

Shelterlogic isn’t new to the game. They’ve been producing top-quality outdoor furniture and shades since the late 1940s. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, Shelterlogic became what it is today, a world leader in the field of outdoor shades and furniture. They sell their products directly to consumers or through retail with the help of their global partners throughout 33 countries spanning 4 continents. It is through these partnerships that Shelterlogic has made easy to set up and high-quality sheds with their very innovative “in-a-box” line of products.

The Shed-In-A-box is just what it sounds like. It is a canopy, a shed, that comes in a box. It’s an easy-to-set-up solution for your vehicle storage needs. It’s made of a triple layer polyethylene, ripstop waterproof fabric. It’s treated with a UV protective coat for extra sun protection for you and your vehicle.

This portable garage is equipped with a durable all steel frame that comes in a variety of sizes. The smallest is 6 x 6 x 6 feet, and the largest is 12 x 12 x 8 feet. You can choose to park your ATV, motorcycle, or even your car in one of these things and not worry about the weather. You can get this portable shed in gray or camo. The latter is a good choice for hunting excursions. You also have your choice of a round or peak roof top, mainly as an aesthetic option.


Outsunny Heavy Duty Outdoor Party TentOutsunny Heavy Duty Outdoor Party Tent

The Outsunny brand of outdoor canopies and furniture has been in the spotlight since 2009. Outsunny boasts an eclectic catalog of fine outdoor furniture starting with simple tarp canopies with basic steel frames to more luxurious rattan pool loungers. If you want to spruce up your garden, patio, or pool area, then Outsunny would be an awesome choice. Because they have such a comprehensive line of products, you can go with an Outsunny canopy to protect your car from the ravages of a harsh local climate, or you can even use their more elegant canopies and tents for formal events such as weddings and parties.

Outsunny enters this list with a party tent. With rust proof steel frames, they are built to be sturdy. Set them up as you like. Depending on the type of effect or the type of climate condition you’re in, you can set up with or without the walls. These come in 3 size variants: 32 x 16 feet, 32 x20 feet, and 40 x 20 feet. While they are perfect for social gatherings and outdoor picnics, this outdoor party tent can function totally fine as a garage for your car, motorcycles and even boats.


Abba Patio 12 x 20 Feet Heavy Duty CarportAbba Patio 12 x 20 Feet Heavy Duty Carport

Abba Patio is a Michigan-based company that produces beautiful outdoor furniture and canopies. They take pride in producing products to enrich the “patio life,” as they put it. They specialize in umbrellas and gazebos, but they also have a line of heavy-duty outdoor furniture made from wicker, wood, or plastic. They have a lot of decorative pieces but they also have simpler, more heavy-duty products like their entry on this list.

Abba Patio’s offering is their Heavy Duty Carport. It’s a big heavy-duty canopy with a simple design. Its simplicity is its asset. Though basic, this carport has some built in variable functionality. There are four ways of setting this sturdy tent up. You can open up the front and the back, just open up the back, or fully close up the carport. You can also roll up the front door. Choose the configuration that produces the weather protection and ventilation control you like. The tarp material is UV protective as well as water-resistant, so you get all-weather protection for your car.


Palram Vitoria 5000 CarportPalram Vitoria 5000 Carport

Palram’s history started in the 1960s with innovations in plastic manufacturing. In its infancy, Palram was a small Israel-based local manufacturer of thermoplastic sheets but is now a leading conglomerate operating on six continents. Today, they produce thermoplastics for professional industry-level applications as well as home and garden use. The user-friendly DIY products under the Palram Applications brand was established in 2005. Though products in this line are built more for the DIY-er, there is no question that they still convey a more professional look, especially when compared to their competition.

Palram gets on this list of the best portable garages with the Vitoria 5000 Carport. The Vitoria 5000, doesn’t play any games. It’s built with durability and stability in mind. Structurally speaking, its heavy-duty aluminum frame and galvanized steel connecting points make it superior. Palram also throws its weight around with a set of almost unbreakable polycarbonate curved roof panels. Don’t be intimidated by its looks; the Vitoria 5000 can be easily set up without any special tools.


Quictent 20 x 10 Feet Heavy Duty CarportQuictent 20 x 10 Feet Heavy Duty Carport

Quictent is a Texas-based brand of canopies, tents, greenhouses, camping tents, and other tarp-based products. They guarantee that all their tent products are built according to the ISO 9001:2000 standards. The tents that they manufacture are silver coated which makes them both waterproof and UV protective.

This entry from Quictent is an easy-to-set-up heavy-duty carport that can double as a party tent. The galvanized steel frame and steel guy wires make this tent extra sturdy. While it can be easily packed up and transported, you wouldn’t be wrong if you were to set this up as a permanent structure in your outdoor living space. The thick polyethylene tarp it comes with is covered in a UV protective coating that also makes it water resistant.


Bestmart INC 10 x 15 ft Heavy Duty Carport Portable GarageBestmart INC 10 x 15 ft Heavy Duty Carport Portable Garage

Bestmart INC is an online brand of office, home, and outdoor furniture that has been active since 2016. Bestmart INC is not a manufacturer of their own products per se, but instead, they operate more like a private labeler that deals with global manufacturers. They claim to do this to bring the lowest prices directly to their customers. Today, you can browse their online stores for an eclectic array of products.

If you’re in the market for a functional storage shed, then the heavy-duty carport that Bestmart INC sells might just be it. It’s a polyethylene tarp canopy that draped over a rust proof steel frame. The tarp is also treated to be UV protective. Fully assembled, this tent comes with windowless side walls and two flaps in the front and back that open and close via zippers. Use this as a storage shed for your car or small truck, or use it as a temporary shelter during outdoor events such as picnics or maybe even camping.


Ikuby Super Sturdy Portable CarportIkuby Super Sturdy Portable Carport

Ikuby is a China-based brand that has made a name for itself for creating one of the more innovative car storage products out on the market. Laying eyes on one of their products actually gives the impression that you’re looking at a slinky – a rather large and functional slinky but a slinky nonetheless. Ikuby has managed to create an elegant solution to the problem of car protection. The birth of their brand actually came as the result of their founder trying to look for the best car protection device for his Mustang. Since he couldn’t find one, he decided to invent one instead.

This Ikuby all-weather proof carport is designed to withstand all four seasons. The structure is made of steel arch frames that move up and down fulcrum points at the base to retract or close the car cocoon. Once closed, this cocoon creates a protective shell that keeps your car free from human tampering as well as weather and climate exposure. With its PU coating, the oxford fabric skin of this unique carport – or should we say, car cocoon – becomes waterproof and UV resistant, both very important features to keep your car in pristine condition.


Outsunny 17 x 10.5 Feet Heavy Duty Enclosed Vehicle ShelterOutsunny 17 x 10.5 Feet Heavy Duty Enclosed Vehicle Shelter

Outsunny returns to the list with the Heavy Duty Enclosed Vehicle Shelter. This Outsunny entry is designed to be tough. It’s rugged and big enough even for the largest SUV or pickup. It is made out of 200 GSM polyethylene water-resistant and UV resistant sheets draped over a rust-proof steel frame. It also features both front and back door zippers for ventilation control. Park your vehicle inside for reliable all-weather protection when not in use.


King Canopy HerculesKing Canopy Hercules

King Canopy is a manufacturer of canopies that hails from North Carolina, USA. They produce canopies, tents, tarps, and sunshade sails. They have retail products as well as bulk products for their business customers. If you wish to customize your King Canopies with your brand name or logos, you can do that too since they offer brand customization options as well.

The Hercules is a big enclosed canopy for bigger SUVs and trucks. You can set it up without the sidewalls and front and back covers, and it still works fine to protect your vehicle from the sun or the rain. However, if you want total protection from the harsh elements, put up the complete enclosure kit. The Hercules also comes with roof cables to reinforce the roof during winter. Aside from being a portable garage, you can use the Hercules as a canopy for outdoor gatherings such as parties, business or product launches, and other similar events.


DELTA Canopies Party TentDELTA Canopies Party Tent

DELTA Canopies is a manufacturer and online seller of canopies and tents based in McKinney, Texas. They produce their own line of products and sell them direct through their online store. This allows them to bypass dealers and thus sell their products at low prices. For each item, DELTA also offers variant sizes and colors. With a lot of options, you’re sure to find a portable garage that’s just right for you.

The DELTA Canopies Party Tent features a rust resistant, powder coated steel frame. Draped over this is a polyethylene sheet that’s designed to be water resistant and UV protective. Because of its large dimensions, the Party Tent is suitable for weddings and outdoor gatherings. It can be also be used as a temporary shelter or even as a garage and storage.

When the full kit is set up, the tent comes with two walls and two end panels. Each side wall comes with four windows. Both the side wall and end panels are removable to allow precise ventilation control.