The 14 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

Knowing the temperature of your house and the outdoor environment is important. This information will let you adjust the air conditioner or heater with the utmost precision, which, in turn, will raise the level of your comfort. Furthermore, having an outdoor thermometer lets you know how to dress accordingly for a night out with your friends.

The top models have a sensor that you keep outside. That sensor then wirelessly transmits the temperature condition to your indoor monitor. Even more than that, they can provide you with humidity, wind speed, and various other useful reading.

This list of the best indoor outdoor thermometers includes models in different levels of features, price, and design.

ThermoPro TP65ThermoPro TP65

We will start this list with a digital thermometer made by ThermoPro. The TP65 is a wireless model with a 200-foot (60 m) range. It packs a large, backlit 4-inch LCD display, which is incredibly easy to read. The backlight is very bright and turns off in 15 seconds. The low battery indicator will tell you when you need to charge it.

The TP65 can display humidity and temperature readings from 3 remote sensors at the same time. Press and hold the CH/SYNC button to get into synchronization mode. Depending on where you are from, a temperature can be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius. It also has the power to show you any humidity and temperature readout from the past 24 hours.

With this model, you will get 1 sensor, but you can buy extras separately. The remote sensor should be placed somewhere where it will be safe from rain. The TP65 has an accuracy of 1.1° Celsius (2° Fahrenheit) for temperature and +/-2% for humidity.

Bottom line, this is an amazing model that has everything you need. You can purchase it for less than $30.

You may also be interested in some of the best infrared thermometers from our list. Check them out.


AcuRite 02027A1AcuRite 02027A1

The 02027A1 is a weather station made by AcuRite. This is a premium, self-calibrating, forecasting thermometer that processes a vast amount of data to provide you with the most accurate temperature and humidity levels. Like most models, it is wireless and has an excellent signal range (330 feet). Aside from this, it features an Intelli-Time clock that will automatically synchronize for daylight savings time. It also has a slick tabletop design and an easy-to-read colorful display that will make you feel like a professional.

The LCD screen has 3 different lighting settings and an Auto Dim Mode. In Auto Dim Mode, the display will automatically change brightness as needed. After a period of calibration, it will be able to accurately predict weather in the next 12 or 24 hours, as well as moon phases. It is compact in size, weather-resistant, and very easy to install.

You cannot go wrong with this model, and even if with all of its features, it still costs less than $50.


ThermoPro TP63ThermoPro TP63

The TP63 is the second model we’re featuring from a company called ThermoPro. What makes this model stand out is the fact that it is the only model here that is 100% waterproof. This is also a wireless model with a strong 433 MHz signal that can travel up to 200 feet.

The LCD screen is big and easy to read thanks to the powerful backlight. Temperatures are shown with trend arrows, so you know how the weather will progress. You can also see high and low records, as well as indoor humidity. It is smartly designed and can be wall and magnet-mounted. The TP63 will provide you with an accurate reading ranging from – 4 to 158° F indoors and -31 to 158° F outdoors. You can track up to 4 locations if you buy additional remote sensors. It has a rechargeable lithium battery, which is also very helpful.

All in all, we think you will be well-satisfied with this model. It falls in the $25-30 range.


ATETION Indoor Outdoor ThermometerATETION Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

ATETION makes the list with a solid wireless weather station. It will provide you with precise information about both temperature and humidity levels. It also has a strong backlight, which means you can easily read it in the dark. This model is able to display readings from up to 3 outdoor sensors simultaneously. There is also an option to record max and min temperatures and humidity (last 24 hours or all time). It is yours for less than $25.


Taylor Precision ThermometerTaylor Precision Thermometer

Next, we have an amazing budget model made by Taylor Precision Products. This is another wireless thermometer with a great range (200 feet). It has the ability to recall a daily maximum and minimum temperature. For convenience, there is also a built-in clock. It has a slim design that won’t take up much space, and the LCD screen is of a decent size and is crystal clear. It shows temperatures both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The indoor temperature range goes from 0 to 50° C (32 to 122° F). For outdoor readouts, we recommend that you use Lithium batteries as they provide a wider temperature range of -40 to 60° C (-40 to 140° F).

All in all, this is another great model. This digital thermometer comes for a low price of about $12.


WS-9160U-IT Digital ThermometerWS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer

La Crosse Technology is a well-known name in the world of indoor/outdoor thermometers. The WS-9160U-IT is a digital thermometer that features a clock and wireless remote. The powerful remote sensor can transmit the data from 330 feet, updates every 4 seconds, and records daily lows and highs. It is recommended that you put it on a north-facing wall, under some kind of protection from precipitation.

The sensor is somewhat weather-resistant but not waterproof. It measures temperatures ranging from  -39.8 to +139.8° F (outdoor) and 14.2 to 139.8° F (indoor). This model has a big display with dimensions of 3.3 x 0.9 x 5.8 inches. All the info you need is displayed crystal clear. For convenience, the temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It also operates on batteries, which makes it easily portable.

This great thermometer is available for less than $25.


AcuRite 00611A3AcuRite 00611A3

The 00611A3 if a rather fancy digital thermometer made by AcuRite. It measures indoor and outdoor temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius without any problems. This model will also indicate with a trend arrow if the temperature is rising, remaining stable, or falling. The large LCD screen shows the temperature with a 1-inch digit, so you will able to see it easily.

Aside from temperature, this model also shows the humidity level. It’s important to keep humidity below 50% in order to prevent mold growth. The thermometer shows temperatures ranging from -40 to 158° Fahrenheit (outdoor) and 32 to 122° Fahrenheit (indoor).

The 00611A3  features a modern design that will fit easily into any home. The wireless sensor will transmit readings from up to 165 feet away. Thermometer and humidity gauge are both battery-powered, with 3 AAA and 2 AA batteries respectively.

This is an affordable and solid thermometer that will serve you well. It is available for less than $30.


Ambient Weather WS-10Ambient Weather WS-10

If you want to measure temperatures on more locations simultaneously, the WS-10 thermo-hygrometer is made for you. This user-friendly model comes with 3 remote hygrometer sensors, and they can be read at the same time. The WS-10 is actually even more powerful, as it has 8-channels you can use!

When the temperature or humidity levels exceed your minimum and maximum settings, the alarm will be triggered. This is incredibly convenient and will serve you well if you are a gardener or outdoor enthusiast. The WS-10 has a big screen that will (in scroll mode) go through each sensor readings in 5-second intervals. The readings update every 60 seconds.

This model works on batteries, so it is easily portable. It is better if you use lithium batteries, as they can measure a greater temperature range (-40° F to 140° F).

This is quite an impressive model. You can purchase it for around $50.


AcuRite 02097MAcuRite 02097M

Another bestselling model comes in the form of AcuRite’s 02097M. This is yet another wireless model with a pretty affordable price. It produces a strong signal (433 MHz) that can reach up to 165 feet.

The 02097M also has the ability to display temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, as well as a level of humidity. Set up is made very easy with the wall-mountable sensor design. The sensor is also weather-resistant, which is great for durability.

There is an auto-scroll function to easily switch between outdoor and indoor readings. This thermometer also stands upright on its own. For the most accurate info, data is transmitted every 30 seconds. You can choose between the less expensive wired and the more expensive wireless model, but even the wireless model costs less than $15.


Taylor Precision Products Patio ThermometerTaylor Precision Products Patio Thermometer

Here, we have the first analog thermometer on the list. This is a classic-looking 18-inch thermometer. It displays both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures with big numbers, so you can read it easily. It features all-metal construction and shows temperatures in the range of -50 to 50° Celsius (-60 to 120° Fahrenheit). The design makes it completely weather-resistant and easy to mount everywhere. It will best serve you outside, although it can be used in the home or in the garage as well. This model is yours for $25.


La Crosse Technology 308-1414BLa Crosse Technology 308-1414B

If you are looking for something more sophisticated, you might be interested in this model made by La Crosse Technology. The 308-1414B is an affordable, wireless, digital forecast station. The Wi-Fi is strong and can transmit from over 300 feet. It features a gigantic LCD screen that is filled with information and is presented in color. It features weather icons like sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc.

Date and time are set automatically, and it also takes daylight savings time into consideration. This model can also measure humidity in the range from 19% to 97%, which is more than enough, even if you are living in the jungle. You will get alerts for both indoor and outdoor temperature changes, and it measures from 32 to 122° F indoors, and -40 to 140° F outdoors (if you use Lithium batteries).

After 3-4 weeks of calibration, this baby will show you very accurate forecasts. You can also adjust the backlight to your liking (high/low/off). It sets up easily thanks to the base stand and wall mount. This powerful model is yours for less than $40.


AcuRite 75077A3MAcuRite 75077A3M

AcuRite also offers another amazing weather station. The 75077A3M has everything you need: a huge LCD screen, a strong signal, and wireless transmission. The 433 MHz signal has a range of up to 330 feet, which makes it one of the best models on this list.

The presented data is well-spaced and easy to read. There is also an atomic clock inside, which is accurate and updates automatically. This model offers 12 to 24-hour forecasts, which will be displayed with one of 14 weather icons. It also features self-calibrating technology, so it’s very accurate; simply let it analyze information for 14 days, and you are set to go.

The dimensions of this model are 6.2 x 7.9 x 1 inches. You can choose between black and white and color displays. It is elegant-looking, precise, and affordable. What more do you need? Get it for around $30.


La Crosse Technology S88907La Crosse Technology S88907

Next, we have another forecast station made by La Crosse. It features a big color LCD screen with an adjustable backlight. It will show you the current temperature and humidity and recent highs and lows. This weather station will also calibrate barometric pressure based on location, so you will get an extremely accurate forecast after the initial 4 weeks.

The wireless sensor has a range of up to 300 feet if there are no obstructions. This model also has an alarm and a snooze function. It measures temperatures ranging from 32 to 122° F (indoor) and -20 to 140° F (outdoor) if you are using Lithium batteries. This weather station will cost you $35.


Ambient Weather WS-04

The WS-04 is a budget model made by Ambient Weather. This thermometer has a simple, straight-to-the-point design. It is wireless and has a decent signal range. The display is easy to read and is also quite simple. The WS-04 is made to be compact and user-friendly. It measures temperatures from -40 to +149° F (outdoor) and 32 to +140° F (indoor).

The backlight color changes based on the temperature it receives. The WS-04 has extremely low power consumption, and the battery will last you for 2 years. You can choose between the following models: 1 sensor, 2 sensors, and 3 sensors. With this thermometer, you can actually go up to 8 sensors, which all provide readings in synchronization.That’s pretty good, considering the price of less than $20.


Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Buying Guide

Here are the features we suggest looking for, along with some easy instructions on how to use your new thermometer.

Display Size

The bigger the display, the better. It’s nice to be able to glance at the monitor from across the room rather than having to walk up to it. Also, smaller screens are more inconvenient because it is harder to differentiate between information. With a bigger display, you will read everything clearly, and it will provide a lot of space to present all of the variables.


Thermometers without a backlight are fine during the day, but after sunset, they are more of a hassle, especially if you put it outdoors. A backlight guarantees that you will always be able to read it, and things like glare or darkness won’t stand in your way.

Source of Power

Some thermometers on this list will work on batteries alone, others on AC. Even though battery models can be placed anywhere, thermometers with an AC power source ultimately prove to be a less expensive option. If you aren’t sure which one will serve you best, you can also choose the thermometer that can be used both ways.


There are many different thermometers on this list. From the most sophisticated ones to dull-looking but solid budget models. You should think about where you are going to put it. If it is going into a living room, you may opt out for a more elegant model, compared to one going into the utility room.

Types of Thermometers

You will not want to choose the same thermometer for office and home. There are a few types that have different properties, so you’ll want to decide which features will serve you the best in which setting.

Analog Thermometers

These are the old-school bare thermometers that have only a bar that goes up and down, depending on the temperature. They have a simple design and are less expensive, but are also more difficult to read. Analog thermometers usually have a longer lifespan, which is something you should definitely keep in mind.

Digital Thermometers

These updated models pack a modern look and a screen to present with more information. Again, it is better to buy one of these with a larger screen, for convenience sake. They will blend into your home easily and can be read by anyone at any time. Most digital thermometers also offer a backlight, which is very convenient.

Weather Forecasting Thermometers

This type will give you plenty of in-depth information, aside from the temperature. They will show you such things as humidity and wind speed. We recommend these if you want to get a more accurate reading.

Clock Thermometers

Aside from temperature, this type will provide you with a time and date. They are particularly useful for any indoor environment.

Where to Place the Outdoor Sensor

For accurate temperature reading, you should place the sensor five feet above the ground. This will keep the ground temperature from interfering with your reading. Also, you should not keep it in a place that is directly exposed to sunlight or high precipitation, because that affects the readings. Thick walls or metals can also interfere with the signal, so be wary of that. Lastly, the area needs to have good airflow.