The 12 Best Bicycle Chain Lubes

Taking care of your bike will not only result in a smooth and quiet ride; it will also extend your bike’s life. One way to take care of your bike is to lubricate the chain and its other vital parts regularly. But, not all kinds of lubricants can perform efficiently. So, what features should you look for in an excellent bicycle chain lube?

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a bicycle chain lube is its effectiveness. Once applied, the bike should run smoothly and without squeaky sounds. Another function you need to look for is the lubricant’s ability to clean and polish the chain. While not all products can provide this function, some of the best lubricants on this list can remove the dirt and grime that build up on your bike’s chain.

Aside from those two functions, another vital factor to consider is the product’s longevity. In this case, you should opt for products that can last long or endure high mileage before you need to apply the lube again. The product’s versatility is another crucial factor. As much as possible, try to choose a product that you can use not only on the chain but on other parts of the bike as well. Other factors you should consider are ease of use, lack of odor, and the price.

With all these factors to consider, finding the right product could be hit and miss. Fortunately, there are quite a few that fit the bill. So, here is a list of the best bicycle chain lubes on the market.

Finish Line DRYFinish Line DRY

Like other dry lubricants, Finish Line DRY is wet upon application and, once dried, it creates a wax-like film that protects your chains from dust, dirt, and grime. In addition, this bicycle chain lube can also repel moisture that comes in contact with the chain. But, keep in mind that this product can’t repel large quantities of water, so be sure to reapply after splashing through deep puddles.

Aside from that, the Finish Line DRY lube contains Teflon fluoropolymer. As such, it can help reduce friction caused by pedaling. Plus, this bicycle chain lube can get through hard to reach areas, like chain bushings and brakes. In addition, this product is also suitable for street and off-road bicycles. The best part is that it will take around 100 miles of riding before you need to apply this lubricant again.

Although a great product, the Finish Line Dry lube has some downsides. First, this lubricant is a bit expensive, especially if you’re going to buy it in large sizes. Some people have also stated that applying the lube is quite difficult due to its water-like consistency.


Dumonde Tech LiteDumonde Tech Lite

Dumonde Tech Lite is one of the most popular bicycle chain lubes on the market. This is not surprising because of its great features. One, in particular, is its formulation. Even though this product is low in concentration, it is still effective. Plus, this bicycle chain lube is easy to apply even on hard to reach places.

For some chain lubes, you need to apply them frequently for optimum performance. With the Demonde Tech Lite lube, frequent application is not necessary. In fact, this product is durable, and it has a long-lasting effect. An added bonus is that you can purchase this high-quality product for a reasonable price (less than $20).

With all these great features, the Demonde Tech Lite lube is definitely one of the best bicycle chain lubes on the market. However, you need to be careful when applying this product because it can be a bit messy.


White Lightning Clean RideWhite Lightning Clean Ride

White Lightning Clean Ride offers a unique feature, which is its self-cleaning ability. As such, you don’t have to wipe the chains to remove the accumulated dirt and grime. Once the lubricant dries, all you need to do is to ride the bike for a couple minutes. From there, the presence of dirt or grime will activate the lubricant, and the act of riding will help the grime to flake off. In fact, when you use this chain lube frequently, cleaning your chain is rarely needed.

Another great feature of this product is its self-drying ability. Because of this, the lubricant will not accidentally pick up any dirt particles present in the air. So, you’re guaranteed that your bike chains are flawlessly clean. However, one downside for this product is that getting a consistent drip is hard. Nonetheless, this is a minor drawback, considering all its great features and affordable price (less than $20).


Rock N Roll Gold LubeRock N Roll Gold Lube

To efficiently run, your bike needs to be lubricated and cleaned. However, most bicycle chain lubes can only lubricate your chains. Fortunately, there’s a product on the market that can do both functions, and that is the Rock N Roll Gold lube. This bicycle chain lube can simultaneously lubricate your chains and remove built-up stains, grime, and dirt. After applying this lubricant, you’ll notice that your bike is running smoothly and quietly.

Because of these features, it is not surprising that the Rock N Roll Gold lube is considered as the” king of all wet lubes.” However, this lubricant is not very long-lasting; you have to apply it frequently. Nonetheless, this product is still one of the best chain lubes, especially for street and mountain bikes.


Finish Line 1-StepFinish Line 1-Step

Cleaning and lubricating your bike chain will usually take several steps. But, with the Finish Line 1-step, it only takes one step to make your chain look clean and new. Basically, when you apply this product, it will dig into the chain and flush out all grime and dirt. But, that’s not the only things this lubricant can flush away. When improperly cleaned, the lubricant you applied beforehand can dry up and gunk your chain. The good news is that the Finish Line 1-step can also remove the old lubricant that you’ve missed when cleaning your chain. The final result is a clean chain that runs smoothly and quietly.

With all its capabilities, the Finish Line 1-step is definitely an excellent product to use. However, it is not perfect. One drawback for this bicycle chain lube is that it is only effective when you apply it on street bikes.


RocRide Eco-XRocRide Eco-X

Most people opt to ride a bike as a means of transportation to save money or the environment. Nowadays, you can also buy eco-friendly bicycle chain lubes. One, in particular, is the RocRide Eco-X. Even though it is made of renewable resources and biodegradable materials, it is still one of the best bicycle chain lubes on the market in terms of performance. In fact, this product is loaded with antioxidants to help prevent corrosion. As a wet lube, you can use this lubricant all-year-round. The best part is that this bicycle chain lube is suitable for street and off-road bikes due to its capability to repel moisture and dirt at the same time.

The RocRide Eco-X is certainly an excellent product. However, this product is not capable of removing the dirt and grime already present on your bike chain. So, be sure to clean the chain before applying this lube.


Finish Line WetFinish Line Wet

Another Finish Line product on this list is the Finish Line Wet. Compared to the Dry version, this product contains a wet substance. But, that is not the only difference between the two. This bicycle chain lube also has a different formula. Basically, it has anti-wear additives and water-repelling polymers. Because of these substances, this chain lube can resist water, which helps prevent rusting. Aside from that, its water-repelling properties also make it an excellent product for extreme weather conditions, like when you’re going to leave your bike outside during a thunderstorm. Plus, this product is less expensive than its dry version.

Like other wet lubes, a common problem for this product is that it attracts dirt and grime. This is especially true if you apply too much. Nonetheless, this bicycle chain lube is still an excellent product, especially during the rainy season.


Bike Medicine Purple ExtremeBike Medicine Purple Extreme

Another well-known product on this list is the Bike Medicine Purple Extreme. Its popularity is due to its capability to lubricate your bike chain effectively.

As you know, low film-strength can harm your bike chain. The good news is that this bicycle chain lube has a high film-strength product, guaranteeing that no harm will happen to your bike chain. Aside from that, this lubricant has high mileage. This is especially true if the lube is applied properly. In fact, this bicycle chain lube has the highest mileage compared to the other products on this list. Once applied, you’ll get about 400 miles of smooth and quiet riding before you need to apply the lube again. An added bonus is that you can get this high-quality product for an affordable price (less than $20).

Despite its great features, the Bike Medicine Purple Extreme has one drawback: it gives off an odor that is a bit overwhelming at first.


Muc-Off C3Muc-Off C3

Muc-off C3 is another eco-friendly product on this list. Interestingly, its formula doesn’t have petroleum. Instead, it contains biodegradable synthetic oils. And, as a dry ceramic lube, this product is able to repel water; so, it can help prevent rusting. It also has boron nitride in its formula, a substance that can keep your drivetrain clean. Lastly, this bicycle chain lube can last for about a week before you need to apply it again.

Overall, the Muc-off C3 is definitely an excellent choice, especially if you’re looking for an environment-friendly product with water-resistant properties. However, this product is a bit expensive. Furthermore, you need to let the lube cure on the chain for about four hours before you can ride your bike. Our recommendation would be to apply the lube at night so that you can ride your bike the following morning.


Park Tool CL-1Park Tool CL-1

Although the Park Tool CL-1 has an affordable price, it is also an effective lubricant. Because this product contains Teflon and a propriety blend of oils, you can use this bicycle chain lube in a variety of conditions, whether its dry or wet. The oil can also penetrate well to minimize friction and extend the life of your chain. Lastly, this product also has water-repelling properties; so, it can help prevent corrosion.

Overall, the Park Tool CL-1 is an excellent product that can help extend your drivetrain’s lifespan. But, it has one drawback. This bicycle chain lube attracts dirt.



Tri-Flow is designed to soften and remove the dirt, grime, and grease built up on your bicycle chain. Aside from that, this lubricant has PTFE additives that lengthen the product’s capability to protect your drivetrain against rust, water, and the damage caused by friction. Thus, this lubricant can help prolong the life of your bike chain. Plus, this product is long-lasting, so you don’t need to apply it frequently. The best part is that this product has a light viscosity; so, it can be applied on hard to reach areas and other parts of your bike.

Although a great product, the Tri-Flow has a few drawbacks. First, it has a poorly designed container. Some users have also stated that this bicycle chain lube attracts dirt, so you need to wipe off the excess lube to prevent this problem.


Wend Bike Chain Wax KitWend Bike Chain Wax Kit

Unlike other products on this list, the Wend Bike Chain Wax Kit has a chain lubricant, cleaning formula, and rag included in the package. The cleaner will not only make your bike look new and shiny; it can also remove anything that covers the chain, whether its dirt, grime, or formerly used lubricant. As for the lubricant, it contains a paraffin-based formula. As such, it doesn’t only reduce friction, but also performs as well as products with zinc or Teflon in their formula.

Plus, this bicycle chain lube has a long-lasting effect, especially if you’ve applied the right amount. Another great feature of this product is that it doesn’t drip like other lubricants. However, one downside for this bicycle chain lube is that excessive application may result in large pieces of wax peeling off.