The 12 Best Artificial Grass For Indoor & Outdoor use

There’s nothing that makes a homeowner brim with pride like a bright green and perfectly manicured lawn. Of course, the amount of money and effort needed to make that happen is rarely worthwhile, especially when there are easy and more cost-effective alternatives. It’s utterly amazing what the makers of artificial grass are able to do these days. The products they make look and feel just like the real thing, which is why artificial grass can be such an enticing option if maintaining a green lawn is too difficult. Even if you want a brilliant patch of green inside, a rug of artificial grass can be the perfect option.

The caveat is that consumers these days have so many options when it comes to artificial grass. How are you to choose what one is the best to fit your needs? Well, that’s why we put together this list of the 12 best artificial grass products. Whether you want something small to be kept indoors or something large that will cover most or all of your yard, one of these is bound to be the right choice for you.

iCustomRug Ivy Artificial GrassiCustomRug Ivy Artificial Grass

If you’re looking for some fake grass in an outdoor setting, this iCustomRug product is a great option. All of the edges are finished with carpet binding tape, giving it the look of an outdoor rug that won’t fray, even if you have to cut it down to fit the size of a particular space. It’s made of 100% UV-stabilized olefin, making it both look and feel like actual grass. Given the color and density of the rug, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s fake if you didn’t already know it. On top of that, this grass comes with a two-year fade warranty, so you can trust it to last, even if you live in a climate that gets a lot of sunshine. It’s also resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily by just spraying it with an expendable garden hose, as the water will simply drain through it. The material is also mildew resistant, giving you one less thing to worry about when you wash it with water. On top of everything else, installation is as quick and easy as it gets, making it perfect for just about any outdoor spot that could use a little grass.


RoundLove Artificial TurfRoundLove Artificial Turf

This turf is made from some of the strongest material you’ll find with artificial grass. That means it’ll stand up to just about any weather conditions. It won’t fade in extreme heat and it will even stand up if exposed to rain or snow thanks to the drainage holes on the bottom. Those holes also make it easy to wash the turf with a hose. In addition to how easy it is to install and manage this grass, it looks like the real thing with four-tone color. Moreover, this turf is so soft and realistic that you could use it as a play space for both people and animals. It’d make a great training ground for puppies, especially since it’s so easy to clean. Finally, if you want to cover a large area with artificial turf, it’s easy to attach to other patches of artificial grass. RoundLove also offers this turf in multiple sizes, so you can get a smaller patch and easily cut it down to whatever size fits your needs.


AGOOL Artificial Grass Turf Synthetic RugAGOOL Artificial Grass Turf Synthetic Rug

This synthetic turf comes in both multiple sizes and multiple weights, so you have plenty of options and can use it either indoors or outdoors. It’s also made of polyethylene pile, which is environmentally friendly, safe for both pets and children, and won’t fade or stain. The rug can also be cleaned with running water, as the back has drainage holes and is made of double rubber that helps make it durable. The height of the grass is 1.38 inches, which is slightly bigger than a quarter, so it won’t feel too short and rough on your bare feet. Most importantly, this artificial grass can be used in literally any place where you would think to put fake grass and will remain largely maintenance and hassle-free for many years to come.


Imozel Premium Outdoor Artificial Lawn and Turf GrassImozel Premium Outdoor Artificial Lawn and Turf Grass

If you want to say goodbye to real grass forever and go with an artificial lawn, this will be one of the best options. This is turf that’s easy to roll up and move when you decide to place it somewhere else. However, when you’re happy with where you have it, there are U-nails to help keep it one place, so there’s no chance of it moving under you if you want to walk, run, or jump on it. Once you set it down, you’ll start to forget that it’s not the real thing. Imozel’s fake grass has the look and feel of the real grass, including realistic thickness of every blade and various shades of green to avoid that fake-grass look. Of course, unlike real grass, it’s UV-ray protected and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the color fading over time. This turf is designed to be durable, even if you pick it up and move it around frequently and give it plenty of use.

To keep your real lawn in perfect shape, be sure to invest in a reliable lawn mower from our list.


ALTRUISTIC AL 1-4 Artificial GrassALTRUISTIC AL 1-4 Artificial Grass

Coming in a variety of sizes, this artificial grass can fill a variety of needs and comes with a 10-year warranty. Even though it’s made of high-quality, UV-resistant polyethylene, ALTRUISTIC’s fake grass is lightweight at just 70 ounces per square yard. Those materials help to make the artificial grass durable in all kinds of weather conditions and perfect for inside or outside use. The turf is also mold-proof and can be cleaned without any hassle. The blade length of the grass is 1 and 3/8 inches, giving it the look of a lush, green lawn that’s always well-manicured. Once you’ve picked out where you want to place it, the installation process is simple and can be done without much hassle. After that, you can sit back and admire how natural your artificial grass looks.


Juvale Synthetic GrassJuvale Synthetic Grass

Juvale offers a four-pack of synthetic grass patches that are all one square foot in size. That may not sound like they cover a lot of ground, but a four-pack is affordable and with each patch only being a square foot, you’ll have plenty of versatility to arrange them however you like. The fake grass is made in green plastic, so it’s easy to mistake it for the real thing. At first glance, you might think its sole purpose is for decoration, but it’s functional as well if you want to put is somewhere that gets a lot of foot traffic. The bottom of the artificial grass is made of non-slip material, so it’s not going to move around on you when you step on it, making it compatible with both kids and pets. Obviously, it would take a lot of these four-packs to fill a large space, but they’re perfect when you want something that looks like authentic grass in a smaller area.


Forest Grass Artificial CarpetForest Grass Artificial Carpet

When it comes to artificial turf that looks real, Forest Grass is as good as it gets. It’s made of synthetic material that’s non-toxic, eco-friendly, and doesn’t skimp in quality one bit. There are also four-tones of green in the turf that help make it look like the real thing. There are other types of artificial grass that may be a little softer, but few will have the same realistic look. In addition to looking real, the back coating has drainage holes and is made of durable polyurethane, which is why Forest Grass offers a 14-year warranty. The artificial turf is also UV-resistant and fire-resistant, so it’ll hold up just as well outdoors as it would indoors. Given its strength and durability, it would be a great choice for an area that gets a lot of use, especially if children or pets are going to use it as a play space. Finally, Forest Grass offers this artificial carpet in a variety of sizes between 3.3 square feet and 108 square feet, so you should be able to find a size that fits what you need.


MTBRO Artificial Grass RugMTBRO Artificial Grass Rug

For a small patch of artificial grass that looks like the real thing, MTBRO has the perfect solution. The smallest version of this rug is just 28 by 40 inches, which is no bigger than a doormat; in fact, it’d be a perfect doormat. However, there are also versions that are 15 square feet and 65 square feet. For the larger sizes, it’s easy to cut the rug to fit the space you need, whether it be an outdoor space or an indoor space. In addition to having a natural look, the MTBRO turf is eco-friendly and made of materials that can withstand both freezing temperatures and extreme heat when left outside. The rubber surface on the back of the rug also ensures that it won’t move once you set it down, making it safe for kids and pets to use. This artificial rug will also be easy to clean and maintain for a long time to come. Any dust and dirt can be easily shaken. Also, thanks to its drainage holes, a hose can be used to clear out anything else, including any lingering smells from animals using the rug to do their business.


Pet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass PatchPet Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass Patch

For something tough and built to last but still feels good between your toes, look no further than this patch of artificial grass. PZG’s turf is about 50% heavier than comparable types of synthetic grass, so you know it’s built to last. With polypropylene yarn and UV-resistant polyethylene, this artificial grass is designed to handle, rain, sunshine, and even pets relieving themselves on it. It’s also made of toxin-free materials, so you should have no worries about letting both pets and kids use it for playing. The design of this artificial grass calls for rubber on the back so that it stays in one place without having to be stapled to the floor. There are also drainage holes, so cleaning it is as easy as spraying it down with a metal garden hose. The best part is that most people won’t even realize that it’s fake. The blades are 1.7’’ long and have four tones of green in them, making them look like a well-manicured lawn.


LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial GrassLITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass

No matter how much ground you want to be covered with artificial grass, LITA has you covered (literally) with their deluxe grass. The sizes here range from 7.7 square feet all the way to 1,066 square feet. That means everything from a small entryway inside your house to a big chunk of your backyard can be covered with high-quality synthetic grass. LITA uses a mix of short polypropylene threads and long polyethylene threads to create their artificial grass. This combination means the turf has a high-density to boost for comfort and durability. This stuff is also impervious to weather. Regular grass can feel hot while sitting under the hot sun all day, but this artificial grass stays cool and comfortable. Plus, once you mark out where you put it, installation is a breeze, especially outdoor. The drainage holes on the back also making cleaning just as easy. The only potential drawback with LITA’s Deluxe Artificial Grass is that it’s a little more expensive than most other types of synthetic turf. However, the quality is undeniable and it comes with a 10-year warranty, which means you can trust it to provide a comfortable and hassle-free patch of lawn for many years to come.


Petgrow Realistic Artificial Grass RugPetgrow Realistic Artificial Grass Rug

As you’d expect from a company called Petgrow, this artificial grass rug is geared toward people with pets, as well as children. It’s life-like grass with four different colors used to put it together, not just one. The artificial grass is also designed to be as thick and soft as a lush lawn so that kids and pets alike will love playing on it. The best part is that it’s non-toxic and made from eco-friendly materials, so it’s perfectly safe for kids and pets. The drainage system underneath the fake grass also means that you can clean the rug easily by spraying it with water. It’s also quick to dry, so you don’t have to worry about slipping the way you would on a wet lawn. Finally, the size options range from 50 square feet to 1066 square feet. That means any area of your home, either inside or outside, you can cover with an artificial grass rug. It could be a small deck or patio or your entire backyard. Plus, with a 10-year warranty, there’s no need to worry about your new rug deteriorating anytime soon.


GOLDEN MOON Realistic Artificial Grass MatGOLDEN MOON Realistic Artificial Grass Mat

Unlike real grass, GOLDEN MOON’s artificial grass mats are made from anti-aging materials, so they will always look brand new no matter what kind of elements they’re exposed to. If left outside, they are UV stabilized, fade-resistant, and fire-resistant, remaining durable in the harshest of weather conditions. Even cold weather won’t have any kind of negative effects on this fake grass. Of course, the biggest difference between GOLDEN MOON and similar products is how you can customize your mats when you order them. In addition to being anywhere from 5.6 square feet to 218 square feet in size, the length of the blades can also be altered before ordering. There are five different blade heights, ranging from a super trim .4 inches to a somewhat shaggy 1.7 inches. There’s also plenty of leeway in between, so you can get the exact type of lawn you always wanted without all of the work and maintenance required to keep it that way. It seems like a dream, but with GOLDEN MOON, it’s a reality.